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other branches of literature or science, prescribe, to attend, for a specified as opportunities offer, or circumstances time, the lectures of the Divinity Prorequire.

fessor, and to pursue their theological Teachers of Modern Languages, studies under his direction, for the exespecially French and German.

press purpose of qualifying themselves Tutors.--1. Senior Tutor and Cen- for holy orders. sor.--2. Junior Tutor and Censor.

The course of study required to Each to superintend the studies of complete the education of a member of their respective pupils, and to have the the College will extend to four years. care of their general conduct.

The Academical Year to commence STUDENTS.

in October, and end in June, being 1. Foundation Students, having divided into three terms. lodgings and a table provided for them, Terminal and Annual Examinations free of expense.

to be made in the presence of the 2. Ordinary Students, maintained Chapter, and the students classed acat their own cost, but subject in all cording to their respective proficiency: respects to the college rules of disci- Prizes to be instituted for the reward pline, and to have every academical of special merit, at the close of each privilege in common with other stu- Annual Examination, and for such dents.

particular exercises as may be deemed 3. Occasional Students, to be ad- worthy of public distinction. mitted, under certain restrictions, to The foregoing outline, subject to reattend one or more courses of public vision as to its specific statements, may lectures, but without other academical

suffice to explain the nature and design privileges.

of the proposed institution, for which 4. Divinity Students, especially so the Dean and Chapter, with the aid called, who, though not actual mem- and cooperation of the Bishop, are bers of the college, may be admitted providing the requisite means of carafter due examination and inquiry, rying it into effect. It is intended and subject to such conditions and re- that the College, or University, be gulations as the Chapter may hereafter opened in October, 1832.

AMERICA. Fifth Annual Report of the Executive “by the blessing of God upon their Committee of the Board of Managers labours, to persevere in the good cause of the General Protestant Episcopal until the objects contemplated shall be Sunday School Union, New York.

fully realized.” We sincerely trust United States.

this praiseworthy zeal will meet with The exertions of our brethren in the its proper reward, and that the next United States, in the establishment of report will be of a more favourable Sunday Schools, deserves our warmest character; especially since, auxiliary to approbation; and we regret to observe, this union, there are already nearly three by the Treasurer's accounts,* that they hundred Sunday Schools; and since have not met with that pecuniary sup

the fourth Report they have published, port to which they are so eminently

Tracts. entitled. Not discouraged, however,

In 8vo. 20,500 containing 296,000 by this, the excellent Bishop of New 12mo. 22,000 ditto 264,000 York, B. T. Onderdonk,t declares it to 18mo. 143,250 ditto 5,918,000 be the fixed purpose of the Committee 32mo. 30,000

ditto 472,000


* To counterbalance this, it is gratifying to announce that a pious individual in New York has lately bequeathed 100,000 dollars to the Theological Seminary of that city.

+ This indefatigable prelate, and faithful minister of the Gospel, during his late visitation through his diocese, travelled at the rate of twenty-five miles per day, and preached ten times weekly for six weeks; and this, observes our intelligent correspondent, was only part of his labours.

POLITICAL RETROSPECT. DOMESTIC.-On the 6th of December Helston, Horsham, Hythe, Launceston, his Majesty opened the present Session Liskeard, Lyme Regis, Malmesbury, of Parliament in person.

