Abbildungen der Seite

et seq. Consist of plan, section, and ele-
vation, 2832. In making a design, to
proceed on, 2833. Ought not to be co-
loured nor highly finished in shadow,
2834. Of caissons in vaulting, 2835–
2837. Of horizontal and vertical com-
binations, 2839, et seq. By interaxal
divisions, 2842. Prevention of false bear-
ings, 2843.
Dressing and flatting tool, plumber's, 2212.
Drips, in plumbery, 22.13.
Droving, in masonry, 1914.
Druidical and Celtic architecture intro-
duced into Britain by the Canaanites of
Tyre and Sidon, 14.
Druids of the British Isles, a colony of the
first race of people, 11.
Drury Lane Theatre, 2958.
Lane, 2967.
Drury Lane Theatre, old, roof of 2048.
Drybergh Abbey, 431.
Drying oil, what, and how made, 2274.
Du Cerceau, one of the early French archi-
tects engaged on Tuileries, 357.
Duchess slates, 1805.
Dungeon of a castle, what, 394.
Duodecimals, 868–872.
Durham Castle, 394. 398. 414.
Durham Cathedral, 406. Founders and
Dimensions of, 434.
Duster, glazier's, 2226.
Dutch clinkers, 1830.
Dutch arras, 1866.

Old Drury

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Earl's Barton Tower, Northamptonshire,
Early English architecture, 399, et seq.
Characteristics of, 405. Examples of,
Eastbury House, in Dorsetshire, by Van-
brugh, 495.
Echinus, or quarter round, 2532.
Ecole de Médecine, at Paris, 363.
Edfou, near Thebes, temple at, described,
Edgar the Peaceable, his care of the Anglo-
Saxon buildings, 386.
Edystone Lighthouse, 2930.
Egypt, architecture of 9.
Egyptian architecture considered in respect
of style, taste, and character, 76, et seq.,
84, et seq. Temples and tombs, the prin-
cipal work in it, 67. Monotonous, 88.
Egyptian architecture, its analysis and de-
velopement, 70, et seq.
Egyptian architecture, physical causes which
affect it, 63, et seq. No circular temple
in, 69.
Egyptian architecture, principal edifices
and their situations, and map of the Nile,
Egyptian earlier than Greek architecture,
Egyptian temple, form and disposition of,
described, 76.

Elaeotherium of the Greek gymnasium, 175.
Elaeotherium of the Roman baths, 235.
* near Bombay, excavated temple
of, 57.
Elizabeth did not patronise architecture,
Elizabethan architecture,or last Tudor style,
436, et seq. Character of 449. Sepul-
chral monuments, ib. Absurdity of at-
tempting to revive it in the present day,
Elizabethan architecture practised till the
days of Inigo Jones, 445.
Elizabethan palatial houses, list of, 446.
Elizabethan style, 425.
Ellipsis, 1058–1082.
Elliptical arch, to draw, in masonry, and find
the joints, 1934—1937.
Ely, capitals at, 390. Arch at, ib. Priors'
entrance at, 397, 398.
Ely Cathedral, 406. Founders and di-
mensions of, 434.
Ely House, Dover Street, by Taylor, 515.
Engaged pilasters, Burlington House, 2615.
England, Saxon churches of 290.
English bond, 1892. 1894.
Enrichments in plastering, 2250.
Entablature, height of 2523, et seq., 2542.
Entablatures, subdivision of 2549.
Entasis, or swelling of columns, first verified
by Mr. Allason, 144. Explanation of
the object of it, ib.
Entasis, 2545.
Eosander, a German architect, 365.
Ephebeum of the Greek gymnasium, 175.
Ephebeum of the Roman baths, 235.
Episcenium of the Greek theatre, 172.
Equations simple, resolution of, 816–824.
Resolution of two or more of the first
degree, 825–832. Of pure quadratic
equations, 833–841. Of mixed, of the
second degree, 842—848. Of complete
equations of the third degree, 849–860.
Equilibrium necessary for fitness, 2500.
Erectheus, Ionic temple of at Athens, 155.
Erwin of Steinbach, architect of cathedral
at Strasburg, 305.
Escurial, designs for, by Giovanni Battista
of Toledo, 370, 371.
Escurial in Spain, 370, 371.
erection, ib. Described, ib.
Esher, in Surrey, palace at, 426.
Esneh, ruins at, 71.
Estimating, 2295, et seq.
Eton College Chapel, 421.
Etruscan architecture, probably a branch of
the Cyclopean, 178. Marked by great
solidity of construction, 179.
Eudes de Montreuil, architect, 310.
Eustyle intercolumniation, 2605—2611.
Examples of the Florid or Tudor style,
Excavator's work in specifications, 2281.
Exchanges, 2937, et seq. Definition of,
2937. How sometimes designed, 2938.
That of Amsterdam, 2939. Sir Christo-

