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List of ARCHITECrs.

After Christ".

£| Name of Architect. £ Principal Works. |- 259 | Claude Perrault of 17th. Façade of the Louvre; chapel of Sceaux; chapel France. of Notre Dame in the church of the Petits Pères. 260 | François Blondel || – Bridge over the Charente at Saintes; gate of of France. S. Denis at Paris; repair and decorations of the gates of S. Antoine and S. Bernard. 261 Antoine le Pautre - Wings of St. Cloud; church of the nunnery of of France. Port Royal; hotels of Gevres and Beauvais. 262 Jaques le Mercier | – | Sorbonne, Palais Royal, S. Roch, Val de Grace, of France. were erected by him after the designs of Mansard. 263 | Christmas Gerard of | – | Designed Aldersgate, London; was an architect England. and sculptor. 264 || Sir Christopher | – | St. Paul's; city of London after the Fire; Wren of Eng- Hampton Court; Greenwich Hospital, &c. land. 265 Robert Hooke of | – | The Old Bethlem Hospital in Moorfields; Ashe's England. Alms-houses; British Museum. He was associated with Wren. He gave a plan for rebuilding London after the Fire. 266 | Carlo Fontana of - One of the last architects of St. Peter's. Italy. 267 || Jules Hardouin | – | Dôme des Invalides; Gallerie du Palais Royal; Mansard of the Place de Louis le Grand; that des VicFrance. toires, &c. He was the nephew of Francis Mansard. 268 Rev. H. Aldrich of | – | Three sides of the quadrangle of Christ's England. Church, called Peckwater Square, chapel of Trinity College, and church of All Saint's, at Oxford. 269 || Fischer von Erlach, 18th Many churches and palaces. baron, of Germany. 27o | Sir John Vanbrugh | – | Blenheim House; Castle Howard, Yorkshire; of England. Eastberry, Dorset; King's Weston, near Bristol; St. John's Church, Westminster; the - Opera House of the time. 270* | Filippo Ivara of | – | Buildings near Turin on the Superga; church Sicily. del Carmine; an interior staircase to the palace at Turin; employed on works in Portugal; finished cupola of Sant'Andrea, Mantua; façade of Duomo at Milan; palace of the Count Birago di Borghe at Turin, and numberless other works. 271 | Colin Campbell of | – | Wanstead House, Mereworth. Compiler of the Scotland. “Vitruvius Britannicus.” 272 | Robert de la Cotte | – | He continued the Dôme des Invalides; finished of France. the chapel of Versailles; and raised the new buildings at St. Denys. 273 || Nicholas Hawks- || - Designed the church of St. George, Bloomsbury, moor, pupil to and St. Anne, Limehouse. Wren, of England. 274 || Alexander Jean | – | L’Hôtel de Vendome, in the Rue d'Enfer at Paris. Baptiste le Blond He was employed much in Russia by Peter of France. the Great. 275 | Galilei, Alessandro, | - Corsini Chapel, &c., Rome. of Italy. 276 || Galli da Bibiena of | – | Theatre Verona; theatre at Vienna. Author of

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LIST of ARCHITECTs. AFTER ChrisT. '' Name of Architect. £ Principal Works. 277 Gabriel, Jaques, of 18th. Buildings at Bordeaux, Rennes, Paris, &c. France. 278 || James, John, of | – St. George's, Hanover Square. England. 279 | Leoni Giacomo of | – | Lyme Hall. Italy. 280 Germain de Boffrand | – || Much employed in Paris and Germany. of Nantes, of France. 281 | James Gibbs of | – || Radcliffe's Library, Oxford; the new church in Scotland. the Strand; St. Martin's-in-the-Fields; King's College, Royal Library, and Senate House, - Cambridge. 282 | William Kent of | – | Temple of Venus at Stowe; Earl of Leicester's England. house at Holkham; staircase at Lady Isabella Finch's in Berkeley Square; and other works. 283 | Ripley, Thomas, of | – | Houghton Hall; Admiralty England. 284 || Edmund Bouchar- | – | Many buildings at Paris. don of France. 285 Labelye, Charles, of | – Westminster Bridge. Switzerland. 286 | Sacchetti, Giambat- - Royal Palace, Madrid. tista, of Turin. 287 | Burroughs, Sir | – | Senate House, Cambridge. James, of England. 288 || Jean Nicholas Ser- || – | Part of the church of S. Sulpice at Paris; vandoni of France. many theatres and decorations for theatres at different places. 289 Ware, Isaac, of Eng- || – Foot's Cray, &c. Edited a version of Palladio. land. 290 Dance, George, of | – | Mansion House, London; and other works. England. 291 Vanvitelli, Luigi, of | – | Palace at Caserta, &c. Italy, 292 Jacques, François | – | Royal abbey of St. Louis; a street and square Blondel, of opposite to the cathedral at Rouen; many Rouen, of France, other works both there and at Strasburg. 293 | Earl of Burlington | – Chiswick House; Burlington House, Piccaof England. dilly; and other works. 294 | John Brettingham | – | Holkham Hall in Norfolk, finished by, in 1764. of England. 295 Fuga, Ferdinando, — | Palazzo Corsini, &c., Rome, Naples, &c. of Italy. 296 || Simonetti, M. Aug., | – | The Museo Pio Clementino in the Vatican. of Italy. 297 || Gabriel, J. A., of | – | Ecole Militaire and Garde Meuble, Paris. France. | 298 || John Rodolphe – | Director of the bridges and roads of France, Perronet of France. bridge of Neuilly, and many others. 299 || Jacques Germain | – | Hospital at Lyons; exchange, concert-room, Soufflot of France. and theatre in the same city; portal, nave, - and towers of the church of St. Geneviève. 300 | Sir William Cham-| – | Somerset House, and many other works. | bers of England. 301 | Robert Adam of | – || Architect to Geo. III.; author of a work on the England. ruins of Spalatro; his principal works are the Register Office at Edinburgh; infirmary at Glasgow; the Edinburgh University; Luton House; Adelphi Terrace,


