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Duke 3.00

ris 942

viour of 794

lost 797

Ireland, the Duke of Bed. 798.-Some account of Gæta surrenders ib. The
ford installed as Lord these officers ib:

French totally defeated
Lieutenant 313.

State Malta, dreadful accident at Maida by the British
prisoners released ib. at 876

troops under Sir John
The Weavers' corpora.

Mars of Dundee wrecked Stuart 718. His procla-
tion meet for a repeal of 879

mation to the Calabrians
the Union ib. Daring Medina, sacked by the 722.
attempt of a gang of vil. Wahabees 228

Nelson, Lord, account of
lains, six of whom are Mellish,Mr,elected Mem. his funeral 65. ---Particu.
shot dead 880. Another ber for Middlesex 959

lars of his death 151
party shoot a man, and Middlesex election 959 Neufchatel and Valengin
burn his house ib. Ministry, new, list of 312 ceded to France 299.-
Jamaica fleet, many of the Miranda, Gen. sails from Marshal Berthier made
ships lost in a storm 796 New York on an expe-
Jews, assembly of, at Pa- dition against Spanish Northesk, Earl of, arrives

America 389.-Further in England with three
Johnson, Judge, trial of particulars 473, 558.- prize ships 391

Thomas Paine's account Oporto fleet taken by a
Kerr, Lieut. gallant beha. of him 474.-Two of his French squadron 228

schooners' taken 558.- Orange, Prince of, taken
King George Liverpool Twelve officers executed prisoner by the French
packet lost.878
785. Lands at Coro in

871. His states seized
Lady Burgess Indiaman the Caraccas ib. See A. by them 948


Palm, M. a German book.
Lady, a young, poisons Mullendorf, Marshal,

seller, condemned and
herself 800

wounded, and taken pri- executed for publishing
Lauderdale, Earl, sets off soner by the French 871 a libel against Bonaparte
for Paris on a pacific mís. Money, Mr, of Bombay, 789
sion 639 Is proposed his eloquent eulogium on Peace, message to Mr Fox
as Gov. Gen. of India, Marq. Cornwallis 937 received from France re.
but is disapproved of by Murat, Gen, made Duke lating to it 310.-Nego-
the Directors 640. His

of Cleves and Berg 298, ciation opened 638.
mission to Paris fails, and 382.--His proclamation Lord Lauderdale sets off
he returns to England 299.--To be made King for Paris 639.-Remarks
of Poland 950

ib. Treaty signed be.
Lavinia of Dundee wreck. Naples, entered by the tween France and the

French army 225. J. Bo- Russian minister d'Ou-
Leipsick entered by the naparte proclaimed King bril ib. The British ne.

French, and the English ib. Enters the city of gociation fails 790. Po-
goods şeized 872

Naples, which surrenders litical reflections on the
Linois, Adm. his squa. to the French 226. King subject 791. British de-
dron taken by Sir J. B. Ferdinand escapes in a

claration on the rupture
Warren, 389

British frigate to Paler, of the negociation 865
Louis,'Adm. takes the mo ib. Gen. Sir James Picton, Gen. trial of 232
President French frigate Craig lands with the Bri. Pitt, Mr, account of his

tish army in the Bay of funeral 232. His will 234
Louis Ferdinand, Prince

Naples 227.

But return Poland, to be restored as
of Prussia, killed at the to Sicily ib. Joseph Bo. a kingdom, and the
battle of Saalfeldt 868

naparte declared King French Gen. Murat to
Lubeck, dreadful battle in 382. Makes his public

be King 950
that city 945–Pillaged entry into Naples 635, Presburg, treaty of peace
by the French 946

The Calabrians resist the signed there between
Maida, in Naples, the French 385. Gallant de- Austria and France 145
French defeated by the fence of Gæta by the Prussia, King of, his army
British forces under Sir Prince of Hesse 385. Sir enters Hanover 60. Pro.
John Stuart 718.--The Sidney Smith's opera- clamation to the inhabi,
officers rewarded by the tions there 633. Prince tants 223. Cedes the Du.
Patr. Society at Lloyd's

of Hesse wounded 635. chies of Cleves and Berg
Dec. 1806.

