Papers, Documents, Law Proceedings, &c. &c. Respecting the Maintenance of the Choir of the Cathedral Church of Bangor: As Provided for by an Act of Parliament, Passed in the Reign of King James the II A.D. 1685

C. Broster, 1819 - 255 Seiten

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Seite 255 - Act, iu every case of a Breach of any Trust or supposed Breach of any Trust created for charitable Purposes, or whenever the Direction or Order of a Court of Equity shall be deemed necessary for the Administration of any Trust for charitable Purposes...
Seite 255 - ... the Lord Chancellor, Lord Keeper, or Lords Commissioners for the custody of the great seal, or...
Seite 256 - Exchequer, and they are hereby required, to hear such petition in a summary way, and upon affidavits or such other evidence as shall be produced upon such hearing to determine the same, and to make such order therein, and with respect to the costs of such applications as to him or them shall seem just...
Seite 128 - ... before him under this order, then it is ordered, that it be referred to the said Master to take an account of the said intestate's personal estate [usual accounts of personal estate, debts, and funeral expenses, &c., as in Form No. 3]. 6.
Seite 108 - To The Honourable The Commons of Great Britain and Ireland in Parliament assembled. The humble petition of the...
Seite 256 - ... as to him or them shall seem just ; and such order shall be final and conclusive, unless the party or parties who shall think himself or themselves aggrieved thereby shall, within two years from the time when such order shall have been passed and entered by the proper officer, have preferred an appeal from such decision to the House of Lords, to whom it is hereby enacted and declared that an appeal shall lie from such order.
Seite 256 - And be it further enacted, that neither the petitions, nor any proceedings upon the same or relative thereto, nor the copies of any such petitions or proceedings, shall be subject or liable to the payment of any stamp duty whatever.
Seite 256 - Provided always, and be it further eaaefed, that every Petition so to be preferred as aforesaid, shall be signed by the persons preferring the same, in the presence of and shall be attested by the Solicitor or Attorney concerned for such Petitioners, and every such Petition shall be submitted to and be allowed by his Majesty's Attorney or Solicrtor General, and such allowance shall be certified by him before any such Petition shall be presented.

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