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By these returns it will be seen, that while factious demagogues are inflaning the public mind, and parish orators disturbing the legal proceedings at vestries, and protesting against the sums necessary for the decent performance of divine worship; the Protestants of Ireland are, in point of fact, supporting at their own cost, and by voluntary contributions, the whole of the Popish pauperism of the country.

ANTHEMS, &c. as performed at the Anniversary Festival of the Sons of the Clergy, in the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, on Thursday, May 17, 1832.—Before the Service, the Dettingen te Deum : (Handel) which occupied fifty-five minutes. Cantate Domino : Attwood. Deus Misereatur, with Gloria Patri : Handel. After the Third Collect, Grand Chorus (Messiah): Handel. Immediately before the Sermon, Anthem, composed by Dr. Boyce, expressly for this Charity, “Lord, thou hast been our refuge." The Sermon was preached from Psalm cxxii. 6—9. by the Rev. William Dealtry, D.D. F.R.S. After the Sermon, the Grand Coronation Anthem: Ilandel. The only Bishops present, were the Bishop of Llandaff, the Bishop of Hereford, and the Bishop of Calcutta. The usual dinner did not take place at Merchant Tailors' Hall. The collection made at the Cathedral on the day of the Rehearsal, amounted to 1031.; on the 17th, 2161. ; Total, 3191. This sum, together with the Stewards' fines (501. each) and donations, will much exceed 1,0001.

Sir Eardley Wilmot, Bart. in addition to letting plots of land, at a moderate rent, to the labourers of his parish for garder s, as an incentive to industry and good conduct, has offered premiums for their proper cultivation.

The Hon. Mr. Spencer, who lately conformed to the Roman Catholic religion, has been very ill at Rome, from the rupture of a blood vessel, owing to debility produced by his great exertions in his new calling, and the fasting enjoined by his church.

Wells.—We have the pleasure of recording another act of disinterested generosity on the part of the worthy and benevolent Bishop of this diocese; whose attentions are not confined to ameliorating the condition of the poor at Wells and its environs, but his kindness is extended to benefit all classes. His Lordship, on hearing that there was a difficulty in providing suitable accommodations for the Judges at the next Assizes, has spontaneously offered his Palace for their reception; and he did this with so much delicacy and promptitude, that cannot fail to make a lasting impression on the inhabitants of this city, for his generous devotion to their interests.

The sums received by churchwardens in England and Wales, from Easter 1830 to Easter 1831, was 446,2471. 12s.; in church rates, 51,9101. 1s.; from estates, 18,2161.; from mortuary or burial fees, 41,919. 178. ; poor rates, 39,3821. 12s.; pews and sittings, and from other sources not stated, 66,5591. 16s. —lotal, 663,8141. 18s. of which was expended, in repairs of churches, &c. 248,125l. 16s.; organs, bells, &c. 41,7101. 158. ; books, wine, &c. 46,3371. 198.; salaries to clerks, sextons. &c. 126,1851. 17s; any of her purpose (principally visitation fees and travelling expenses) 183,5231. 2s. Total, 645,8831. 9s.

ST. ALBAN'S ABBEY.-Some time since, part of the south wall of the great nave of this venerable fabric fell in upon the roof of the side aisle, through which it broke. The parochial authorities immediately called in the assistance of a competent architect, and convened a meeting of the parish, by which the architect was directed to make a report of the repairs necessary for the preservation of the fabric, and the estimated expense. The report has been made, and the expense estimated at 14,0001. The Abbey is but a parish church, for which purpose a very small part of it is only used, and the funds of the parish are wholly inadequate to uphold so vast an edifice; and the parishioners have determined to appeal to the liberality of the nation, to preserve from ruin this venerable edifice, so interesting to every lover of the history and antiquities of this country. A public meeting has been held for the purpose, at which Lord Verulam presided, when resolutions were proposed and adopted to the effect that the meeeting saw with regret the serious accident that had befallen this venerable edifice, and strongly recommended a public meeting at the Thatched-house Tavern, in St.James's-street, to carry into effect the objects of the meeting. The Bishop of London has written a letter to the Rev. Mr. Small, the Rector of St. Alban's, expressing his desire for the preservation of the ancient edifice, and enclosing a donation of 2001.