ed 879

to France 298. Likewise Rushworth, Capt. his gal. Shipwreck, melancholyea.
the principalities of jant attack upon a Spa- ses of 230, 231, 310, 560,
Neufchateland Valengin nish fort, and captures 797, 877, 878, 879
299. His proclamation

several privateers 956 Smith, Mrs Spencer, ar-
on the occasion ib.' En- Russia, Emperor of, vi- rested in Italy, but makes
ters into a secret treaty sits the King of Prussia

her escape 636
with France to shut the 61-Refuses to ratify the Spain, the country de.
northern ports 301. His treaty of peace signed at clared in danger, and a
declaration on the sub- Paris by M. d'Oubril 717, great military force or.
ject 302. The British

Substance of this treaty dered to be raised 876
minister leaves Berlin 786.-Gives a grand en. Spanish Admiral d'Oliva,
386. The King's con. tertainment to the Eng dishonourable conduct of
duct excites much dis-

lish merchants at laying 310
content ib. Rupture the foundation stone of a Spanish lugger taken by
with Sweden ib. 400 of the new Exchange at St some English prisoners,
his vessels embargoed in Petersburgh 987. His and brought to England
British ports 392. His manifesto against France -230. Another captured
ports blocked up by the

off Torre de Vieja 560.
Swedes 637.

Makes Russian fleet arrives at --Five taken in Finis.
peace with Sweden 717.

Portsmouth 797; terre bay 'by the Mi-
Breaks with France 716. St Domingo, massacre of nerva frigate ib. A
Attempts to negociate the white people at Care large' frigate taken by
787. Makes great pre-
Francois 557

the Adamant 638. The
parations for war, and St Patrick, meeting of the Pomona frigate taken off
joins his army ib. Makes Benevolent Society of the Havannah 794. Seve.
peace with England 789. 311

ral small vessels taken
-Declaration against St Vincent, Earl, appoint- off Majorca 956
France 857. Attacks the ed to command the chan Stevens, Lieut. examined
French army at Saalfeldt nel fleet 228.-Sails for on a charge of murder
868, Prince Louis kill:

ed ib. His army totally Saxony, Elector of, refu. Stockjobbing, uncommon
defeated at Jena 869. ses the title of King 222: trick of a Jew broker 800
7000 Prussian prisoners Withdraws his alliance Storm, dreadful one on
escape 871. Prince Eu.

with Prussia 871. The the coast of Holland 310
gene of Wirtemberg al- French enter Leipsic ib. Strachan, Sir R. sails from
so defeated ib. Retreats And seize the English Portsmouth 391. — Ar-
to Konigsberg 950.-- goods ib. Dresden occu. "rives in the West Indies,
Prince Hohenlohe's army pied by the Wirtemberg but encounters a dread.
surrenders to the French
contingent army 950

ful storm, which disper:
944. And Stettin ib. Seaforth, Lord, arrives in ses his fieet 796
Custrin and Magdeburgh England 800

Stuart, Sir Jolin, appoint.
niso surrender 945. Gen. Seaforth brig of war lost ed commander in chief
Blucher's army driven to off Antigua 392

in Sicily 559-His pro-
Lubeck ib. Dreadful bat- Sicily, Sir John Stuart ap- clamation ib. See Naples.
tle in that city ib. Blu. "pointed commander in Rewarded by the Socie-
cher forced to capitulate

chief there 559.

The ty at Lloyd's 798
ib. The city pillaged British army reinforced Sweden, King of, arrives
946. An armistice for 636

at Stralsund 58. - His
ten days signed at Char. Sierra Leone company declaration against the
Jottenburgh 950. Bran. propose to give up the French 59. Declaration
denburg to be erected in. colony to Government to the Diet 222. Rup.
to a kingdom, under Je.. 880

ture with Prussia 386.-
rome Bonaparte ib. Sheridan, Mr, elected Declaration on the sub.
Ranger sloop of war taken Member for Wesmin. ject 387. Address to his
by a French squadron ster 960. The Duke of army ih. Blocks up the

Queensberry gives him Prussian ports 637.--
Rutherford, Lieut. appre.

