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It was with a light heart and term had pulled me down, a a pleasing consciousness of holi- week of modest enjoyment thereday that I set out from the inn after in town had finished the at Allermuir to tramp my fifteen work; and I drank in the sharp miles into the unknown. I moorish air like a thirsty man

has been walked slowly, for I carried my who

forwandered equipment on my back — my among deserts. basket, fly-books and rods, my I am a man of varied tastes plaid of Grant tartan (for I and a score of interests.

: boast myself a distant kinsman undergraduate I had been filled of that house), and my great with the old mania for the comstaff, which had tried ere then plete life. I distinguished mythe front of the steeper Alps. self in the Schools, rowed in my A small valise with books and college eight, and reached the some changes of linen clothing distinction of practising for had been sent on ahead in the three weeks in the Trials. I shepherd's own hands. It was had dabbled in

score of yet early April, and before me learned activities, and when lay four weeks of freedom the time came that I won the twenty-eight blessed days in inevitable St Chad’s fellowship which to take fish and smoke my chaotic acquirements, the pipe of idleness. The Lent and I found myself compelled



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