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The secret of a happy life
Lies in an honest mind;
Sincere in speech, upright in deed,
And just to all its kind.
Forever loyal to the truth,
By reason's light descried;
Nor wealth nor honors it can tempt
From righteousness aside.

The secret of a happy life
Is in a loving heart
Whose good-will flows to all its kind,
To all would joy impart.
It shares in others weal or woe;
Is not with self engrossed.
The richest and the happiest heart
Is his who loves the most.

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The secret of a happy life
Is a believing soul
Serenely trusting in the Power
Which animates the whole.
On earnest, upright, loving lives
Heaven's choicest blessings fall;
The thought of God within the soul
The crowning joy of all.

-Charles W. Wendte.
June, 1925.

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