The principles of war; or, Elementary treatise on the higher tactics and strategy


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Seite 146 - SIERRA LEONE ; Described in Letters to Friends at Home. By A LADY. Post SvO. 6s. 6d. SIMMONS (CAPT. TF) on the Constitution and Practice of Courts- Martial; with a Summary of the Law of Evidence as connected therewith, and some Notice of the Criminal Law of England, with reference to the Trial of Civil OBences.
Seite 151 - CAVALRY CATECHISM, or Instructions on Cavalry Exercise and Field Movements, Brigade Movements, Out-post Duty, Cavalry supporting Artillery, Artillery attached to Cavalry. 12mo.
Seite 155 - Landmann's Principles of Fortification, reduced into Questions and Answers for the Use of the Royal Military > Academy.
Seite 155 - RULES DEDUCED FROM NUMEROUS EXPERIMENTS FOR MAKING AN ARTIFICIAL WATER CEMENT, Equal in Efficiency to the best Natural Cements of England, improperly termed Roman Cements; and an Abstract of the Opinions of former Authors on the same Subjects. 114. Part I., with several wood-cuts, Price 5*.
Seite 161 - Hall's Trigonometry. The Elements of Plane and Spherical Trigonometry. With an Appendix, containing the solution of the Problems in Nautical Astronomy. For the use of Schools. By the REV. TG HALL, MA, Professor of Mathematics in King's College, London. 12mo. 2s.
Seite 160 - With Additions by Professors AGASSIZ, PIERCE, and GRAY; 12 Maps and Engravings on Steel, some Coloured, and copious Index.
Seite 154 - Rules chiefly deduced from experiment for conducting the practical operations of a siege. Part I. 3d ed. Lond., 1857. 8'.
Seite 161 - A Complete Course of Practical Geometry, including Conic Sections and Plan Drawing, treated on a Principle of Peculiar Perspicuity.
Seite 157 - The author unfolds in a perspicuous manner grand views of national character, and the hosts of history are marshalled before us in more than review array. We have in his pages a clear insight into many motives, and a lucid estimate of the action and reaction of causes upon the human heart, as wielded in mass for a power of offence or defence. One principle runs luminously through the whole, that discipline is the hoop that keeps together the staves of this great state vessel, military power; and...
Seite 165 - Hon. the President of the Board of Trade. By WS Lacon, Esq. Second Edition. Is. Remarks on the Means of Directing the Fire of Ships

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