The Observatory, Band 6

Editors of the Observatory, 1883

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Seite 342 - Huggius a seven-foot Newtonian telescope made by the late Mr. Lassell. No secondary reflector is used, nor is the mirror tilted, but the open end of the tube is fitted with a mahogany cover in which are two circular holes three and a quarter inches in diameter. Through one of these the light is admitted, and the framework for carrying the sensitive plates is fitted over the other. The performance of the apparatus is very satisfactory. The photographs show the sun's image...
Seite 77 - Argentina. It is a work of very considerable extent ; it has been planned with great care ; and executed with the most scrupulous attention to details. It will remain an enduring record of the relative brightness of the Southern stars for its epoch ; and will be accepted for many years as the chief authority upon questions of their magnitude ; and it is certain, from its very success, to incite other astronomers to efforts in the same direction — efforts which must ultimately lead to its being...
Seite 329 - Of course the resolution of the spot-spectrum into lines tends to indicate that the absorption which darkens the centre of a sun-spot is produced, not by granules of solid or liquid matter, but by matter in the gaseous form ; and it becomes interesting to inquire what substances are capable of producing such a spectrum, and under what conditions. As to the fineness and number of the lines, it may be noted that in the region included between...
Seite 325 - I watched carefully on the 24th from sunrise to nine o'clock, and from a little before ten until noon, and at one in the afternoon, being called away in the intervals by business of the highest importance which, for these ornamental pursuits, I could not with propriety neglect.
Seite 276 - Cassini'e division would have a period that was very closely commensurable with those of each of the six inner satellites, and it would, therefore, be especially exposed to perturbation. Dr. Meyer has carried the principle yet further, and has investigated every possible combination of the commensurabilities of the revolution periods of the satellites, and he finds that, including the division of Cassini, there are seven places where the satellites would unite to exercise a perturbing influence on...
Seite 256 - WEALE'S RUDIMENTARY SERIES. The following books in Naval Architecture, etc., are published in the above series. NAVIGATION AND NAUTICAL ASTRONOMY IN THEORY AND PRACTICE.
Seite 224 - The mean monthly temperature was above the average from January to May, then below until September. In October, November, and December it differed little from the average. The mean daily motion of the air in 1882 was 306 miles, being 27 miles greater than the average.
Seite 342 - In this cover at one side is a circular hole,/, three and a quarter inches diameter, for the light to enter ; below is a similar hole over which is fitted a framework to receive the " backs " containing the photographic plates, and also to receive a frame with fine-ground glass for putting the apparatus...
Seite 276 - Jupiter exercised a peculiar influence over the minor planets, tending to produce well marked gaps amongst them at certain well-defined distances. For if the period of any minor planet were commensurable with that of Jupiter, the latter would exercise a perturbing influence upon it which would eventually result in a com plete change of orbit.
Seite 223 - As regards the determination of motions of stars in the line of sight, 142 measures have been made of the displacement of the F line in the spectra of 23 stars, and 26 measures of the 6, line in 9 stars.

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