Bulletin - United States Geological Survey, Ausgabe 325


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Seite 135 - The heat transferred from one body to another by radiation is proportional to the difference of the fourth powers of the absolute temperatures of the two bodies. While this is strictly true only of the ideal "black bodies...
Seite 153 - HEAT BALANCE, OR DISTRIBUTION OF THE HEATING VALUE OF THE COMBUSTIBLE. Total Heat Value of 1 Ib. of Combustible. . , .BTU BTU Per Cent. 1. Heat absorbed by the boiler = evaporation from and at 212 degrees per pound of combustible x 965.7.
Seite 170 - Avogadro's law states that equal volumes of all gases at the same temperature and pressure contain the same number of molecules...
Seite 139 - Loss due to unconsumed hydrogen and hydrocarbons, to heating the moisture in the air, to radiation, and unaccounted for. (Some of these losses may be separately itemized if data are obtained from which they may be calculated.) Totals . . 100.00 •The weight of gas per pound of carbon burned maybe calculated from the gas analyses as follows : Dry gas per pound carbon =
Seite 119 - Water evaporated from and at 212° F. per square foot of heating surface per hour. Per sq. ft. of grate surface Per sq. ft. of heating surface *40. *41. *42. Water evaporated per hour from temperature of 100° F.
Seite 19 - ... 72* used in these charts is the ratio of the heat absorbed by the boiler to the heat of the combustible ascending from the grate. The designation 72* refers to that item of the Government reports of the steaming tests made at the Survey's fuel-testing plant.* Curve 1 of figure 21 is the product of pounds of dry coal burned per square foot of grate per hour and pounds of dry chimney gases per pound of "combustible.

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