Lisbon 797

1oool. towards his ex. Makes peace with Prus-
hended 311
pences ib.


sia 777

ed 387

sels 798

Switzerland in distress Udderwalla in Sweden to- vere engagement by a
303. English goods seiz- tally burnt down 876 French frigate 957

Unity of Teignmouth Warren, Adm. captures a
Trafalgar, particular ac- wrecked off Jura 879:-

French squadron 389.-
count of that battle 148. The cargo saved by Mr Arrives at Portsmouth
Rewards to the seamen Campbell ib.

with his prizes 390

Venice possessed by the Wellesley, Marq. arrives
Transports, several with French 225.-United to in England 229
British troops lost on the the Kingdom of Italy Westminster election 959
coast of Holland 230 382

West Indies, importation
Trials, E. Barlow con- Villeneuve, Adm. shoots allowed in neutral ves.
demned for horse steal.

himself 384
ing 311. Capt. Temple Wales, Prince of, visits Wirtemberg, Duke of, as-
for murder acquitted 392 Liverpool 799

sumes the title of King
William Honyman, alias ,Princess of, inves-

Curious interview
Alex. Innes, condemned tigation respecting her betwixt him and Bona.
for forgery ib. Five con- conduct 640.

Meets parte ib. British prison.
demned at Lancaster for with a distressing acci- ers at Verdun apply to
an unnatural crime, and dent 800.

the Queen to intercede
executed 380

War on the Continent 57, in their behalf 225
Trinidad, conspiracy of 787, 867, 942. See Prus- the Wolf sloop of war lost
the negrues there 22 I sia, Austria, Bonaparte, 957
Turks, defeated by the &c.

Wood, Mi, an English
Servians 2 2 2
the Warren Hastings In-

messengt., murdered in
Turkey breaks its alliance diaman taken after a se. Turkey 395
with Russia 876



for 724

ANDERSONIAN institution a Boy drowned in the Wa. a Coach-driver killed 78
at Glasgow, Dr Ure con- ter of Leith 78

Connell, Mr, chosen pro-
cludes his course of lec- British Linen Co. Stock, curator for the Church
tures 484
high price of 315

Archers, silver arrow shot Buchan, Earl, his prize to Corn-market, opened at
the Students of Maris-

Edinr. 884
Ardrossan harbour, foun- chal College 315

Court of Session, import.
dation stone laid 723

Caledonian Hunt 884 ant case respecting a bill
Auckland, Lord, his let. Campbell. Rev. John, 152. Question with the
ter to the Chamber of chosen Secretary to the bakers of Glasgow, 235.
Commerce of Glasgow Society for propagating With the Bank of Scot,
Christian Knowledge 77

land 801
Bank stock, high price of Campbell, Mr, elected ci. Court-martial on Captain

ty treasurerof Edinburgh Crawford, who is ca.
Banking company, new 77

shiered 802, Lieut. Car-
one established at Castle Carson, Mr, appointed a ruthers removed ib.
· Douglas 645

Master of the High Cow-pox, number inocu.
Begbie, Wm, murdered School of Edinr. 77

lated in Edinr, in 1805
and robbed of a large Chamber of Commerce of 316. Its success at Glas-
sum 886
Glasgow, Lord Auck.

gow and Ayr ib.

Belch, Andrew, tried for land's letter to 235

Aberdeen 884
forgery, and acquitted 76 Chapel, episcopal, new Crawford, Mr. lost off
Bible Society, amount of one at Leith opened 315 Inchcolm 724
subscriptions at Edinr. Circuit intelligence 393, Dock, new one at Leith

opened 395
a Boat lost, and four per. Clerk, John, Esq. receives Duels, fatal, 77) 316. Two

sons drowned 77. An- the freedom of Ruther- duellists highly fined ib.
Other in a storm 724
glen 804

Duncan, Chas, bequeathes


for 724

1000l. to the parish of murder, assoilzied, but

with his Lørdship's 28-
Cumnock 884
recommitted ib. Janet

swer 314
Dundas, Hon. R. speech Paterson and William Murder and robbery,atro-
on his election for the

Campbell, for fire-rai- cious one at Edinr. and
county of Edinr. 882

sing, condemned, but a great reward offered
Fairbairn, Mr, elected an pardoned 643. J. Thom.

