Ancient Spanish Ballads: Historical and Romantic

W. Blackwood, 1823 - 209 Seiten

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Seite xxiii - O, for a blast of that dread horn, On Fontarabian echoes borne, That to King Charles did come, When Rowland brave, and Olivier, And every paladin and peer, On Roncesvalles died...
Seite 129 - Rise up, rise up, Xarifa! lay the golden cushion down; Rise up, come to the window, and gaze with all the town.
Seite 22 - A curse upon thee," cries the King, " who com'st unbid to me ; But what from traitor's blood should spring save traitor like to thee ? His sire, lords, had a traitor's heart ; perchance our champion brave May think it were a pious part to share Don Sancho's grave. " " Whoever told this tale, the king hath rashness to repeat...
Seite 133 - I lent to all the lads might say ; He'll think some other lover's hand, among my tresses noosed, From the ears where he had placed them, my rings of pearl unloosed ; He'll think, when I was sporting so beside this marble well, My pearls fell in, — and what to say, alas ! I cannot tell.
Seite 23 - There are a thousand here! Let his foul blood this instant stream: — What, caitiffs, do ye fear? Seize, seize the traitor! " — But not one to move a finger dareth : Bernardo standeth by the throne, and calm his sword he bareth. He drew the falchion from...
Seite 135 - Twas at the solemn jousting, around the nobles stood; The nobles of the land were by, and ladies bright and fair Looked from their latticed windows, the haughty sight to share; But now the nobles all lament, the ladies are bewailing, For he was Granada's darling knight. "Alas! alas for Celin!
Seite 60 - Then comes the bride Ximena — the King he holds her hand ; And the Queen, and, all in fur and pall, the nobles of the land ; All down the street the ears of wheat are round Ximena flying, But the King lifts off her bosom sweet whatever there is lying. Quoth Suero, when he saw it (his thought you understand), " 'Tis a fine thing to be a King ; but Heaven make me a hand...
Seite 125 - Xarama stands, to bide the alcayde's shock. Now stops the drum — close, close they come — thrice meet, and thrice give back ; The white foam of Harpado lies on the charger's breast of black— The white foam of the charger on Harpado's front of dun — Once more advance upon his lance — once more, thou fearless one! Once more, once more; — in...
Seite 23 - Seize — seize him!" loud the king doth scream — "There are a thousand here — Let his foul blood this instant stream ! — What ! caitiffs, do ye fear? Seize — seize the traitor ! " But not one to move a finger dareth. Bernardo standeth by the throne, and calm his sword he bareth.
Seite 75 - Now, reach once more my helmet." — The esquire said him nay, " For a silken string why should ye fling perchance your life away? " — " I had it from my lady," quoth Garci, " long ago, And never Moor that scarf, be sure, in proud Seville shall show.

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