Van Nostrand's Eclectic Engineering Magazine, Band 8

D. Van Nostrand., 1873

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Seite 282 - MORFIT.— A PRACTICAL TREATISE ON PURE FERTILIZERS, and the Chemical Conversion of Rock Guanos, Marlstones, Coprolites, and the Crude Phosphates of Lime and Alumina generally into various valuable Products. By Campbell Morfit, MD, FCS, formerly Professor of Applied Chemistry in the University of Maryland.
Seite 379 - The THEORY of STRAINS in GIRDERS and similar Structures, with Observations on the application of Theory to Practice, and Tables of the Strength and other Properties of Materials. By BINDON B.
Seite 43 - In such a case, it will be found that the pile will safely bear, without danger of further subsidence, " as many times the weight of the ram, as the distance which the pile is sunk the last blow, is contained in the distance which the ram falls in making that blow, divided by eight.
Seite 284 - ... STONE. DR. R. ANGUS SMITH has observed that the particles of stone most liable to be in long contact with rain from town atmospheres, in England at least, were most subject to decay. Believing the acid in the rain to be the cause, he supposed the endurance of a silicious stone might be measured by its resistance to acids. He proposed, therefore, to use stronger solutions, and thus to approach to the action of long periods of time. He tried a few specimens in this way, and with most promising...
Seite 145 - In many of these cases, that which is thought to be the electric discharge is only the illuminated edge of a cloud, beyond and behind which the real discharge occurs. It is in its nature like the bright enlightened edge which a dark well-defined cloud often presents when between the sun and the observer; and even the moon also frequently produces similar appearances. In the case of its production by lightning and distant clouds, the line is so bright by comparison with the previous state of the clouds...
Seite 284 - ... and, where this was not sufficient to raise the road to the required height, he constructed bridges which rested on pillars or abutments. In another place he conceived and accomplished the daring project of suspending a bridge from one mountain to another across a deep chasm. These bridges, which were called by the Chinese writers, very appropriately, flying bridges...
Seite 125 - ... aqueous vapour, which determines the oxidation of iron in common air. Although this statement may be objected to at first sight, on the ground of the small amount of carbonic acid gas existing in the atmosphere, still we must bear in mind that a piece of iron, when exposed to atmospheric influences, comes in contact with large quantities of carbonic acid during twenty-four hours.
Seite 427 - Pollution Commission having discussed " intermittent downward filtration," without defining the term. We are told that irrigation owes no inconsiderable amount of its success to the contemporaneous effect of filtration of sewage through the soil, and, confusion worse confounded, we are instructed that " irrigation involves filtration." We, however, will take filtration to mean the passing of the sewage water through an artificially-constructed bed of sand, charcoal, &c. Filtration by itself is simply...
Seite 281 - Annual Report of the Chief Signal Officer to the Secretary of War for the year 1872.
Seite 65 - In the third class there are five substances, lime, sulphate of quinine, pepper, turpentine, and prussic acid. In the fourth class is included the remaining twenty-five substances. The acids, while not preventing the production of vibrio-life, have a marked tendency to promote the growth of fungus-life.

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