Midhurst, Morpeth, Northallerton, PeOn the 12th of December Lord John tersfield, Reigate, Rye, St. Ives, ShaftesRussell introduced, for the third time, bury, Thirsk, Totness, Wareham, a Bill for the Reform of the Commons Westbury, Wilton, Woodstock. House of Parliament.-- The provisions Schedule C.- Places to return two of it are, to retain the present number members each :- Manchester, Birmingof Members—to reduce the Repre- ham, Leeds, Greenwich, Sheffield, sentation in some Boroughs, and en- Sunderland, Devonport, Woolverhamptirely to take it away from others-to ton, Tower Hamlets, Finsbury, Marygive the right of returning two Mem- le-bone, Lambeth, Bolton, Bradford bers to some towns, and one to other (Yorkshire), Blackburn, Brighton, towns, which before had no such privi- Halifax, Macclesfield, Oldham, Stocklere. In these places, all persons port, Stoke-upon-Trent, Stroud (Glourenting premises, of which they shall cestershire). have been the occupiers for twelve Schedule D.-- Principal places to be preceding months, and for which they made Boroughs:-Ashton-under-Lyne, shall have been rated to the poor-rate at Bury, Chatham, Cheltenham, Dudley, ten pounds annual rent, and have paid Frome, Gateshead, Huddersfield, Kidup the poor-rates and assessed taxes derminster, Kendal, Rochdale, Salford, for that period, shall be entitled to South Shields, Tynemouth, Wakefield, vote. Freemen, and other privileged Walsall, Warrington, Whitby, Whitepersons, now voters, to continue so haven. without alteration. Two or more per- Schedule E.- Places sharing in the sons, jointly occupying premises, the election of Members with shire-towns rent of which, if divided, averages ten or principal boroughs:-Almwich, Hopounds annual rent to each, to be seve- lyhead and Llangefni with Beaumaris; rally vested with the same franchise. Aberystwith, Lampeter and Adpar (If we understand the Bill correctly, with Cardigan; Llanelly with Caermarresidence within the borough is not re- then; Pwllheli, Nevin, Conway, Banquired to the exercise of this franchise.) gor and Cricceith, with Caernarvon ; The following are the schedules to the Ruthin, Holt and town of Wrexham, Bill.

with Denbigh; Rhyddlan, Overton, Schedule A.-Boroughıs to be wholly Caerwis, Caergwrly, St. Asaph, Holydisfranchised : Aldborough, Alde- well and Mold, with Flint; Cowbridge, burgh, Amersham, Appleby, Bedwin Merthyr Tydvil, Aberdare and Llan(Great), Beeralston, Bishop's Castle, trissent, with Cardiff; Llanidloes, Bletchingley, Boroughbridge, Bossiney, Welshpool, Machynlleth, Llanfyllin Brackley, Bramber, Callington, Ca- and New town, with Montgomery; melford, Castle Rising, Corfe Castle, Narbeth and Fishguard, with HaverDownton, Dunwich, Fowey, Gatton, fordwest; Tenby, Wiston, and Town Grinstead (East), Haslemere, Hedon, of Milford, with Pembroke and KnighHeytesbury, Higham Ferrers, Hindon, ton, Rhayder, Kevinleece, Knucklas, Ilchester, Looe (East), Looe (West), and Town of Presteigne, with Radnor. Lustwithiel, Ludgershall

, Milbourne- Schedule F.-Counties to be divided : Port, Minehead, Newport

, Newton, --Cheshire, Cornwall, Cumberland, Newtown, Okehampton, Orford, Plymp- Derbyshire, Devonshire, Durham, Eston, Queenborough, Romney, St. Ger- sex, Gloucestershire, Kent, Hampshire, maine's, St. Mawe's, St. Michael's, Lancashire, Leicestershire, Norfolk, Saltash, Sarum (Old), Seaford, Steyn- Northumberland, Northamptonshire, ing, Stockbridge, Tregony, Wendover, Nottinghamshire, Shropshire, SomerWeobly, Whitehurch, Winchelsea, W00- setshire, Staffordshire, Suffolk, Surrey, ton Basset, Yarmouth.

Sussex, Warwickshire, Wiltshire, WorSchedule B.—Boroughs to be par- cestershire. tially disfranchised :- Arundel, Åsh- Schedule G.–Counties at large in burton, Calne, Christchurch, Clitheroe, which Cities, Towns, and the Counties Dartmouth, Droitwich, Eye, Grimsby, thereof are to be included :

upon Hull} Yorkshire, E. R.


Caermarthen.. Caermarthenshire. merits. The opinion is, that the votes

of the thirty-six new peers will amply Coventry. Warwickshire.

suffice to carry the abolition. Gloucester.... Gloucestershire.