Old Bailie of Edinr. 77 son and John Nilson, Murray, Sir P. speech on
Falkirk tryst 804

for forgery, found guilty, his election for Edin. 881
Fife Hunt 884

but an arrest of judgment Napier, Lord, elected
Fires 645

pleaded on account of a President of the Society
Fraserburgh, new har. juryman's leaving the for propagating Chris.
bour, subscription for Court, on which memó. tian Knowledge 77

rials are ordered ib. Han. Nelson, Lord, plan of his
Free masons 966

nah's case considered by monument 77. Subscrip-
Game-laws, important ac- the Court, who find a tion at Edinr. for his sea.
tion on 803
second trial not compe-

men remitted to Lon.
General Assembly, pro. tent, and dismiss him don ib. 315. Foundation
ceedings of 481. Ad- from the bar 883. Thom. stone of his monument
dress to the King 561 son and Nilson condem. laid at Glasgow 641.-
Golfers, silver club played ned ib. Margaret Cun. Of a tower at Forres to
ingham, for poisoning

his memory.723
Hallow-fair 884

her husband, condemned Peers of Scotland, general
Hamilton, Lord Arch. re. ib. Thomas Smith and election of 963. Table

ceives the freedom of Geo. Stevenson, for horse of the votes 964
Rutherglen 804

'stcaling, condemned 966 Pitt, Mr, his statue to be
Hastings, Mr, entertained Land, high price of 646 erected at Glasgow 315
at Edinr. 804
Law case, important one

Races at Leith 724. At
Highland Society,proceed. respecting a bill 152.- Stirling 804, At Dum.
ings of 75
Against the bakers of

fries 884
High School of Edinr. Glasgow 235. With the Schoolmasters, general
examination of 644 Bank of Scotland 801 meeting of 804
Impress, irregular in Leith, new dock opened Sea Fencibles rewarded
stance of 317

Insurance comp. new one Life boat, experiment Sherriff, John, tried for
established at Edinr. 319. with, at Fraserburgh 77 assaulting James Dud-
In Fife 316

Lintseed, action against geon 235
Johnston, John, a carrier

the importers of 315 Sons of the Clergy, meet-
drowned 805

Lochleven Castle, keys of ing of the Society at
Justiciary, Court, Andw. found in the Loch 316 Glasgow 315
Belch tried for forgery Magistrates of Edin. elec. Steam-engine, a powerful
76. Joseph Tod for

one 316
horse stealing ib. Thos. Melville, Lord, rejoicings Suicide, melancholy in-
Wattling for forgery 77. on his acquittal 562. stance of 316
John Binns for a rape, Addresses of the city, Thunder storms, dreadful,
but marries the woman, &c. of Edinr, ib. 563, 644, 804
and is liberated ib. Ac. 724. Arrives at Edint. Trade of the Clyde and at
tion against importers of 643. At Crieff ib. A Port Glasgow 235. Cus.
lintseed 315. Question grand dinner at Edinr. toms paid on 315
respecting jail fees 394. to celebrate his acquit. University degrees 725
Robert Johnston for

Volunteer corps, inspec.
shop breaking, condemn. Members of Parliament, tion of 315, 645. Agree
ed, but pardoned 642. election of 881,-2, 966

to serve under the new
Catherine Stewart and Merchant Comp. of Edin. regulations 803. Col.
G. Bachelor, for procur.
election 805

Hope's speech to his
ing abortion, transported Moira, Earl, address of regt. ib. The Greenock
ib. John Hannah, for the city of Edinr, to, officers resign 804


ted 805

tal 724


Hall 397

Dick 725
Don 397

Asgill 886

Eden 725

397, 886

Pole 153

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Neale 153
PREFERMENTS. Cranston 236, 725 Grenville 564, 805
Crewe 153
Grey L. 317

