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by the suicide of the prisoner, Lieut.- 15,000,000 f.(600,0001.) as proposed by Colonel Brereton : another has since ministers, to 12,000,000 f. (480,0001.) been called upon Captain Warrington. Belgium.—The affairs of this petty

The special commission for the trial kingdom continue in the same unof the rioters there has terminated its settled state. The King of the New session; five prisoners have received therlands refuses to accede to the sentence of death; thirteen others were arrangement proposed ; and it no found guilty, and the same sentence longer admits of doubt that he is recorded against them. Four out of supported by the Emperor of Russia. the five were executed on the 27th ult. The Peninsula.-- Alarm prevails At Nottingham the special commis- throughout this fine, but oppressed, sion passed sentence of death on eight portion of Europe. Ferdinand is daily prisoners.

more apprehensive of danger, placed Cholera MORBUS.—We are happy between revolutionary France on one to be able to report that the cases of side, and the fear of a constitutional this disease diminish in number and King and government on the other. fatality. We hope in a few weeks to Hence his eagerness to support Miguel, record its entire cessation. The report and ally himself with Russia, which of the Central Board of Health to the seems disposed to enter into his views. 21st of January, states the number of General Torrijos, with a party of cases to that date 1948, of which 648 sixty Spaniards, refugees, have been had terminated fatally.

decoyed to land in Spain, near MaFRANCE. The motion for the abo

laga, where they were immediately lition of the hereditary peerage has seized, and every one shot the followpassed the Chamber of Peers-For ing morning. the abolition, 103; against it, 70; ma- SwitzERLAND is exposed to turbujority, 33. Several of the most dis- lent measures, almost amounting to a tinguished peers immediately resigned civil war; the causes and interests of their seats in that Chamber.

which are so imperfectly stated, that The tumults at Lyons and Grenoble we feel quite unable to

plain them. have been suppressed. A very insur- PAPAL States. These are in a rectionary spirit has shewn itself at state of revolution. These people are Marseilles, whose population has ever eager to be delivered from the oppresdisplayed a very ferocious disposition. sive government of the Pope and his At present peace is restored.

cardinals. We do not hear of any acts It has been customary at Paris for of violence on the side of the insurthe foreign ministers, in their diplo- gents, nor of energy on the part of the matic capacity, to address the King

governors. on New Year's Day, the Pope's Nuncio AMERICAM UNITED STATEs. - The acting as their spokesman. The pecu- President's message to the House of liar state of the Papacy, and particu- Representatives has been received. We larly the relation between the Papal have only space to allude to it very and Austrian Governments, prevented briefly. It notices the benefits the the Nuncio sustaining this office on States have derived from the arrangethe last occasion. The Prince of Cas- ments with Great Britain for a colonial telcicala, the Neapolitan ambassador, traffic; that these had given employwas selected for it. The reply of ment to 30,000 tons of shipping, and Louis Philippe, which is always con- activity to every branch of commerce sidered as indicative of the policy of connected with navigation. It reports the French government, was pacific, the highly flourishing state of agricul

In the Chamber of Deputies, the ture; and calculates that the whole of civil list has been passed after great the public debt will be paid off before opposition, and a reduction from

the end of the present year.



NEW CHURCHES. His Grace the Duke of Portland having disposed of his three chapels in St. Mary-lebone parish to Government: viz. Oxford-street Chapel, in Vere-street; Westmorelandstreet Chapel, Portland-place; and Portland-street Chapel, Portland-place ;-each has undergone a complete repair, both internally and externally. Portland-street Chapel was consecrated, on Saturday morning, Dec. 31, at Eleven o'clock, by the Bishop of London. The royal arms, with the initials “ W. R. the Fourth," and superbly painted, are placed in the front of the west gallery. A large concourse of the nobility and gentry were present at the performance of the ceremony. Vere-street and Portland chapels have changed their names to St. Peter, and St. Paul.

The new church, recently consecrated by the Lord Bishop of the diocese, is made, by Act of Parliament, the parish church of Kingswinford ; and the old church a chapel of ease.

Name. Beaty, Charles Colyear Berkeley, Miles Joseph Lloyd, Henry William Stoddart, John....


Domestic Chapl. to the Earl of Portmore.
Domestic Chapl. to the Earl of Westmoreland.
Domestic Chaplain to Viscount Melbourne.
Chaplain to the County Lunatic Asylum at

Hanwell, Middlesex.

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Name. Preferment.

County. Diocese. Patron.
Brown, A. W. Pytchley, V.

Northam. Peterboro Bp. of Lich. & Cov. Cartwright, W. H... Kingswinford, C.

Staff. Lichfield Earl Dudley
Dom. Chapl. to the Right Hon. Lord Willoughby D'Eresby
Chapman, W. e.
and Edenham, C.

