Works of the Camden Society, Ausgabe 1

Camden Society, 1968 - 63 Seiten

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Seite 18 - A-SYDEN-HANDE. On one side. But he toke nat his ground so even in the front afore them as he wold have don yf he might bettar have sene them, butt somewhate a-syden-nande, where he disposed all his people in good arraye all that nyght.
Seite 41 - ... parliament which met on the 26th November 1470 is not known to be in existence ; probably it was destroyed in 1477 when all the proceedings of that parliament were annulled. (Rot. Parl. VI. 191.) The effect of Vergil's statement is accurately given by Hall in the following words : " Besides this, the Erie of Warwycke, as one to whome the common welthe was much beholden, was made Ruler and Gouvernor of the realme, with whom as felow and compaignion was associated George Duke of Clarence his sonne-in-law.
Seite 3 - As to the folks of the countrye there came but right few to hym, or almost none, for, by the scuringe of suche persons as for that cawse were, by his said rebells, sent afore into thos partes for to move them to be agains his highnes, the people were sore endwsed to be contrary to hym, and not to receyve, ne accepe hym, as for theyr Kynge; natwithstondynge, for the love and favour...
Seite 53 - Is instituted to perpetuate, and render accessible, whatever is valuable, but at present little known, amongst the materials for the Civil, Ecclesiastical, or Literary History of the United Kingdom ; and it accomplishes that object by the publication of Historical Documents, Letters, Ancient Poems.
Seite 62 - RETURN TO DESK FROM WHICH BORROWED LOAN DEPT. RENEWALS ONLY—TEL. NO. 642-3405 This book is due on the last date stamped below, or on the date to which renewed. Renewed books are subject to immediate recall.
Seite 14 - And even sodanly, at that season of the service, the bords compassynge the ymage about gave a great crak, and a little openyd, whiche the Kynge well perceyveyd and all the people about hym. And anon, aftar, the bords drewe and closed togethars agayne, withowt any mans hand or touchinge, and, as thowghe it had bene a thinge done with a violence, with a gretar might it openyd all abrod, and so the ymage stode, open and discovert, in syght of all the people there beynge.
Seite 20 - ... assayled them, in the mydst and strongest of theyr battaile, where he, with great violence, bett and bare down afore hym all that stode in hys way, and, than, turned to the range, first on that one hand, and than on that othar hand, in lengthe, and so bet and bare them downe, so that...
Seite vi - presently saw in effect a great parte of his exploytes, and the resydewe knew by true relation of them that were present at every time.
Seite 58 - John Ibbotson, Esq. Sir Robert Harry Inglis, Bart. LL.D. FRS, FSA, MP for the University of Oxford. (c.)Rev. James Ingram,DD, FSA President of Trin.
Seite 9 - And, in substaunce, they were such as were towards the Lorde Hastings, the Kyngs Chambarlayne, and, for that entent above sayd, came to hym, stiryd by his messages sent unto them, and by his servaunts, frinds, and lovars, suche as were in the contrie. And so, bettar accompanyed than he had bene at any tyme aforne, he departyd from Leycestar, and cam before the towne of Coventrie, the xxix day of Marche. And when he undarstode the sayde Earle [of Warwick] within the towne [was] closyd, and with hym...

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