AFTER ChRIST. '' | Name of Architect. £ Principal Works. 302 || Sir Robert Taylor | 18th. Parts of Bank of England now taken down, and of England. a great number of buildings in this country. 303 || Paine, James, of | – Mansion House, Doncaster; Wardour Castle; England. Worksop. Designs published. 304 || Louis of France. - | Theatre at Bordeaux, &c. 305 || Antoine, Jacques | – | The Mint, Paris; ditto at Berne, &c. Denis, of France. 306 | Ledoux, Claude Ni- - Barrières at Paris; Hôtel Thelusson, &c.; and cholas, of France. author of a splendid work on architecture. 307 | Holland, Henry, of | - Carlton House; old Drury Lane, &c. England. 308 Bonomi, Joseph, of - || Roseneath; alterations at Riddlestone, &c. Italy. 309 | Legrand, Jacq. | – | Theatre Feydeau, Paris; many architectural Guill., of France. works, &c. 310 | Langhans, C. G., of | – Brandenburg Gate, &c., Berlin. Germany. 311 Mylne, Robert, of | – | Blackfriars Bridge; Inverary Castle, &c. Scotland. 312 | Gondouin, Jaques, - Ecole de Médécine, Paris. of France. 313 | Fischer, Karl, of | – | Theatre, &c., Munich. Germany. 314 | Dance, George, of - Newgate; St. Luke's Hospital. England. 315 Gandon, James, of – Custom House, Exchange, Four Courts, &c., Ireland. Dublin. 316 | Soane, Sir John, of | – | Bank of England; Board of Trade; State Paper England. Office. 317 | Percier, Charles, of | – | Architect of the Tuilleries; restorations, &c. at France. Louvre and Tuilleries; Chapelle Expiatoire. Author of Recueil de Decorations.

AachrrecTURE. The art of building according to certain proportions and rules deter

mined and regulated by nature and taste.
of this work, we do not here consider further definition necessary.

As the art, in its various parts, is the subject
For origin and

progress, see Book I. Chap. I. Sect. 2.; different species at early period, Book I. Chap. I.

Sect. 3.
ARCHITECTURE, ARABIAN or SARAcEN1c, Book I. Chap. II. Sect. 10.

— BABYLoNIAN, Book I. Chap. II. Sect. 3.

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BRITIsh, EARLY PERIoD, Book I. Chap. III. Sect. 1.
BYzANTINE and RoMANEsquE, Book I. Chap. II. Sect. 14.
See PELAsG1c.
CHINEsk, Book I. Chap. II. Sect. 8.
DRUIDIcAL and CELT1c, Book I. Chap. II. Sect. 1.
EGYFTIAN, Book I. Chap. II. Sect. 7.
EARLY ENGLISH, Book I. Chap. III. Sect. 3.
ELIZABETHAN, Book I. Chap. III. Sect. 6.
ETRUscAN, Book I. Chap. II. Sect. 12.
FRENch, Book I. Chap. II. Sect. 17.
FloanD ENGLISH or TUDoR, Book I. Chap. III. Sect. 5.
of GeoRGE I., Book I. Chap. III. Sect. 8.
of GeoRGE II., Book I. Chap. III. Sect. 9.
of GeoRGE III., Book I. Chap. III. Sect. 10.
GERMAN, Book I. Chap. II. Sect. 18.
GRECIAN, Book I. Chap. II. Sect. 11.
INDIAN, Book I. Chap. II. Sect. 6.
ITALIAN, Book I. Chap. II. Sect. 16.
JAMEs I. to ANNE, Book I. Chap. III. Sect. 7.