D'Eresby Clarke, E. W....... Great Yeldham, R. Essex London Sir W. B. Rush Dean of Cath. Church of York

The King Cockburn, W. D.D. and Thornton, V. E.York

Dean of York

C. of York to Kelston, R.

Somerset B.&Wells J. Neeld, Esq. Gilpin, Bernard..

Burnham, St. Mary, R. Norfolk Norw. Christ Coll. Camb. Hawley, John T. Eversley R.

Hants Winchest. Sir John Cope, Bt. Hinckley, John ..., Sheriffhales, V.

Staff. Lichfield Earl Gower
ŞMeonstoke, R.

with Soberton, C.

Winchest. Bp. of Winchester. Mainwaring, John .. Geldestone, R.

Norfolk Norwich Lord Chancellor SLouth, v.

Preb. of Louth, in Mantell, E. R. ....

Lincoln Lincoln Cath. Ch. of Linc. to Titney, V.

Bp. of Lincoln Matthew, John Chelvey, R.

Somerset B.&Wells C. K. K. Tynte, Esq. Muckleston, John .. Wichnor


T. Lovett, Esq. Nepean, Evan Heydon, R.

Norfolk Norw. W.E.L.Bulwer, Esq. Noel, Leland

SLavendon, V.
with Brayfield, C.

Lincoln Sir. G. Noel, Bart. Oakeley, Frederick . Preb, in Cath. Church of Lichfield

Bp. of Lich. & Cov. Paley, Joshua Pemberton, C.

Lancaster Chester R. of Wigan
(St. Mary-le-bone, Trin.}

Penfold, G. S. ....
Cb. Portland-rd, D. R.S

London The King to Kingswinford, R. Staff. Lichfield Earl Dudley Preston, George.... Tasburgh, R.

Norfolk Norw. Rev, G, Preston Rennell, Wm. B. Paddington New Chapel Middl. London C. of Paddington Rickards, Samuel .. Stow Langtoft, R. Suffolk Norw. Sir W. Rawlinson Symons, J. T. .. Trevalga, R.

Cornwall Exeter D. & C. of Exeter Taylor, Wm. Robert Town Barningham, R. Norfolk Norw. John T. Mott, Esq. Trim, Wm. Hewlett Sandford Orcas, R. Somerset B.&Wells J. Hutchings, Esq. Vawdrey, Wm.

Kennerley, P. C.

SGovernors of Credi-

ton Charity Vincent, Matson .. Brampton, St. Thomas, C. Derby Lichfield Dean of Lincoln Vyvyan, Thomas .. Penzance, St. Mary, C. Cornwall Exeter

} Bucks

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{ Kalph

Benson, Esg.


Preferment. County. Diocese.

SWinsham, v.

Somerset B.&Wells Dean of Wells
Ware, George

? to hold by disp. Ashton, R. Devon Exeter Webster, Geo. Edis. Grundisburgh, R. Suffolk Norw. Trin. Coll. Camb. SPreenchurch, C.

W. Webster, Esq. Webster, Wm.....

Heref. Weddall, W. L. .... Chillesford, R.

Suffolk Norw, Mrs. C. S. Smear

Preb. of Wistow, in Wilkinson, J....... Cawood, C.

W. York York

Cath. Ch. of York Church Oakley, R.

with Southampton Holy Hants Winchest. Queen's Coll. Oxf. Wilson, Wm. D.D.

Rood, V.
to Preb. iu Cath. Ch, of Winchester

Bp. of Winchester
Wing, John .....
Stevington, V.

Beds Lincoln Duke of Bedford Woodrooffe, T. Calbourne, R.

I.of Wht. Winchest. Bp. of Winchester Worseley, Wm. Norbury, C.

Chester Cliester T. Legh, Esq.

CLERGYMEN DECEASED. Asbridge, Jonathan .. Eversley, R.

Hants Winchest. Sir J. Cope, Bart. Can. Res. in Cath. Ch. of Chichester Bp. of Chichester Baker, Thomas and Falmer, V.

Sussex Cant. Earl of Chichester with Stanmer, R. Bellamy, Thomas Sandford Orcas, R. Somerset B.&Wells J. Hutchings, Esq.

Essex s Chrishall, V.

London Bp. of London. Berry, Butler and Triplow, V.


Ely Bp. of Ely
Crosby Garret, R.

SRd. Burn, LL.D. Bird, Thomas

Westm. Carlisle į and Mrs. Coulston and Mallerstang, C.

Earl of Thanet 1 Stow Langtoft, R. Suffolk

SSir W. Rawlinson

Norw. Burroughes, Ellis.. | and Tasburgh, R. Norfolk

Sir T. Beevor, Bart. Carter, Joseph West Barkwith, R. Lincoln Lincoln C. D. Holland, Esq.

s Dom. Chap. to H. R. H. the Duke of Sussex Comyn, Thomas

and Wantesden, P. C. Suffolk Norwich N.Barnardiston, Esq.

s Ploughill, R. Dicken, Perry

Lord Chancellor

Devon Exeter
{ and Witheridge, V.
Burton Pidsea, V.