Cause of its

pher Wren's opinion relative to, 2940.
New Royal Exchange, 2941. That at
Paris described, 2943.
Exedra of the Greek gymnasium, 175.
Exedra of the Roman baths, 235.
Exedrae of a IRoman house, 252, 253.
Exeter Castle gateway, 391.
Exeter Cathedral, founders and dimensions
of 434.

Façade of Nero at Rome, 262.
Falling mould of stairs, 2188.
Fancelli and Michelozzo, scholars of Bru-
nelleschi, 323.
Fancy colours in painting, 2272–2276.
Farm houses, 3002, et seq. Distribution
of 3003. On large scale, 3004.
Farnese Palace cornice, 2725. Door at, 2741.
Farnese Palace, door at, by Vignola, 2741.
Farnese Palace, window at, 2763.
Fauces of a Roman house, 250. 253.
Fez, ancient Arabian city, described gene-
rally, 132.
Fiesole, walls of, 179.
Figures in decoration, 2519. 2521.
Figures, similar, 958–968.
Filippo, Mastro, a Spanish architect, 367.
Fillet, listel, or annulet, 2532.
Fillets, 2129.
Fine stuff, plasterer's, 2236.
Fischers, a German architect, 365.
Fitness, the basis of proportion, 2496,
2497. Dependent on equilibrium, 2500.
Maxims relating to, 2502.
Fitzwilliam, Mr. William, house designed
for, by Thorpe, 440.
Flashings, in plumbery, 2213.
Flemish bond, 1892. 1897.
Flemish bricks, 1830.
Fliers, in stairs, 2186.
Flitcroft, Henry, an architect, temp. George
II., 512.
Float stone, bricklayer's, 1840.
Floated work, plasterer's, 2242.
Flooring, and Floors, 2013—2023. Single,
2014, et seq. Constructed with short
pieces of timber, 2023.
Flooring boards, value of labour of 2368.
Flooring, value of labour of 2350.
Floors, 21.68–2173.
Floors, variable loads on, and largest weight
placed on, 1778.
Florence, palaces of 358.
Florentine school of architecture, 329.
Florentine school,
traced in the palaces, 330. Principal
churches of, ib. Byzantine architecture
traced in works of 332. Period of,
333. Principal masters of, ib.
Florid English or Tudor style, its aera,
&c., 422, et seq. Examples in Scotland,
431. In England, 432.
Flush rings, 2263.
Flutes of columns, their nature and pro-
bable origin, 145.

