Science Record: A Compendium of Scientific Progress and Discovery During the Past Year

Alfred Ely Beach

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Seite 578 - Mr. Cooke is entitled to stand alone as the gentleman to whom this country is indebted for having practically introduced and carried out the electric telegraph as a useful undertaking, promising to be a work of national importance ; and Professor Wheatstone is acknowledged as the scientific man, whose profound and successful researches had already prepared the public to receive it as a project capable of practical application...
Seite 461 - does not appear to be at all dependent on the nerve affected, it being equally efficacious in neuralgia of the sciatic as of the trigeminus. I have found it of the greatest service in neuralgia of the larynx, and in relieving spasmodic cough of a nervous or hysterical character.
Seite 213 - The machine now nbout to be described is a still further modification, in which the greatest amount of simplicity and effective power are combined, The apparatus consists essentially of an electromagnet with shoes, forming a groove in which a Siemens armature is made to revolve.
Seite 454 - Now, while carbolic acid and other antiferments are azymotic, or completely arrest or prevent fermentations of the first kind, they are powerless with the chemical processes. Salicylic acid is said to be more effective with the vital ferments, and equally effective with the chemical. Fourthly, in quantities said to be thoroughly effective, it is entirely odorless and tasteless and harmless, whilst it has no poisonous effect in any reasonable quantity.
Seite 518 - Imagine an animal, like one of our autumnal spiders stationed at the centre of its well-spread net; imagine every thread of this net to be a living extension of the animal, elongating, branching, and becoming confluent so as to form a most intricate net...
Seite 266 - By this arrangement, the alternate currents being utilized, they are all in the same direction ; and by the length of contact the whole of the current is obtained in the best condition for heating wires, decomposing water, giving an electric light, and other usual experiments.
Seite 239 - He found that it was impossible to give a uniform motion to the toothed wheel, and therefore adopted an electrical registering apparatus to mark the increase of its velocity, an electric signal enabling the observer to point out the instant at which the right velocity is obtained. Another very important improvement is the substitution of a pair of observations of the return rays for the single observation of a total extinction.
Seite 427 - Florence, but of empires ; they decimate armies, disable fleets ; they take the lives of criminals that justice has not condemned; they redouble the dangers of crowded hospitals ; they infest the habitations of the poor, and strike the artisan in his strength down from comfort into helpless poverty ; they carry away the infant from the mother's breast, and the old man at the end of life ; but their direst eruptions are excessively fatal to men in the prime and vigor of age.
Seite 382 - The east and west entrances are approached by flights of blue marble steps from terraces 80 by 20 feet, in the centre of each of which stands an open kiosque 20 feet in diameter. The angles of the main conservatory are adorned with eight ornamental fountains. The corridors which connect the conservatory with the surrounding rooms open fine vistas in every direction. In the basement, which is of fireproof construction, are the kitchen, store-rooms, coal-houses, ash-pits, heating arrangements, etc.

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