The Rev. Dr. Routh, President of Magdalen College, and Rector of Tilehurst, at his audit, on Thursday se’nnight, made a reduction of 10 per cent. on the tithes of that parish.

The public dinners commenced at Lainbeth Palace on Saturday the 12th of May. The Service in the Chapel commences at half-past six precisely. Those who intend to honour the Archbishop of Canterbury with their company, are requested to send their names before twelve o'clock on the previous day.

The commissioners appointed to investigate the public charities have lately been at St. Alban's. It is said they intend to order all the wills connected with the different bequests to be published. A notice board is also to be placed in the Abbey Church, specifying the titles of, and donors to, the different charities in the town.

The parish officers of Marylebone have already been called upon to pay upwards of 16001. for expenses incurred by the local Board of Health.

A Second Master is, we understand, wanted for the Blackheath Proprietary School. Candidates must be Members of the Church of England, and Graduates of Oxford, Cambridge, or Dublin. Salary 250l. per annum. Any personal canvass will disqualify. The duties of the Office will coinmence on the 23rd July next.

The opening of the Organ in the Parish Church of All Saints, Oxford, on Sunday, May 6th, was to an overflowing congregation; indeed, many were obliged to leave for want of accommodation. The Service was well sustained by the Christ Church Choir; and Mr. William Marshall did not fail to put to the test the character which had been given of this Organ for power and sweetness of tone; and it was fully proved that it bad not been overrated. The organ possesses an octave and a half of German Pedals, as well as five Composition Pedals, with other improvements not yet introduced into any of the other Organs in this University or City. An appropriate and eloquent Sermon was delivered by the Rev. Edward Hawkins, Provost of Oriel College, after which the collection amounted to 501.

We are glad to see another attempt to set on foot a Periodical in Oxford. In so literary a society, it can scarcely fail to meet with due support. The present plan is more certain of success than any previously formed, for many obvious reasons ; especially that the expense of the work is proportioned to the number of subscribers, and that no productions are to be admitted but those approved of by selected judges.

St. Paul's CHURCA, BEDFORD.—On Sunday, April 22d, this church was opened, after having undergone extensive improvements and repairs. The galleries have been considerably enlarged and the pews newly arranged, by which, the accommodations of the congregation have been greatly increased. The new situations of the pulpit and organ are very advantageous and convenient. The alterations are not yet fully completed.

The annual Infirmary sermon was preached on the following Sunday by the Rev. Mr. Wellesley, vicar of Selsoe-with-Flitton.

On Wednesday, the 25th April, the anniversary meeting of the patrons of Rugby School, and the public recitation of the prize compositions by the scholars, took place. At one o'clock, Dr. Arnold, and Dr. Wooll, the late Master, entered the exhibition room, which was very fully attended. The Latin Prize Poem, Venetiæ," was awarded to Mr. C. Mayor, son of the Rev. James Mayor, of South Collingham, near Newark. The English Prize Poem, Charles Martel," was given to Master A. P. Stanley, second son of the Rev. E. Stanley, of Alderley, near Knutsford. The Latin Prize Essay, “ De Cranmeri moribus et vitæ exitu," was given to Master W. Alexander Greenhill, the son of George Greenhill, Esq. of the Stationers' Company. The English Prize Essay, “On Novels and Novelists," was given to Master A. P. Stanley. In the 5th form, the English Prize Essay, On the Literature of the reign of George II," was given to Mr. H. Mills, son of the Rev. F. Mills, of Barford. The prizes awarded consisted of valuable classical and other works. Seven of the scholars then recited various recitations, both Latin and English.