SP. of D. &?

C.of Yorks and Humbleton, V. Dixon, Jonathan with Elsternwick, C. E.York York Lord Chancellor

& Garton on the Wolds, V.
and Tunstall, V.

SP. of D. & Succentor of York

{C. of York 5 Cathedral Barrow upon Soar, V. Easton, Wm.

Leicester Lincoln St. John's Coll. Cam. Llangeler, V.

Carm. Evans, Maurice & Llanfihangel, Penb.V.


St.David's Bp. of St. David's Goodman, Godfrey.. Kemmerton, R.

Gloster Gloster

S Mayor and Corp. of

Gloster Hind, Nathaniel.... Kingswinford, R. Staff. Lichfield Earl Dudley King, Isaac.... West Wycombe, V. Bucks Lincoln Sir J. D. King, Bt.

Scharwelton, R. Lamb, John, D.D.

Earl of Guilford Mainwaring, A. .... Barrow, R.

Suffolk Norw. St. John's Coll. Cam. Marsh, T. Orlebar .. Stevington, V.

Beds Lincoln Duke of Bedford Myers, John

Somerby cum Humby, R. Lincoln Lincoln Lord Gwydyr Plumptre, James Great Gransden, V. Hunts Lincoln Clare Hall, Camb.

Preb, in Cath. Church of Winchester
and Alton, V.

D. & C. of Winchest. Poulter, Edmund.. <with Holybourne, C.

Hants Winch. and Meonstoke, R.

with Soberton, C. Richardson,Benjamin Farley Hungerford, R. Somerset B. &Wells Jos. Houlton, Esq. Smith, Gainsford .. Evenley, V.

Northam. Peterboro Magd. Coll. Oxf. Steble, Allison Wicham, R.

Cumh. Chester Earl of Lonsdale


{Ro Melhuish, Esq.

D. & C. of York

{, . }



$ Chipping Warden, R.} Northam. Peterboro Sir C. Knightley

Bp. of Winchester




The Rev. Dr. Stocker, late Fellow of St. Thomas Corbett Perry, Lincoln Coll.
John's College, is appointed Vice-Principal Charles John Crawford, Wadham Coll.
of St. Alban Hall.

P. B. Portman, Fellow of All Souls' Coll. Messrs. William Smith, Edward Fitzroy Henry Forster, New Coll. Talbot, the Hon. James Bruce, and Charles John Samuel Broad, St. Edmund Hall. Archdale Palmer, have been elected Stu- R. Phillimore, Student of Christ Church dents of Christ Church. Henry Wool- G. Parsons, Student of Christ Church combe, William Law Hussey, Henry Blair H. A. Jeffreys, Student of Christ Church Mayne, and Robert Richard Anstice, who W. E. Gladstone, Student of Christ Church. were elected from Westminster in May last, Robert Farquharson, Christ Church have been admitted Actual Students. Martin F. Tupper, Christ Church

The Rev. Ernest Hawkins, M. A. of Joseph Bailey, Brasennose Coll. Balliol College, and one of the Sub-Libra- E. J. Wilcox, Scholar of Lincoln Coll. rians of the Bodleian Library, has been elected Fellow of Exeter College.

On Tuesday, January 10, a piece of George William Newnham, M. A. Scho- plate was presented to the Rev. Allen lar of Corpus Christi College, has been Wheeler, B. D. of Wadham College, Head elected Fellow of that society.

Master of the College School at Worcester, Mr. Robert Jackson, Scholar of New by several gentlemen there educated. He College, has been admitted Actual Fellow was invited to a dinner at the Star Hotel, of that society.

in that city, where he was met by several of his old pupils. Sir C. S. Smith was in the chair. When the cloth was removed,

the chairman presented the plate to Mr. DEGREES CONFERRED,

Wheeler, who returned thanks in a very MASTERS OF ARTS.

neat, speech. The piece of plate is an Rev. L. A. Sharpe, Fel. of St. John's Coll.

elegant salver of 164 ounces, on which is Rev. G. Du Heaume, Fel. of Pembroke Coll. the following inscription :Rev. John Swainson, Brasennose Coll.

Viro Egregio William Westall Butler, Lincoln Coll.

Utilitate vitæ et moribus integris Rev. Henry Birkett, Queen's Coll.

Merito insigni Arthur Thomas Corfe, All Souls' Coll.

Rev. ALLEN WHEELER, B. D. T. Charlton Whilmore, Christ Church Alumni quidam, sub illius auspiciis educti, J. Wood Merton, Fell. of All Souls' Coll.