ARCHITECTURE, JEwish, Book I. Chap. II. Sect. 5.

MexicAN, Book I. Chap. II. Sect. 9.
NoRMAN, Book I. Chap. III. Sect. 2.
PELAsG1c and CycloPEAN, Book. I. Chap. II. Sect. 2.
PERseroLITAN, Book I. Chap. II. Sect. 4.
PoINTED, Book I. Chap. II. Sec. 15.
RoMAN, Book I. Chap. II. Sect. 13.
Russian, Book I. Chap. II. Sect. 20.

- SPAIN and PortugAL, Book I. Chap. II. Sect. 19.

ARCHITECTURE, WoRks on. It would too far extend this work to print a list of these, but we here insert

A Catalogue of the principal and most useful Works to the Student of Architecture, arranged under the several Classes of




Aberdeen's, Earl of Inquiry into the Principles of Beauty in Grecian Architecture. 8vo. London, 1822. Aikin's, E., Essay on the Doric Order. Imperial folio. London, 1810. Antiquities (the unedited) of Attica, comprising the Architectural Remains of Eleusis, Rhamnus, Sunium, and Thoricus. By the Society of Dilettanti, and edited by Wilkins, Gandy Deering, and Bedford. Imperial folio, 79 plates. London, 1817. Antiquities of Ionia, by Chandler, Revett, and Pars. Imperial folio, plates, 2vols., London, 1817-23. Chambers's Civil Architecture. Gwilt's Edition. Introductory Essay on Grecian Architecture. Imp. 8vo. London, 1825. Chandler's, R., Travels in Asia Minor and Greece. 2 vols. 4to. London, 1817. Choiseul, Gouffier. Voyage Pittoresque de la Grèce, 2 vols. folio. Paris, 1782–1809. Cockerell's, C. R., Temple of Jupiter Olympius at Agrigentum. London, 1825. Delagardette. Les Ruines de Paestum, ou Posidonia. Royal folio. Paris, 1799. Donaldson. Collection of the most approved Examples of Doorways from ancient Buildings in Greece and Italy. 2 vols. 4to. London, 1833. Gartner, F. Monuments of Greece and Sicily. Folio. Munich, 1819. Harris and Angell. Temple of Selinus. Large 4to, plates. London, 1826. Hittorff. Architecture Antique de la Sicile. Paris, 1825-30-37. Le Roy. Les Ruines, les plus beaux Monuments de la Grèce, considerées du Coté de l'Histoire, et du Coté de l'Architecture. Imp. folio, plates by Le Bas. Paris, 1758. Not a correct work. Major, T. Ruines de Paestum. 24 plates, large folio. 1768. Quincy's, M. Quatremère de Jupiter Olympien. Large folio, plates, some coloured. Paris, 1815. Restitution des Deux Frontons du Temple de Minerve à Athènes, 4to. 3 plates, Paris, 1825. Stanhope, J. S. Olympia; or Topography of the ancient State of the Plain of Olympia, and of the Ruins of the City of Elis. Imp. folio. London, 1824. Stuart's, James, Antiquities of Athens. 4 vols. large folio. 1762, &c. Stuart, James, F.R.S. F.S.A., and Nicholas Revett's Anti-ities of Athens, a second edition, with a very considerable augmentation of notes of subj/Pts further elucidated and brought to light by Travellers since the times of Stuarf and Revett, edited by W. Kinnaird, architect, with an additional and entirely new volume (as supplement) of Architecture and Antiquities in Greece, Sicily, &c., the result of recent Travels and Investigations, by C. R. Cockerell, W. Kinnaird, T. L. Donaldson, W. Jenkins, and others, architects. 4 vols. royal folio, about 200 plates. 1825–1830. The plates in the three first volumes of this edition are from the coppers of the French edition. Visconti, Chevalier. Ouvrages de Sculpture du Parthenon. 8vo. Paris, 1818. Wilkins, W. Antiquities of Magna Graecia. Imp. folio. Cambridge, 1807. An illdrawn work.

Topography and Buildings of Athens. Royal 8vo., plates. 1816.