The state of the country is truly Kingston

alarming. Great distress and dis

turbance prevail in the provinces. Lincoln ...... Lindsey, Lincolnshire. The mob and riotous students in Paris London... Middlesex.

are on the alert to take advantage of Newcastle

The Northumberland.

any pretext to excite tumult. upon Tyne )

first principles of constitutional existWorcester .... Worcestershire.

ence are exposed to violent debate; York and } Yorkshire, N. R.

the personal character of the King is Ainstey.

sinking in public estimation; the finanThe bill was read a second time on cial distress of the country becomes the 17th of December, there being, for daily more oppressive; the ministers the reading, 324, against it, 162,-ma- are divided among themselves; and jority, 162.

the minds of all classes of men are unOn the 15th December, Mr. Stanley settled and bent on change. moved for and obtained a committee NETHERLANDS AND BELGIUM.—The to examine into the state of the Clergy continental papers unanimously assert in Ireland, with a view to propose that the Emperor of Russia has refused some plan to secure them their legal to ratify the Treaty of Partition prorights without collecting tithes. He posed by the London Congress, to redid not suggest any specific plan, but cognize Prince Leopold as King of hinted at a commutation of tithes for Belgium until he has been so recogland. The House stands adjourned to nized by the King of the Netherlands, the 17th January, 1832.

and not to permit any Power henceA special commission has been is- forth to interfere with an armed force sued for the trial of the Bristol rioters, in the difficulties existing between to commence their sittings on the 2d Holland and Belgium. The latter January, 1832.

Power is said to have raised a loan of IRELAND.—The previous opposition two millions of florins, negotiated by to the payment of tithes has been pro- Messrs. Rothschild. ductive of the most serious distress to SPAIN AND PortugAL.-The Gothe Clergy in many parts of the sister vernments of these countries have island; whilst the attempt to serve formed a close alliance for their mutual processes to enforce payment has been support. A body of twenty thousand attended, at least in one instance, with Spaniards has been assembled on the a murderous opposition. Near Kil- Portuguese frontiers, ready to enter kenny the officer, under the protection Portugal should any attempt to land of the police, was attacked and mur- there be made by Don Pedro. A dered, together with twelve of the po- body of three hundred recruits, to suplice men. Several of the rioters fell, port the authority of the latter, sailed but their number could not be ascer- from Liverpool on the 26th November; tained. The jury returned a verdict, but the vessel having been driven into “ That the deceased police came to Milford Haven by stress of weather, their death in consequence of wounds two-thirds of them deserted, and reinflicted on them in the discharge of turded to their homes, their duty, protecting a person serving Russia.-By a new tariff, the cuslaw processes."

toms duties are increased, generally France. — The Committee of the twelve and a half per cent., and on Chamber of Peers have made their some specified articles, to a greater Report on the bill for the new regula- amount. tion of that Chamber. They recom- TURKEY.—The cholera morbus has mend the adoption of all its provisions broken out at Smyrna, and carried off except the abolition of the hereditary nearly six thousand victims. Since succession. On that clause the Com- the first appearance of this pestilence mittee divided seven for, and seven in India, fourteen years ago, fifty milagainst the measure. It therefore lions are considered to have perished comes before the Chamber on its own by it.


Bath & Wells
Exeter ........

Dec. 18.
Oct. 16.
Dec. 11.
Oct. 23.
Dec. 18.

Lichf. & Cov. Nov. 6.

ļ Sept. 25.

Dec. 18.

S Oct. 2.

Dec, 18.


Oct. 9. Oxford ........ Dec. 18. Peterborough

Sept. 25. Salisbury

Oct. 23. Worcester

Dec. 21.


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Degree College. University. By Bishop of Andrew, William Wayte..

B.A. St. Mary Hall Oxf. Norwich Ashe, Edward.

B.A. Balliol

Oxf. Gloster Barker, William

M.A. Corpus Christi Camb. Exeter Barry, Henry

S.C.L. Trinity H. Camb. Bath & Wells Bass, Roger

B.A. Trinity

Camb. Exeter Beaty, Charles Colyear

B.A. Clare H.