Hancce patellam argenteam, Rev.T. F. Laurence, Fell. of All Souls' Coll. Facilitatis ejus Memores, Virtutis Æmuli, Rev. G. Adams, Fell. of All Souls' Coll.

D.D. Rev. Thomas Evans, Oriel Coll.



William Wigan Harvey and John Hib-
The Rev. John James Blunt, B. D. Fel- bert, Scholars of King's Coll. have been
low of St. John's College, is continued elected Fellows of that society.
Hulsean Lecturer for the present year.

Frederick Hildyard, Esq. M. A. of Trinity The Marquis of Granby, son of the
College, has been appointed Fellow and Duke of Rutland, has been admitted of
Tutor of Trinity Hall, in the room of the Trinity Coll.
Rev. William Hildyard.

James Edward Dalton, Esq. B. A. of
Queen's College, bas been elected a Foun-

The premium for the Hulsean Dissertadation Fellow of that society.

tion has been adjudged to George LangThe Rev. John Croft, M. A. and Charles

shaw, B. A. Fellow of St. John's College. Otter, Esq. B. A. of Christ Coll. have been

Subject" The Evidences of the Truth of

the Christian Revelation are not weakened elected Foundation Fellows of that society. Charles Lesingham Smith, Esq. B. A.

by Time." Fellow of Christ Coll. on the foundation

PRIZE SUBJECTS. of Sir John Finch and Sir Thomas Baines, I. Seatonian Prize. The subject of the has been elected a Fellow of the same so- Poem for the present year is—“ The Plague ciety, on the foundation of King Edw. VI. stayed.(Numb. xvi. 48.)


II. Hulsean Prize.—A premium exceeding one hundred pounds will this year be given for the best Dissertation on the following subject :~" The Advantages which have resulted from the Christian Religion being conveyed in a narrative rather than a didactic Form."


John Hammill, Trinity Coll.

Frederick Tennyson, Trinity Coll.
Charles Tennyson, Trinity Coll.
John Henry Buxton, Queen's Coll.
James Grant, Queen's Coll.
James Hough, Queen's Coll.

At Paignton, Devon, the Rev. Thomas
Grainger Hall, M. A. Fellow and late Tutor
of Magdalene College, to Eliza, second
daughter of the Rev. Jolin Lane Kitson, late
vicar of Ashburton and Staverton.

The following will be the subjects of Examination in the last week of the Lent term, 1833:

1. The Gospel of St. Luke.
2. Paley's Evidences of Christianity.
3. Xenophon's Agesilaus.
4. Cæsar de Bello Gallico, Books V. & VI.


(The Gentlemen in brackets, or with * prefixed, were equal.]

[blocks in formation]

Heath, Trin. Rowlands, Qu. Milne, Joh. West, Pet.
Laing, Joh. Hawtrey, Trin. Hoare, Trin. Cotesworth, Pet.
Cotterill, Joh. Simpson, Sid. Evans, Caius Francis, Joh.


Caius Pinckney, Trin. Lloyd, Emm. Hamilton, Trin. Webster,

Trin. Hodgson, Sid. Considine, Joh. Russell, Caius Chapman, Jes. Browne,

Emm. Mandell, Cath. Cookson, Pet. Ottley,

Caius Ray,

Pet. Alford, Trin. Shorting, Pet. Nind, Pet. Potts,

Trin, George,

Joh. Bromby, Joh. Davidson, Chr.



SENIOR OPTIMES. Grove, Pemb. | Holmes, Emm. Ebden, Tr. H. Porter, Caius Daniel, Joh. Bridgeman, Pet. Tottenham, Trin. Bowstead, Joh. Maddison, Jes. Venables, Jes. Hurnard,

Corpus Bell, Corpus Lushington, Trin.


Joh. Martin, Joh. Radcliffe, Joh. Fysh, Qu. Golding, Qu. Ludlam, Pet. Shadwell, Joh. Shurt,

Chr. Bland, Trin. Scott, Trin. Wentworth FitzCrawford, Caius Grant, Qu. Wright, Joh. william, Trin. Williams, Trin. Allen, Trin. Hailstone,


Wilkinson, Chr. Borton, Caius Forster, Cath. Hirst, Pemb. Adams, Caius

Martin, Thompson, Trin.



Broadhurst, Magd. Cottom, Cath. Christie, Trin. *Richardson, Trin,
Fitzherbert, Qu. Chapman, Corpus Brown, Magd. Panting, Joh.
Haworth, Qu. Dobson, Trin. Skirrow, Trin. Read, Magd.
Morrison, Trin. Gibbs, Qu. Upcher,

Trin. Wray, Joh. Dickinson, Trin. Wills, Qu. Beadon,

Joh. Chapman, Trin. Gallichan, Joh. Thompson, Chr.

*Clarke, Joh. Shilleto, Trin.



[blocks in formation]
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