II. RoMAN ARchirrectURE.

Adams, Robert. Ruins of the Palace of the Emperor Diocletian at Spalatro in Dalma-
tia. Folio, 61 plates. London, 1764.
Allason, T. Picturesque Views of the Antiquities of Pola. Folio, 14 plates. London,
Bartoli, P. S. Gli Antichi Sepolchri ovvero Mausolei Romani ed Etruschi. Folio,
110 plates. Roma, 1727.
Colonna Trajana, a P. Bellori. 128 plates.
Bellonii, J. P. Veteres Arcus Augustorum Triumphis insignes ex Reliquiis quae Romae
adhuc supersunt per J. J. de Rubeis. Folio. Roma, 1690.
Bianchi di Lugano, P. Osservazioni sull' Arena, e sul Podio dell' Anfiteatro Flavio.
Folio. Roma, 1812.
Bianconi, G. L. Descrizione dei Circhi. Folio, 20 plates. Roma, 1789.
Cameron's Baths of the Romans explained and illustrated. Folio, 75 plates. London,
Caristie. Plan et Coupe d'une partie du Forum Romain et des Monumens sur la Voie
Sacrée. Atlas folio. Paris, 1821.
Castell's Villas of the Ancients illustrated. Large folio. 1728.
Ciampini, J. Rom. Vetera Monumenta. Romae, 1747.
Cipriani, G. B. Monumenti di Fabbriche Antiche. 4to. Roma, 1796.
Desgodetz, A. Edifices de Rome, dessinées et mésurés très exactement. Folio, up-
wards of 300 plates. Paris, 1682.
Gell, Sir W., and J. P. Gandy. Pompeiana; the Topography, Edifices, and Ornaments
of Pompeii. 2 vols. imperial 8vo. London, 1824.
Grangent, M. M., C. Durand, et S. Durant. Description des Monumens Antiques du
Midi de la France. Folio, plates. Paris, 1819.
Haudebourt, L. P. Le Laurentin; Maison de Campagne de Pliné le Jeune. Large
8vo. plates. Paris, 1888. -
Labacco, Ant. Appartenente all'Architettura nel qual si figurano aleune notabili Anti-
quità di Roma. Plates, folio. Roma.
Maffei, Scipio. History of Ancient Amphitheatres. Translated by Gordon. 8vo. London,
Mazois. Ruines de Pompeii. Paris, 1830.
Nibby, Ant. Del Foro Romano, della Via Sacra, dell' Anfiteatro Flavio, e di Luoghi
adjacenti. 8vo. Roma, 1819.
Palladio, A. I Quattro Libri d'Architettura; whereof the last book is of ancient Roman
Architecture. Several editions published at Venice. Figures on wood blocks.
Il Tempio di Minerva in Assisi confrontato colle Tavole di Giov. Antolini.
Folio. Milano, 1803.
Les Termes des Romains dessinées. Par O. B. Scamozzi, d'apres 1 Exemplaire
du Lord Burlington. Folio. Vicenza, 1785.
Piranesi, Giov. Bapt. The works of (the son) subsequent to the death of Jolin
Baptist Piranesi. 29 vols. imperial folio, and double elephant folio. An abbreviated
list of them is subjoined: –
Vol. 1. Ruins of ancient Edifices of Rome, with the Explanation, Aqueducts,
Baths, the Forum, &c. &c.
Vol. 2. Funeral Monuments, Cippi, Vases, &c. &c.
Vol. 3. Ancient Bas-reliefs, Stuccoes, Mosaics, Inscriptions, &c. &c.
Vol. 4. The Bridges of Rome, the Ruins of the Theatres, Porticoes, &c. &c.
Vol. 5. The Monuments of the Scipios.
Vol. 6. Ancient Temples, the Temples of Vesta, of Honour and Virtue, Statue of
the Goddess Vesta, Altar to Bacchus, the Pantheon of Rome, &c. &c.
Vol. 7. The Magnificence of the ancient Roman Architecture, Pedestals of the
Arches of Titus and Septimius Severus, Portico of the Capitol, &c. &c.
Vol. 8. Greci scan, and Roman Architecture, Arches of Triumph, Bridges,
Temples, hitheatres, Prisons, &c.
Vol. 9. Fêtes and Triumphs, from the Foundation of Rome to Tiberius, Temple of
Castor and Hercules, and other antique Monuments of the ancient City of Cora,
&c. &c.
Vol. 10. The ancient Campo Marzio, Ruins of the Theatre of Pompeii, Portico of
Octavius, Reservoir of the Virgin Water, Mausoleum of Augustus, Palace of
Aurelius, the Pantheon, the Cave of the Archives of the Romans, Baths and
Tombs of Adrian, Apotheosis of Antonine the Pious, Arch of Marcus Aurelius,
Baths of Sallust, Plan of the Roman Senate House, &c. &c.
Vol. 11. Antiquities of Albano, Temple of Jupiter, sepulchral Attributes to the
Horatii, Amphitheatre of Domitian, ancient Baths, &c.

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