Camb. Lincoln Bedford, William John P.

B.A. St. John's Camb. Lincoln Bellamy, George .....

M.A. Lincoln

Oxf. Oxford Bennett, Alexander Morden

B.A. Worcester Oxf. Gloster Blackburne, Thomas

B.A. Brasennose Oxf. Lincoln Blakelock, Robert

M.A. Fell. Cath H. Camb. Lincoln Bosanquet, Edward Stanley .. B.A. Trinity

Camb. Llandaff Brettel, G.

B.A. Exeter

Oxf. Norwich Bridge, Thomas Finch Hobday B.A. Christ Church Oxf. Lincoln Bromehead, William

B.A. Lincoln

Oxf. Lincoln Burgmann, Frederick James B.A. Trinity

Oxf. Gloster Buxton, John Henry


Camb. Lincoln Campbell, John Asher..

B.A. Pembroke


Worcester Carlgon, Edward .....

B.A. Exeter

Oxf. Exeter Carter, John

B.A. Fell. St. John's Oxf. Oxford Cautley, George Spencer

B.A. Pembroke Camb. Lincoln Clarke, John William

B.A. Sidney

Camb. Lichfield Codrington, Richard Chute

S.C.L. Jesus

Camb. Bath & Wells Coleman, William

B.A. Queen's

Oxf. Lincoln Comyns, George Thomas

B.A. Wadham Oxf. Excter Corles, Henry

B.A. Trinity

Camb. Norwich Cory, Edmund...

B.A. St. Peter's Camb. Peterborough Cottle, James ....

B.A. Cath. H.

Camb. Exeter Cross, J. M....

St. Peter's Camb. Norwich Cureton, William

B.A. Christ Church Oxf. Oxford Darwall, Frederick William.. M.A. Trinity

Camb. Lichfield Davy, William ...

B.A. Exeter

Oxf. Exeter Drake, Walter

B.A. Christ

Camb. Lincoln Dunbar, Sir William, Bart,

S.C.L. Magdalen H. Oxf. Bath & Wells Dyer, William

B.A. Jesus

Oxf. Salisbury Edwards, D......

St. David's Lamp Bangor Evered, Charles William Henry B.A. Corpus Christi Camb. Bath & Wells Fendall, James

M.A. Jesus

Camb. Lincoln Fessey, George Frederick

B.A. Lincoln

Oxf. Worcester Finley, John

B.A. Trinity

Camb. Lichfield Flowers, William Henry

B.A. Jesus

Camb. Lincoln Posbery, Thomas V.

B.A. Trinity

Dublin Salisbury Preemantle, William Robert B.A. Magdalen Oxf. Oxford French, William

B.A. Caius

Camb. Norwich Furnivall, Thomas

B.A. Queen's

Oxf. Lincoln Garrett, Thomas

B.A. Queen's

Oxf. Bath & Wells Gaskin, John ........

B.A. St. Edmund H. Oxf. Bath & Wells Gillman, James

S.C.L. Fell. St. John's Oxf. Oxford Glanville, Edward Fanshawe ...... M.A. Fell. Exeter Oxf. Oxford Gorton, Robert.........

M.A. Jesus

Camb. Norwich Gould, Charles Baring.......

B.A. Magdalene Camb. Exeter Greene, Edward ....

B.A. Magdalen Oxf. Oxford Henry, Charles Edward

B.A. Oriel

Oxf. Gloster



Degree. College. University. By Bishop of Hockin, Henry William

B.A. Pembroke

Camb. Lincoln Hockin, William

B.A. St. John's Camb. Exeter Houblon, Thomas Archer

B.A. Oriel

Oxf. Salisbury Hughes, James Henry

M.A. Fell. of Magd. Oxf. Oxford Hughes, Henry...

B.A. Trinity


Lincoln Isaac, William Lister

B.A Trinity

Camb. Worcester Jackson, David..

