The Medical Visitor, Band 8

Halsey Bros. Company, 1892
List of homoeopathic physicians by states.

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Seite 20 - Surgical Association; President of the Association of Military Surgeons of the National Guard of the United States; Permanent Member of the German Congress of Surgeons, etc.
Seite 303 - Obstetrician to the Philadelphia Hospital, and Lecturer on Diseases of Women and Children; Surgeon to the Maternity Hospital; Physician to St.
Seite 97 - It also seems indisposed to produce sub-normal temperature, as some of the others do. In the pyrexia produced by exposure to the rays of the sun, •which is common in India and in our large cities during the summer solstice, Antikamnia, in addition to cold douches, is the best remedy. Antikamnia reduces temperature by increasing radiation of heat from the body, and diminishing heat production.
Seite 120 - ... to take action respecting the boycotting of Homoeopathic physicians by life insurance companies; to further increase the numerical strength and influence of our National Society, and to prepare for a proper display of our power and importance as a profession to the people who will visit our shores during the Columbian Exposition — these are some of the motives and objects that should determine and secure a very large and enthusiastic meeting of the Institute at Washington next June.
Seite 16 - Materials and Drugs used in Antiseptic Surgery, Treatment of Asphyxia from Drowning, Surgical Remembrancer, Tables of Incompatibles, Eruptive Fevers, etc., etc.
Seite 350 - Some such experience must have led to our custom of taking apple sauce with roast pork, rich goose, and like dishes. The malic acid of ripe apples, either raw or cooked, will neutralize any excess of chalky matter engendered by eating too much meat.
Seite 202 - The examination shall be fundamental in character and such as can be answered in common by all schools of practice. The votes of all the examiners present shall be "yes" or "no," written with their signature upon the backs of the examination papers of each candidate for the respective branches.
Seite 118 - The Alumni Association of the Hahnemann Medical College, Philadelphia, requests the pleasure of the company of the Alumni of the college, at its annual reunion and banquet, on Tuesday, April 12, 1892.
Seite 184 - Edited by PW Williams, MD, Secretary of Staff, assisted by a corps of thirty-two collaborators — European and American — specialists in their several departments.

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