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CLAPTON CHURCH.—Two handsome windows of the perpendicular style of architecture, in the very interesting church of this retired parish, which had been for many years blocked up and in a ruinous state, have lately been re-opened, and their dilapidated mullions restored by the kind liberality of J. A. Gordon, Esq. M. P. of Naish House, the lord of the manor. We understand it to be the intention of the same gentleman shortly to repair the manorial chapel adjoining the nave of the church, and in some measure to restore it to the original state of beauty which it exhibited under the Arthurs and their descendants in the female line, the Winters, who for so many generations, from the reign of King Stephen, in 1140, to that of James II. in 1685, had their manorial pew therein.

Sir T. D. and Lady Acland have subscribed 2001. towards re-seating Broadclist church. The inhabitants of Heavitree have resolved on rebuilding the parish church, in a manner capable of accommodating 2000 perons.

Rev. WILLIAM FOWLEY. - The Rev. William Fowley lately took leave of his congregation at St. Mary's Chapel, Speenhamland, on his removal from Speen to the perpetual curacy of Starcross, near Dawlish, Devonshire. The worth of this respected indi. vidual may be estimated by the fact, that between 701. and 801. were subscribed for the purpose of presenting him with a testimonial of their affection. This testimonial was accompanied by an appropriate address.

Rev. ALFRED LAWRENCE.- At the tithe audit of the Rev. Alfred Lawrence, of Sandhurst, held at the Swan Inn on the 6th of November, the sum of 501. was unanimously voted and presented to the Rev. Gentleman over and above the composition for the tithes of that place, in consideration of the very propitious season in the growth of hops, and the very high estimation in which he is held by his parishioners.

ELIGIBILITY OF DISSENTING MINISTERS TO VOTE UNDER THE REFORM ACT.The following is the decision of the Revising Barristers for the Southern Division of Derby : “ Looking to the decisions of the Committees of the House of Commons, the tribunal before which alone these claims can ultimately come for final judgment,decisions pronounced in cases, one of which was as strong as, if not stronger than, the strongest of those before the Court, and pronounced moreover after a most elaborate review, by able counsel, of all the cases on the subject, we feel ourselves compelled to declare, that with the strongest desire to see these gentlemen in the full enjoyment of the franchise to which they are so well entitled in every other respect, we cannot bring our minds to doubt that, as between them and their congregation, (and the question necessarily involves that point,) they only hold appointments during pleasure ; and consequently, as between them and the public, they are not entitled to have their names retained on the lists of voters, in respect of the interest they possess in virtue of their respective offices."

Bishop of GLOUCESTER.— The Bishop of Gloucester is attempting, with every prospect of success, to establish a society in that city, for finding employment for the poor, and thereby enabling them to keep themselves from the necessity of applying for parochial relief.

EARL ELDON.- The church at Kingston, in the Isle of Purbeck, requiring extensive repairs, has, with its tower, been entirely pulled down, and is now being rebuilt in a most substantial manner, and in a beautiful style of gothic architecture, at the sole expense of the venerable Earl of Eldon.

Christmas.—The practice of embellishing and ornamenting churches at this great festival is explained by Dr. Stukely. He observes, that the ancients expected our Saviour was to be born at the winter solstice, and that the great Advent was to happen when evergreens flourish. “The glory of Lebanou, (the cedar) shall come unto thee, the fir-tree, the pine-tree, and the box-tree together, to beautify the place of my sanctuary." Isaiah Ix. 13. Many passages to the same purport occur in the Old Testament. ORDINATIONS.—1832. Exeter ........ Oct. 28. | Llandaff Oct. 14. | Rochester ...... Nov. 4. Lich, and Cov... Nov. 11. | Peterborough... Oct. 28. | Salisbury...... Oct. 21.


.. B.A.


Degree. College. University. By Bishop of Bagnall, Edward .....

B.A. Magdalen Hall Oxf. Lich. & Cov. Barton, George

M.A. Brasennose Oxf. Lich. & Cov. Bathurst, Walter Apsley

B.A. Wadham Oxf. Salisbury Brent, Daniel

B.A. University Oxf. Peterborough Broad, John Samuel....