Levelling AND IMPROVING PARKER'S PIECE, CAMBRIDGE.—Mr. Watford has completed his plans and design for the above purpose. Mr. W. considers that it will be highly improper to publish the estimate, as it would be giving contractors an undue advantage.--Mr. W. suggests that Ebenezer Foster, Esq., Charles Humfrey, Esq., Thomas Fisher, junior, Esq., F. D. Barker, Esq., Julian Skrine, Esq., and Thomas Hovell, Esq., be appointed the committee for carrying the proposed measure into effect, with power for three to act; and to add to the committee if they should deem it needful. That Charles Finch, senior, Esq. should be proposed as the ireasurer. If sufficient funds cannot be obtained to effect the measure, the parties depositing their contributions will have timely notice that the money will be returned under the order of the treasurer. Mr. W. considers that the contributions being paid into the banks, affords the most convenient method of ascertaining the possibility of effecting the measure. Mr. W. has been asked by a contributor whether it be his intention to withdraw his professional assistance, from what appeared in his last address to the respective Editors of the Papers.— Mr. W. replied that whatever construction might be put on the language of bis last address, he merely meant to say, that his nephew, Mr. Richardson, would be happy to attend to the orders of the committee in his absence from Cambridge ; and that he and Mr. Richardson mean in every respect to give up their time gratuitiously to the promotion of the undertaking. --Gentlemen of the university and town of Cambridge, are particularly requested to send their contributions to the banks, in order that it may be seen whether the amount will meet the desired end or not. Nearly 701. have already been subscribed.

At a meeting of the trustees of Crane's charity for the town of Cambridge, on the 3d ult., Mr. Frederick Cory was elected to the office of Secretary to the charity, vacant by the death of Mr. Alderman Ingle. And at the half yearly meeting, the sum of £37 was ordered to be distributed among sixty-seven poor applicants.

The next Presentation to the Rectory of Carlby, in the county of Lincoln, is to be sold by Private Contract. The annual value is 3001. wholly arising from Glebe.-Carlby is within 5 miles of Stamford.

The Anniversary Meeting of the gentlemen educated at Merchant Taylors' School, will be held at the Albion, Aldersgate Street, on Tuesday, June 12, at half-past five.

Name. Bateman, Josiah Merewether, John Robson, R. S.


SChapl. to the Hon. E. I. C. in India,
and Chapl. to the Bp. of Calcutta.
Supernumerary Deputy Clerk. of the Closet to His Majesty.
Chapl. to the Earl of Balcarras.

PREFERMENTS. The King has been pleased to order a congé d'elire to pass the great seal of the united kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, empowering the Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral Church of Hereford to elect a Bishop of that See, the same being void by the death of Dr. George Isaac Huntingford, late Bishop thereof; and his Majesty has also been pleased to recommend the Honourable and Reverend Edward Grey, Doctor in Divinity, to be elected by the said Dean and Chapter, Bishop of that See.

The King has been pleased to order a letter to be directed to the Chapter of the Cathedral Church of Hereford, recommending to them the Rev. John Merewether, A.M., to be chosen in the place of Dean of the said Cathedral Church, void by the promotion of the Rev. Dr. Edward Grey to the see of Hereford.

The King has also been pleased to present the Rev. John Merewether, A.M. to the Prebend of Piona Parva, founded in the Cathedral Church of Hereford, void by the promotion of the Rev. Edward Grey to the see of Hereford. Name, Preferment.

County. Diocese. Patron. Churton, John Fred. Threapwood, P. C. Flint Chester Bp. of Chester Clark, Geo. Croly Bondleigh, R.

Devon Exeter Hon. P.C.Wyndham Coldwell, Thomas Abthorpe, c.

Northam. Peterboro Bp. of Lich. & Cov. Crompton, T....... Hackford, R.

Norfolk Norwich T. T. Gurdon, Esq. Dyke, Thomas Hart. Longnewton, R. Durham Durham Bp. of Durham

Gorleston, R.
Gunn, William .... with South Town, R. Norfolk Norwich Lucy Browne

and West Town, c. flassall, James Toxteth Park, St. John, C.Lancaster Chester R. of Walton.


