Public Documents of the State of Wisconsin: Being the Reports of the Various State Officers, Departments and Institutions, Band 2

State Printer., 1903

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Seite 374 - Judges of the Court of Appeals and justices of the Supreme Court may be removed by concurrent resolution of both Houses of the Legislature, if two-thirds of all the members elected to each House concur therein.
Seite 934 - People of the same trade seldom meet together even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some contrivance to raise prices.
Seite 594 - General, shall constitute a board of commissioners for the sale of the School and University lands, and for the Investment of the funds arising therefrom.
Seite 374 - The Legislature may confer upon the boards of supervisors of the several counties of the State, such powers of a local, legislative and administrative character, as they shall from time to time prescribe.
Seite 599 - No student who shall have been a resident of the State for one year next preceding his admission at the beginning of any academic year shall be required to pay any fees for tuition in the university except in the law department and for extra studies.
Seite 540 - Provided further, That one-half of any sum or sums retained by State homes on account of pensions received from inmates shall be deducted from the aid provided for in this section.
Seite 295 - Competition, in fact, has only become in any considerable degree the governing principle of contracts, at a comparatively modern period. The farther we look back into history, the more we see all transactions and engagements under the influence of fixed customs. The reason is evident. Custom is the most powerful protector of the weak against the strong ; their sole protector where there are no laws or government adequate to the purpose. Custom is a barrier which, even in the most oppressed condition...
Seite 843 - Age-Groups 0 to 5 years. . . . 6 to 10 years .... 11 to 15 years 16 to 20 years .... 21 to 25 years 26 to 30 years 31 to 35 years. . . . 36 to 40 years 41 to...
Seite 594 - Michigan," are hereby granted and conveyed to the State, to be appropriated solely to the use and support of such university, in such manner as the Legislature may prescribe...
Seite 782 - It shall be the duty of such superintendents to receive all applications for labor of those desiring employment and those desiring to employ labor, and record their names in a book kept for that purpose, designating opposite the name of each applicant the character of employment, or labor desired, -and the address of such applicant. Each of said superintendents shall be provided with such clerical assistance as in the judgment of the commissioner may appear necessary for properly conducting the duties...

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