St. Edmund Hall Oxf. Lich. & Cov, Broadbent, Cornelius Farnworth. B.A. Brasennose Oxf. Lich. & Cov. Buller, Antony

B.A. Oriel

Oxf. Exeter Carter, Thomas Thelluson

B.A. Christ Church Oxf. Salisbury Clyde, James Burdon

B.A. St. John's Camb. Exeter Darvell, James Sydney..


Llandaff Edwards, Thomas Bennett

Exeter Ellis, William Webb...

M.A. Brasennose Oxf. Rochester Evans, Richard...

B.A. Jesus

Oxf. Llandaff Everett, Charles William

B.A. St. John's Camb. Salisbury Gabb, James Frederic Secrelan B.A. Jesus

Oxf. Llandaff Hogarth, Henry

B.A. Magdalen Hall Oxf. Lich. & Cov. Hole, Nathaniel John Brassey ..


Camb. Exeter Knight, David Thomas...

B.A. Lincoln

Oxf. Peterborough Knight, Edward Dodderidge

B.A. Exeter

Oxf. Llandaff Leigh, Richard

B.A. Brasennose Oxf. Salisbury Little, John

B.A. Magdalen Hall Oxf. Lich. & Cov, Llewellin, John..

B.A. Jesus

Oxf. Llandaff Lowthrop, Samuel

B.A. Queen's

Camb. Exeter Marriott, John..

B.A. Oriel

Oxf. Salisbury Marsh, William

B.A. Pembroke Camb. Rochester Morgan,\William Leigh


Llandaff Nattle, William......

B.A. St. Peter's Camb. Exeter Ralph, James

B.A. St. Edmund Hall Oxf. Lich. & Cov. Rolles, Edward

B.A. Pembroke Oxf.

Peterborough Smythies, Thomas Gosselyn.


Llandaff Somerville, Philip....

Exeter Stracy, William Mountford.


Oxf. Exeter Toye, Joseph Theophilus.

B.A. Queen's

Oxf. Salisbury Wells, John Tighe

B.A. University

Oxf. Llandaff Wetherell, Thomas May

B.A. Trinity

Dublin Peterborough Whiddon, Samuel...

B.A. Lincoln

Oxf. Exeter Witty, John F......



PRIESTS. Barker, William.....

Exeter Barrow, George Neale (let. dim.)... B.A. University Oxf. Llandaff Bayly, Francis Turner James

B.A. Pembroke Oxf. Salisbury Bird, George

B.A. St. Edmund H. Oxf. Lich. & Cov. Bosanquet, Edward Stanley

B.A. Trinity

Camb. Llandaff Carlyon, Edward

Exeter Clark, Charles

B.A. Queen's

Camb. Peterborough Davy, William

B.A. Exeter

Oxf. Exeter Drake, John Rudman

B.A. Christ Church Oxf. Lich. & Cov. Dyer, William....

B.A. Jesus

Oxf. Salisbury Fosbery, T. V.

B.A. Trinity

Dublin Salisbury Gould, Charles Baring

B.A. Magdalen Camb. Exeter Greville, Eden Septimus

B.A. Clare Hall Carnb. Peterborough Harvey, Lord Arthur Charles ( let.dım.) M.A. Trinity

Camb. Peterborough Hasted, Henry John (let. dim.) B.A. Magdalen Camb. Peterborough Hotham, Edwin .....

B.A. New

Oxf. Rochester Houblon, Thomas Archer

B.A. Oriel

Oxf. Salisbury VOL. XIV. NO. XII.

... B.A.

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Degree. College. University. By Bishop of Hughes, Henry William

B.A. Lincoln

Oxf. Peterborough James, David


Llandaff Johns, John White

Exeter Karslake, William Heberden...

Exeter Landon, Whittington Henry....