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} Chester Chester SR. of Stockport

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County. Diocese. Patron.
Chaplain in ordinary to His Majesty
Hook, Walter F... and Preb. in Cath. Church of York

Abp. of York and Coventry, Trin. V. Warwick Lichfield Lord Chancellor to Preb, in Cath Ch. of Lincoln

Bp. of Lincoln Jenks, John Thriplow, V.

Camb. Ely Bp. of Ely Jones, John Pyke Butterleigh, R.

Devon Exeter Lord Chancellor Kershaw, G. W..... Charsfield, P. C.

Suffolk Norwich Earl Howe
Law, F.
Samlesbury, C.

Lancaster Chester V. of Blackburne Litler, Robert

ŞChadkirk, C.
to Pointon, P. C.

Lady Vernon
M'Grath, H. W. Walton le Dale

Laucaster Chester V. of Blackburne Noel, Hon. Leland.. Exton, V.

Rutland Peterboro Sir G. N. Noel, Bt. Phillips, W. Spencer

SDevunnuck, R.
with Blaen Glyn Towy,C.

Brecon St.David's Bp. of Gloster
Pidsley, Sydenham . Uplowman, R.

Devon Exeter Richards, Russell .. Ilketshall, St. John's, V. Suffolk Norwich Lord Chancellor Richardson, William SCrambe, V.

N. York York
and Hutton Ambo, P.C.S

Abp. of York
Robson, R. S.
SRancliff, C.

W, York York N. E.Yarburgh, Esq. to Whitgift, c. Russell, John, D.D. . St. Botolph, Bishopsg. R. London London The King

South Elmham, Alu Sts.
Sandby, George and St. Nich. R. Suffolk Norwich Alex. Adair, Esq.

to Redlingfield, C.
Saunders, Aug. Page Ravensthorpe, V. Northam. Peterboro Ch. Ch. Oxford
Stewart, John...... Thwaite, All Saints, R. Norfolk Norwich Bp. of Norwich
Teropler, John Teigngrace, R.

Devon Exeter Duke of Somerset Tyley, James...... Great Addington, R. Northam. Peterboro Rev. J. Tyley

Preb. of Cath. Ch. of Brecon
and Clyroe, R. with
Llanbadarn y Gareth, C

Radnor St.David's
Venables, R., D. D.< and Nantmel, V.

Bp. of St. David's with Llanyre, C. and Newchurch, R. to Arcdn. of Carmarthen Priest Vic. of Cath. Ch. of Exeter

Devon Watkins, Chas. Fred. Brixworth, V.

Northam. Peterboro Ch.of Cath, of Sarum Preb. in Coll. Ch. of Southwell

Abp. of York Wilkins, Geo. D.D. and Lowdham, V.

Notts. York Earl Manvers to Archdn, of Nottingham

Abp. of York Witts, Francis Edward East Lulworth, V. Dorset Bristol

Vicary, Abrm. T. R. { to Exeter, St. Paul, R.

Exeter} D. & C. of Exeter

Mary, V.}

CLERGYMEN DECEASED. On Sunday, April 29th, in his 84th year, the Right Rev. George Isaac Huntingford, D.D.F.R.S. Lord Bishop of Hereford, Warden of Winchester College, and formerly a Fellow of New College, Oxford. The Right Rev. Prelate was consecrated Bishop of Gloucester in 1802, and was translated to Hereford in 1815, on the removal of Dr. Luxmore to St. Asaph. His lordship was elected Warden of Winchester College in 1789. During a period of upwards of forty years, he discharged the multifarious business of the wardenship, and subsequently of the dioceses of Gloucester and Hereford, the latter a very extensive one, in his own hand-writing, except when prevented by extreme illness. He was seldom known to have erred in any episcopal decision that he ever gave, to which he was in the habit of applying all the faculties of a mature judgment, assisted in difficult cases by the aid of ecclesiastical counsel ; which, however, usually confirmed the original bias of his discerning mind. His knowledge of Grecian literature was deep and extensive, and only equalled by his unfeigned piety, Christian humility, and benevolence. His memory will long be affectionately cherished by the society of which he was warden, and by the Clergymen of his successive dioceses, to whom he was a friend and father. The Bishop published some discourses and other theological works. He was the author of “ The Introduction to the Writing of Greek ;" a book which is used,



with Willinghanı, c. Camb.