M.A. Queen's

Oxf. Oxford Jackson, Henry

B.A. Magdalene Camb, Lincoln Jackson, John.....

B.A. Catharine H. Camb. Norwich Jacob, George Andrew

B.A. Worcester Oxf. Oxford James, David

Llandaff James, William

St. David's

Llandaff Johns, Jobn White

B.A. St. John's Camb. Exeter Jones, J.

B.A. Sr. John's Camb. Bangor Jones, T.

B.A. Trinity

Dublin Bangor Karslake, William Heberden ... B.A. Oriel

Oxf. Exeter Kelk, Theophilus Henry Hastings .. B.A. Jesus

Camb. Lincoln Kent, Adolphus

M.A. Exeter

Oxf. Bath & Wells Kidd, Thos. George

B.A. Caius

Camb. Peterborough Klanert, Charles

B.A. St. Peter's Camb. Chichester Langton, Thomas Hamilton

B.A. Magdalene Camb. Lincoln Layng, Thomas Francis

B.A. Sidney

Camb. Peterborough Littlehales, W.

B.A. Exeter

Oxf. Norwich Lloyd, Henry William..

B.A. Magdalene Cainb. Lincoln Lord, William Edward

B.A. Trinity

Camb. Chichester Lugard, Frederick Grueber... B.A. Trinity

Camb. Gloster Luttrell, Alexander Henry Fownes.. B.A. Pembroke Camb. Bath & Wells Mahon, George William .

M.A. Fell. Pembroke Oxf. Oxford Mangin, Alexander Reuben

B.A. . St. Alban A. Oxf. Oxford Mann, Robert

B.A. St. John's Camb. Norwich Marsh, Herbert Charles

B.A. St. John's Camb. Peterborough Martyn, Thomas Waddon

B.A. Exeter

Oxf. Exeter Maskelyne, William .

B.A. Pembroke

Oxf. Salisbury Meller, Thomas William

B.A. Trinity

Camb. Bath & Wells Michell, Richard ....

M.A. Fell. Lincoln Oxf. Oxford Moore, William George

B.A. St. John's Camb. Lincoln Morgan, Richard...

B.A. Jesus

Oxf. Oxford Morphew, J. C.

St. Peter's Camb. Norwich Mozley, Thomas

M.A. Fell. Oriel Oxf. Oxford Perry, George

B.A. Trinity

Camb. Lincoln Philpott, Henry

B.A. Fell. Cath, H. Camb. Chichester Pickwood, John George P.

B.A. St. Peter's Camb. Lichfield Potter, Joseph

M.A. Trinity

Dublin Norwich Price, Edward

Llandaff Pye, Francis Woolcock

B.A. Queen's

Camb. Exeter Raine, John .......

M.A. Fell. Trinity Camb. Lincoln Reade, Frederick

B.A. St. John's Camb. Lincoln Richmond, Henry Sylvester B.A. Queen's

Camb. Lincoln Rouse, Ezekiel Athanasius

B.A. Sidney

Camb. Exeter Rolles, Robert John

B.A. Fell. New Oxf. Worcester Shewell, Horatio Pitt

B.A. St. Peter's Camb. Salisbury Smith, Jolin

B.A. Trinity

Camb. Exeter Snooke, Hargood Bettesworth

B.A. Pembroke Oxf. Exeter Stephens, Richard

B.A. Clare H.

Camb. Gloster Stuart, James Hilman

B.A. Trinity

Oxf. Lincoln Talbot, James Hale ..

B.A. Pembroke Oxf. Lincoln Tuck, George Robert

M.A. Fell. Emm. Camb. Lincoln Vaughan, Charles

B.A. Wadham

Oxf. Worcester Vidal Francis

B.A. Caius

Camb. Gloster Walsh, George Henry

B.A. Corpus Christi Camb. Lincoln Weguelin, Willian Andrew. B.A. Emmanuel Camb. Chichester Westmacott, Horatio

B.A. Corpus Christi Camb. Bath & Wells Whitaker Thomas

B.A. Worcester Oxf. Worcester

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