M.A. Worcester Oxf. Exeter Layng, Thomas Francis...... B.A. Sidney

Camb. Peterborough Lugard, Frederick Grueber

B.A. St. John's Camb. Exeter Martyn, Thomas Wadham

M.A. Exeter

Oxf. Exeter Maskelyne, Williain

B.A. Pembroke Oxf. Salisbury Maurice, Thomas

B.A. Merton

Oxf. Salisbury Meller, Thomas William (let. dim.).. B.A. Trinity

Camb. Rochester Newall, Frederick James

B.A. Trinity

Camb. Exeter Price, Edward


Llandaff Pye, Francis Woolcock

B.A. Queen's Camb. Exeter Snooke, Hargood Bettesworth

B.A. Pembroke Oxf. Exeter Spicer, Stephen Ralph

B.A. Worcester Oxf. Salisbury Swann, Charles Henry

B.A. Emmanuel Camb. Peterborough Tatham, Arthur...

B.A. Magdalen Camb. Exeter Vidal, Francis

B.A. Caius

Camb. Exeter Williams, Arthur


Llandaff Williams, D. H. T. G.

B.A. St. John's Camb. Salisbury
Williams, William

B.A. Worcester Oxf. Llandaff
Deacons 37.-Priests 39.—Total 76.


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Adlington, J........ Chapl. to the Infirmary, Worcester
Browne, George Augustus, Chapl. to the Gaol, Oxford.
Dobson, William Stephen, Head Mast. of Free Grammar School, Kirkby Lonsdale
Hood, Samuel

Domestic Chapl. to Lord Panmure
Jennings, T. F.

Chapl. to the Gaol, Bristol

Name. Preferment.

County. Diocese.

Patron. Bartlett, T........ Preach. in Cath. Ch. of Canterbury

Abp. of Canterbury Bassett, Richard.... Eglwysbrewis, R. Glamorg. Llandaff J. D. Llewelyn, Esq. Beatty, E. Bellingham, R.

Northum.Durham Govs.Greenw. Hosp.

(Bp. of B. & W. Biging, John Keal Penselwood, R.

Somerset B. & W.

nom. & Sir R.C.

Hoare, Bt. pres. Brice, Edward

Humshaugh, P.C. Northum.Durham V. of Simonbourn Browne, Joseph High wood Hill, C. MiddlesexLondon W.Wilberforce, Esq. Bull, Israel........ Fleet Marston, R.

Bucks Lincoln Lord Viscount Dillon Cooper, Chas. Beau- ŞMorley, St. Botolph, R.} Norfolk Norwich ÇRobert Bransby champ with St. Peter, C.

Cooper, Esq. Currie, Thomas .... Melton Parva, V.

Norfolk Norwich Emman.Coll. Camb. Fulford, Francis.... Trowbridge, R.

Wilts Salisbury Duke of Rutland Hughes, Edward Nutfield, R.

Surrey Winchest. Jesus Coll. Oxf. Karslake, W. Heber- SCreag whe, R.

Devon Exeter Rev. W. Karslake den

{and Me haw,

Kaye, Arthur Lister?

Thornton, Craven, R. W. York York Sir J. L.L.Kaye, Bt. Matthew, Charles Langford, R.

Essex London Mrs. Westcombe Molesworth, J. E, N. Preach. in Cath, Ch.of Canterbury

Abp. of Canterbury Morgan, J.... Corston, V.

Somerset B. & W. Bp. of B. & W.
Napleton, W.Timothy Stoke Canon, D. Devon Exeter D. & C. of Exeter
Newby, G.
Stockton, V.

Durham Durham Bp. of Durham
Perkins, John ...... Lower Swell, V. Gloster Gloster Ch. Ch. Oxford
Powell, W. P..... Great Hampton, P.C. 'orcester WorcesterCh. Ch. Oxford
Powley, William
Starcross, C.

Exeter D. & C. of Salisbury


De on


County Diocese. Patron.
Ridout, George Newland, V.

Gloster Gloster Bp. of Llandaff Smith, Charles Newton, R.

Suffolk Norwich St. Peter's Coll.Cam. Stubbin, Newman J. ŞOffton, R.

J.Goodeve Sparrow,

Suffolk Norw.
with Bricet, C.

Tatham, Arthur
Boconnoc, R.

Cornwall Exeter Lord Grenville
with Broadoak, R.
Todd, Henry John.. Archdn. of Cleveland

Abp. of York Tonkin, Uriah Leland Uny, V.

Cornwall Exeter Bp. of Exeter Turner, William.... Preb. in Cath. Ch. of Chichester

Bp. of Chichester: Vaughan Henry Crickhowel, V.