Fowle, Thos. Hartland {winniotterington, V.

we believe, in all the classical seminaries in the kingdom. He took his degree of M.A.
June 28, 1776, and of B. and D.D. March 21, 1793.

Preferment. County. Diocese. Patron.
Carlton, R.


Lord Daire
Boldero, William
and Woodford, R. Essex. London

Gorleston, R.
Browne, Thomas, D.D. with South Town, R. Suffolk Norwich Mrs. Astley.

and West Town, C. Comins, John

Rackenford, R. Devon Exeter Thos. Comins, Esq. Deans, James

Cottingham, V. E. York York Bp. of Chester
Thornton le Street, R. N. York York

Ch. Ch. Oxford Leathes, Chal. Stanley.. Ellesborough, R. Bucks Linc. R. G. Russell, Esq. M'Cullock, Thomas,... Wormley, V.

Herts Pec. Sir. A. Hume, Bart. SPreb, in Cath. Ch. of Lincoln Bp. of Lincoln Moore, George

and Ladock, R.

Cornwall Exeter Ld. & Ly. Grenville

and Merthyr. V. Nicholson, William .... Bramshot, R. Hants Winchest.Qu. Coll. Oxford.

Can. Res. of Cath. Ch. of St. David's and Archdn. of Carmarthen

Bp. of St. David's and Preb. in Coll. Ch. of Brecon Payne, Henry Thomas

and Devunnuck, V.
with Blaen Glyn Brecon St.David's Bp. of Gloster
Towy, C.
Queen's Camel, V.

Miss Ann Mildınan
Pearson, Thos. Horner and Puddimore Somerset B.& Wells
Milton, R.

T.S, Horner, Esq. Fifehead, V. Price, Thomas

and Merriott, V. Somerset B.& Wells D. & C. of Bristol

and Swell V. Studholme, Joseph.... SFell.ofJes. Coll. Camb.

Camb. Ely Mrs. Hicks and Gt. Wilbraham, V. Westcombe, W. Langford, R. Essex London Mrs. Westcombe



Junior Proctor. The Rev. Richard An Election will be held in Corpus Young, M.A. Fellow of New College. Christi College, Oxford, on Friday, the Pro - Proctors. - Rev. James Bullock, fifteenth of June next, of two Scholars, M.A. Fellow of Worcester College ; Wil. one for the County of Surrey, and the liam Falconer, M. A. Fellow of Exeter other for the Diocese of Durham.

College ; Rev. Thos. Forster, M.A. New Any persons are eligible who are natives College; Geo. Robert Michael Ward, M.A. of the above County or Diocese, and who Fellow of Trinity College. may not have exceeded their nineteenth The Rev. Robert Speccatt Barter, B.C.L. year on the day of election.

and Fellow of New College, has been All Candidates must appear personally elected by that Society to the Wardenship before the President on the ninth of June of Winchester College, vacant by the death preceding, and must produce certificates of of the late Bishop of Hereford. the marriage of their parents, and of their The Rev. Frederick Nolan, D.C.L. of own baptism; an affidavit of their parents, Exeter College, has been appointed by the or some other competent person, stating Heads of Colleges to preach the Bampton the day and place of their birth ; and a Lectures in 1833. testimonial of their previous good conduct Mr. Digby Octavius Cotes, has been from the Tutor of their College, or the elected Scholar of University College, on Head Master of their School.

the Yorkshire Foundation. Senior Proctor. The Rev. Francis Messrs. Humfry, Gardiner, and Burdon, Clerke, M. A. late Fellow of All Souls' Undergraduate Commoners of Lincoln College.

College, have been elected Lord Crewe's

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