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Register of the Weather for fan.


1806, ...

High Water at Leith for February, : ib. i Ferguson's Lectures on select Sub-

References to Reads described in the jects. With Notes and an Appen-

Map, ..

• 3 dix, by D. Brewster, A. M. , 42

Expenditure of the Highland Roads w..5.. 2. Biographia Scotica; or a Scottish

An Account of a curious M.S, rela, Biographical Dictionary, 47

tive to the Town of Edinburgh, ib. New Works published in Edinburgh, . 49

Celestial Phenomena for February Scottish Literary Intelligence, ... ib.



Strictures on " a Tour thro' some of

Literary Intelligence, English and

the Zetland Islands in 1804," 9 Foreign,


defence of “ Tour thro' Zetland"

Memoir of Captain George Duff, late


of the Royal Navy,

Alfred. By George Dyer. :


Letters on Poetry by the Ettrick

Fock an' Samuel, a Scots Pastoral, ib.


. 17

Mary's I ameni,


Account of Alex. Selkirk,

By a Young Lady, whose affections

The Petition of the Right Hand and ·

were pre-engaged, on being forced

the Left, . .

into Marriage,

The Description of a Mausoleum, or



Sepulchral Monument, of King

Henry Darnley, Husband of Mary

Queen of Scotland. From an old


Chronological List of Remarkable Historical Affairs,


Occurrences in 1805,


-War on the Continent,


Tour thro' the South of Ireland, by England,


an American Gentleman.


-Trial of Sir Robert Calder,


Address-by. Sır. James Mackintosh to -Funeral of Lord Viscoun: Nelson, . 65

the Grand Jury at Bombay, 7th Ja- -Procession from Greenwich to the

nuary 1805,




Plan of a New Charitable Institution -Procession to St Paul's,


in Edinburgh,


Scottish Chronicle,


Description of Lerwick, .

36 -Higbland Society of Scotland, ib.

Manners of the Neapolitan Nobles, . . 37 -Court of Justiciary,


Esrimat d Amount of British Manu. -Miliary Appointinents,



Deaths, ..


Some Account of the British trade in Prices of Stocks,



39 Prices of Grain per quarter Corn Ex-

Medallions of Buonaparte,


change, London,


Memoirs of the Progress of Manu. Prices of Grain at Haddingto:l, . ib.

factures, Chemistry, Science, and Prices of Meal in Edinburgh Market, ib.

the Fine Arts,

.. 41


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REFERENCES to Roads described in the MAP.

1. PLAN of the intended line of VI. Plan of the intended line of

road from the kirk of Dur- road from the Town of Thurso on

ness on the North sea, through part the North sea, across the county of

of Sutherland, to the Head of Loch Caithness to Dunbeath, on the Mur-

Naver. Surveyed by George Brown ray firth, or East sea. Surveyed by


George Brown 1797.

II. Plan of the intended lines of road VII. Plan of the intended line of

frum Tongue on the North sea, to road from the Town of Thurso,

Portioleck on the Dornock or Tain across the county of Caithness, to

Firth (on the East sea) also from the Burgh of Wick. Surveyed by

Tongue to the Kirk of Farr, and George Brown 1799.

from thence up to Strathnaver, to join VIII. Plan of the intended line of

the Portinleck line of Road, at the road from Houna-Inn, along the

head of Loch Naver. Surveyed by Pentland firth and north coast of

George Brown 1794.

Caithness, to the town of Thorso.

III. Plan of the intended line of Surveyed by George Brown 1798.

road from the Kirk of Farr at the IX. Plan of the intended line of

North sea, to Helmsdale, upon the road from Dunbeath by Wick (thro'

Murray firth, across the county of Caithness) to Houna Inn on


Sutherland. Surveyed by George Pentland firth. Surveyed by George

Brown 1798.