Brecon St, David's R. of Crickhowel Warner, Richard Chelwood, R.

Somerset B. & W. Bp. of Bath & Wells

CLERGYMEN DECEASED. On Thursday, Nov. 15, died suddenly, his Lordship having been, down to a few hours before his decease, in the enjoyment of excellent health, the Hon. and Right Rev. Richard Bourke, Lord Bishop of Waterford and Lismore, D.D. of Christ Church. His Lordship was the second son of the late Earl of Mayo, and brother of the present Earl. He was born April 22d, 1767, and on the 20th of March, 1795, married Frances, the second daughter of Dr. Fowler, the late Archbishop of Dublin, and has left one son and three danghters. His son was born in January, 1797, and in 1820 married Ann Charlotte, only daughter of the Hon. John Joscelyn. The Bishop took his degree of M.A. July 10th, 1790, and D.D. by diploma, Nov. 10th, 1813. Name. Preferment.

County. Diocese. Patron. Bridgeman, Hon. Geo. Wigan, R.

Lancas. Chester Earl of Bradford Hind, John, D. D... Finden, V.

Sussex Chichester Magd. Coll, Oxf. Lettice, John, D.D. . Peasemarsh, V.

Sussex Chichest. Sidney Coll. Camb.
Linton, Robert Fotheringhay, V. Northam. Peterboro Thomas Belsey, Esq.
Lund, Thomas Barton in the Street, R. N. York York
Morgan, Edward Eglwysbrewis, R. Glamorg. Llandaff J.D. Llewelyn, Esq.
Quicke, Wm. Henry

ŞChelwood, R.
and Corston, V.

Somerset B. & W. Bp. of Bath & Wells


Name. Howels, William Percival, John

Min. of Episcopal Chapel, Long Acre, London
Sfell. of Wadham, Coll. Oxf.
and Min. of St. Peter's Chapel, Marylebone


The following gentlemen have been The names of the following gentlemen elected Fellows of All Souls' College :were proposed in Convocation, as Select Frederick Anson (Student), and Arthur Preachers, to commence at Michaelmas Isham, B.A. Christ Church ; and Folliott next, and unanimously approved :-Rev. Baugh, B.A. of Exeter College. Charles William Stocker, D.D. Vice-Prin- The Rev. John Allen Giles, M.A. cipal of St. Alban Hall; Rev. William Scholar of Corpus Christi College, has been Parker, M.A. Fellow of New College ; admitted Fellow of that Society. Rev. Charles Atmore Ogilvie, M.A. Fel- Mr. James Hill has been admitted Scholar low of Balliol College ; Rev. Henry Jen- of New College kyns, M.A. Fellow of Oriel College; Rev. Mr. Hen unes and Mr. Joseph MarWilliam Palmer, M.A. Worcester College. tin, of Jes's College, have been elected

The name of the Rev. Henry Reynolds, Scholars * that Society. M.A. of Jesus College, recently nominated a Public Examiner in Disciplinis Mathe- In pursuance of the will of the late maticis et Physicis, was submitted to the Keare Fitzgerald, Esq., an Exhibition of house, and unanimously approved.

6 a year, open to natives of Middlesex, The Rev. Edward Cumming Quicke, wid tenable under certain conditions for B.C.L. Founder's Kin Fellow of New Col- seven years, has been recently founded in lege, has been elected Fellow of Winchest Queen's College, Oxford. College, in the room of Dr. Berkeley le- Lord Viscount Maidstone, Lord Viscount ceased.

Loftus, and the Hon. Granville George CAMBRIDGE.

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Chris. Wm. Puller, Ch. Ch. Grand Comp. Rev. John Duncombe Shafto, Brasennose

Coll. Grand Comp. J. R. Hall, Student of Christ Church. Atkinson Alex. Holden, Christ Church. Rev. C. Baring, Christ Church. Travers Twiss, Fell. of University Coll. Edward Parker, Oriel Coll. Rev, R. Morgan, Scholar of Jesus Coll. Rev. William Bowling, Jesus Coll. Daniel Vawdrey, Fell. of Brasennose Coll. Rev. Frederick F. Beadon, Oriel Coll. Rev. E. Rion Berens, St. Mary Hall. Rev. John Bell, University Coll. Rev. Edward Ashe, Balliol Coll. Rev. Robert Martyn Ashe, Trinity Coll. Rev. Thomas Patteson, Exeter Coll. Rev. Edward Meade, Wadham Coll. Rev. Henry Flesher, Lincoln Coll. T. Shaw, Brasennose Coll. Grand Comp. Rev. Henry Purrier, Worcester Coll. R. W. Goodenough, Student of Christ Ch.