Nelson 885
Adam 154, 396
Cuningham 485 Grey 152, 153

Newark L. 317
Curran 317

Haldane 725
Addington 153

Newport 236, 485

Nicols 236
Admiralty Comrs. Dalrymple 485

Hardy 152

Norfolk 317
153, 805

Daly 396
Albemarle E. 236 Davidson 396 Hastings 236 Normantown E.
Althorpe L. 153
Davison 153

Hawksbury L. 154 154
Anson 153

Northesk E. 152
Dawney 237

Hay 236
Anstruther 236, Derby E. 153

Headfort M. 564 Nugent 78, 4856

Hodgson 236, 485 885

Holland 805

O'Hara 485
Auckland L. 152 Donoughmore E. Hope 78, 886 Ormsby 806
Balfour 237

Horner 236

Ossulton L. 153

Parnell 485
Bangor B. 805 Douglas Marq.485 Howick L. 805
Barlow 885

Huntly M. 78

Parry 317
Barton 485
Duncan 236
Hutchinson L. 317

Parsons 485
Bateman 836

Percy E. 806
Bathurst 885 Eglintoun E. 153, India Comrs. 153 Petty, Lord Hen.
Baxter 317


Inglis 236, ib. 317, 152, 153, 154
Bedford D. 153 Elliot 153, 316,485 725

Piggot 236
Bentinck 236 Elphinston 317

Irvine 236
Berry 886
Elphinston L. 397 Kearney 397 Ponsonby 236 ib.

Blandford M. 236 Erskine 152, 236, Keir 317
Bogle 237

Prevost 78, 152,
317, 564

Kensington L. 153
Bond 236

Ferguson 806 King 236
Breadalbane E. Fitzgerald 317,485 Lauderdale E. 153 Ramsay 317, 725
396, 885
Fitzpatrick 153, 396, 564

Roden E. 885
Bromhead 152


Leighton 886, Romilly 236
Fitzwilliam E. 236 Linton 236
Brougham 806

Ross 78, 236, 646,
Brown 725

Fleming 237

Loyd 236
Buckinghamshire Fletcher 646

Lockhart 317

Ross E. 154
Fox 152, 153, 236 Long 317

Rudsdell 397
Burnet 237 317
Francis 885
Louis 317

Russel 153, 154
Burns 725
Frankland 805
Lubbock 317

St John L. 153, 236
Lunan 725

Sandford 237
Burroughs 154 Fraser 485, 885
Bute M. 396
Freemantle 805 Lygon 153

Scott 236, ib. 317
Calcraft 153
Gardner 886

Macdonald 886 Shelly 236
Caledon E. 564
Garrow 154
Macmahon 153

Sheridan 152, 153,
Carnarvon E. 153
Gibson 485

Magistrates 805 396
Carysfort E. 153
Gilchrist 317

Sibbald 886

Markham 153 Sidmouth L. 152,
Cassilis E. 396,685 Gillies 2:36, 396
Cathcart L. 152,
Glasford 236, 886 Martin 806


Sinclair 317
Glenbervie L. 886 Mayne 316
Cathcart 236, 396 Gloag 396

Milman 236 Sligo M. 153
Charleville E. 153 Gloucester D. 152, Minto L. 153, 564 Somervell 397
Cholmondely 236 485

Moira E.152, 153, Spencer E.152,153
Christie 78
Gordon 485

Spencer La. C. 153
Moodie 237

Spencer LA.R.153
Clerk 152, 236. ib. Gore 236
Cochrane 317
Gosford E, 153
Morier 236

Stair E. 396
Comrs. of trans- Granard E.153,319 Morpeth L. 152, Stanwix 885
ports 152


Stephens 153
Coote 485
Green 152, 485
Morris 317

Strachan 152
Courtnay 153

Grenville L. 153, Murray 806 Stuart 805, 886
Craig 886

Suffolk E. 397

Napier 317

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E. 153

Mair 397


Grant 317

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