IV. Plan of the intended line of X. Plan of the intended line of road

road from the Kirk of. Farr, on the from Scourie bay, on the North sea
coast of Sutherland, through part of to Portinleck ferry upon the Dor.
that county and Caithness, to the nock or Tain firth on the east sea,
Town of Thurso. Surveyed by across the west end of the County of
George Brown 1797-

Sutherland. Surveyed by George
V. Plan of the intended line of Brown 1794.

road through the county of Caithness, XI. Plan of the intended line of

from the Town of Thurso to Rum. road from Helmsdale to Riviedill.

sdale. Surveyed by George Brown Surveyed by George Brown 1794.

XII. Plan of the intended line of


Brown 1795

road from Rumsdale in Caithness, (on the east sca.) Surveyed by George leading through the County of Suth. erlend, to the Ferry of Portinkck. XXIII. Plan of the intended line Surveyed by George Brown 1795. of road, from Kyle. Rhea through

XII. 1. Plan, continuing the the isle of Skye, to the new fishing Porunleck line of road from the v llage of Stein, at the North-west Eawavard f Dunrobin to Durbeath thereof, Surveyed by George Brown in Cushoess. Surveyed by George 799. Bronti 1795

XXIV. Plan of the intended road XIII. 2. Plan of an intended line from Inver Morrison to Kyle-Rhea. of road from Dunbeath to the litile Surveyed by Geo. Brown 1792. ferry of Dornoch, passing through XXV. Plan of an intended road part of the Counties of Caithness from Inverness, by the bridge of and Sutherland Surveyed by Charles Morrison, to Fort Augustus. SurAbercrombie 1802.

veyed by Geo. Brown 1792. XIV. Pun of the intended road XXVI. Plan of the intended line from Loch Inver to Portinleck ferry. of road from Aberchalder and LagSurveyed by George Brown 1793: gan (near Loch Dich,) to Loch

XV. Plan of the intended line of Houru head. Surveyed by William road from Portinleck ferry (or head Cumming Sept. 1803. of the Dorn ch firth) across the XXVII. Plan of the intended County of Sutherland, io Dunbeath road, from Loch-nevish head, to in Caithness. Surveyed by George Loch Lochy.below Auchnacarrie,by Brown 1795

the North side of Loch-Arkegg.-XVI. Plan of the intended road Surveyed by George Brown 1796. fron Ullapool to Portinleck, alias XXVIII. I, Plan of the intend. Cuirain Surveyed by George Brown ed road. from Fort William to Ara. 1799.

saig on Loch-na-gaul (on the west XVI'. Plan of the intended road sea.) Surveyed by George Brown from Ding walto Ullapool. Surveyed 1796. by George Brown 1790.

11. Plan of the same road as re-sur. xvui, Plan of the intended road veyed by William Cumming, No. from Partinleck, alias Culrain, to vember 1803. Dingwall Surveyed by George XXIX. Plan of the intended road Brown 1-90.

from the kirk of Kilmallie to the XIX Plan of the line of road from head of Loch Lochie, at the juncthe ferry at Portinleck, near Culrain, tion with the military road by Auch. along the west side of the Dornoch nacarrie and the north side of Lochie, firth, to the town of Tain. Survey- and continued all the way from ed by George Brown 1797. Fort William to Fort Augustus.

XX. Plan of the intended road Surveyed by George Brown 1796. from Poulewe to Auchna Sheen. XXX. Plan of the intended road Surveyed by George Brown 1793. from Fort William to Pitmain.

XXI. Plan of the intended road Surveyed by Geo. Brown 1792. from Loch Carran to Auchna-Sheen, XXXI. Plan of the intended road and from thence to Dingwall. Sur- to the quay of Crinan from the rock veyed by George Brown 1793. of Craighachorrie. XXII. Plan of the intended line

Roads at present under Survey. of road, from Sheal. house on the head of Loch Dowick, to Beauly Line of road from Inversarigas, on the head of the Murray Frith, Strathnairn, and Strathearn, to Cra


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