BACHELORS OF ARIS. Hon. J. T. Pelham, Christ Church. William Reed, Queen's Coll. T. F. Barker, Brasennose Coll. W. F. White, Trinity Coll. Alfred Menzies, Scholar of Trinity Coll. John Niblett, Exeter Coll. John Hale Murray, Worcester Coll. The Earl of Lincoln, Ch. Ch. Gr. Comp. William Hamilton Howley, New Coll. H. Blackall, Student of Christ Church. Charles Blakely Brown, Trinity Coll. G. Scott, Exeter Coll. Grand Comp. T. Hughan, Balliol Coll. Grand Comp. Nicholas Ford Chudleigh, Magdalen Hall. William de Pipe Belcher, Magdalen Hall.

Granville Wheler S. Menteath, Magå. Hall.
Edward Golding, Brasennose Coll.
William Robert Grove, Brasennose Coll.
G. Brewster Twining, University Coll.
The Marquis of Douglas, Christ Church.
James Robert Hope, Christ Church.
A. H. Dyke Ackland, Christ Church.
Henry Glynne, Christ Church,
Thomas Astley Maberly, Christ Church.
Edward Samuel Lewis, Christ Church.
James D'Affleck, Christ Church.
John L. Popham, Wadham Coll.
Thomas Garrett Bussel, Wadham Coll.
John Wills, Wadham Coll.
John Davis, Jesus Coll.
Richard Henry Goolden, Queen's Coll.
James Buller Kitson, Exeter Coll.
Nicholas Francis Lightfoot, Exeter Coll.
John Bramall, Exeter Coll.
Walter Sheppard, Exeter Coll.
James F. E. B. Pollock, Exeter Coll.
William Baker Trower, Exeter Coll.
Thomas Yard, Exeter Coll.
Thomas L. Trotter, Lincoln Coll.
F. W. Wykeham Martin, Balliol Coll.
Thomas Simkinson, Balliol Coll.
R. F. Bute Richards, Balliol Coll.
Edward Frederic Smith, Balliol Coll.
G. Grove Waddington, Fell. of New Coll.
Herbert Hill, Fellow of New Coll.
George Benjamin Caffin, St. John's Coll.
Thomas Ratcliffe Barnes, Worcester Coll.
Thomas Carter, Worcester Coll.
Francis P. Sockett, Pembroke Coll.
Robert William James, Pembroke Coll.
William Hooker, Pembroke Coll.
Willian) Pridden, Pembroke Coll.
Richard John Uniacke, St. Alban Hall.
W.Hastings Martin Atkins, University Coll.
Muirhead Mitchell, University Coll.
Augustus E. C. Strickland, University Coll.
G. Garbett, Scholar of Brasennose Coll.
Edward Jones, Scholar of Brasennose Coll.
Edmund Smith Ensor, Braseunose Coll.
A. Bedford Orlebar, Scholar of Lincoln Coll.
Samuel Henry Walker, Fell. of Balliol Coll.
Charles Marriott, Scholar of Balliol Coll.
Thomas Batchelor, Magdalen Hall.
W. Bathurst Bradford, Magdalen Hall.
Thomas William Carr, Merton Coll.
George Cardew, Exeter Coll.

George Bland, M. A. of Gonville and Caius Coll. Cambridge, has been admitted ad eundem.


M.A. Junior Fellow of Gonville and Caius

College, has been elected a Senior Fellow The Rev. William Webb, D. D. Master of that Society. of Clare Hall, has been elected Vice-Chan- John Mills, jun. Esq. B.A. of Pembroke cellor for the year ensuing.

College, has been elected a Foundation FelThe Rev. Humphry Senhouse Pinder, low of that society.

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