principles of, best

Folded floor, what, 2.168.
Folding doors, what, 2130.
Fontana, Carlo, employed at Fulda and
Vienna, 365.
Fontana, Domenico, employed on St. Pe-
ter's, 336. Palace by, 344.
Foots Cray, villa at, 3000.
Fora of the Romans described, 218. Ci-
vilia and Venalia, ib. Great Forum at
Rome, ib. Forum of Nerva, ib. Forum
of Trajan, ib. Forum at Fano, built
by Vitruvius, ib. Forum at Pompeii,
description and plan, 219.
Formation of bodies by glue in joinery,
21 93–2208.
Fortuna Virilis (Ionic), temple of at Rome,
Foundations, 1881–1888. Vitruvius's ad-
vice on, 1881. Best soils for, 1882,
1883. What depth they should be,
1884. Use of inverted arches in, 1885.
Walls above, should be kept dry, 1886.
Drainage of 1887.
Founder's work in specifications, 2286.
Founder's work, method of estimating,
Foundery, 2265, 2266.
Fountains, conventual church of 398.
Fractions, 549–554. Properties of 555
—557. Addition and subtraction of,
558–560. Multiplication and division
of 561—574. Resolution of, into infi-
nite series, 667–679.
Framing of joinery, 2174, 2175.
France, oldest buildings in, 289.
France, principal cathedrals of, and their
dates, 317.
Francis I., of France, patron of arts in
France, 358.
Franking sash bars, 2.165.
Freemasons, sociéty of 401.
French architects, attached to Venetian in
preference to Roman schools, 358.
French architects, the first in Europe, 360.
French casement frames, value of labour
of 2368.
French casements, value of labour of 2368.
French school of architecture, 357. Early
masters of 357, 358.
Frette-embattled ornament, 397.
Frette-triangular ornament, 397.
Fretwork, glaziers' 2229.
Friction, 1331–1341.
Frigidarium of the Greek gymnasium,
Frigidarium of the Roman baths, 235.
Frize panels of a door, 2130.
Frize rails of a door, 2130.
Fuller, prebendary of Sarum, his aphorisms
relating to private buildings,2985–2989.
Funnels of chimneys, 2793.
Furness, conventual church of 398.
Furring and battening, value of labour of,
Furring up joints of floors, 21.69.

Observations on,

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Gabriel Jacques Anges, architect of Garde
Meuble at Paris, 360.
Galleries, height of 2822.
Gandon, an architect of reputation, 504.
Garde Meuble at Paris, by Mansart, 360.
Garde Meuble at Paris, 2887.
Garisendi Tower at Bologna, 2500.
Gate of the Lions at Mycene, 34.
Gates and piers, 2734.
Gauge, 2120.
Gauged arches, how measured, 2311.
Gauge stuff, 2237.
Geber, an early Spanish architect, 368.
Genius in architecture, what, 2492.
Genoa, church of S. Lorenzo at, 319.
Geometrical progression, 774–782.
Geometrical proportion, 754–762.
Geometrical ratio, 749–751.
Geometrical staircase in joinery described,
and mode of forming, 2184. Much used
on the Continent, 2185.
Geometry defined, 874. Definitions, 875.
Right lines and rectilineal figures, 876–
907. Circles, 908–928. Surfaces, 929
–934. Proportion, 935—957. Similar
figures, 958–968. Planes, 969–978.
Solids, 979–995.
Geometry, practical,996–1031. Conic sec-
tions, 1032.
Gerbier, Sir Balthazar, employed soon after
the Restoration, 465.
German architecture, 365, et seq.
German sheet glass, 1873.
Germany, early architects of 365. Em-
ployed in other countries, ib. Italian ar-
chitects employed in,
Germany, two different styles in its ancient
churches, 283.
Germany, two principal churches of 305.
Ghent, prison at, 2981.
Gibbs, James, an architect of great repu-
tation, temp. Geo. I., and criticism by
Walpole on, 501. Works of 502, 503.
Giddea Hall, Essex, altered by Thorpe, 440.
Gilding, 2277.
Giralda, celebrated bell tower at Seville, 320.
Giralda, La, tower of, at Seville, 368.
Girders, 2020. Scantlings for, 2021.
Girders, how measured, 2335.
Gisborne Priory, conventual church of 421.
Gisborough Castle, 898.
Glass, 1868–1875. Constituent parts, 1868.
Crown glass, 1869. Common window
glass, how made, 1870. Knob-glass, ib.
Three qualities of 1872. German sheet,
1873. Plate, 1874. Pliny's account of
discovery of 1875.
Glass used in Anglo-Saxon buildings, 385,
Glastonbury Abbey, 435.
Glastonbury, chapel of St. Joseph at, 398.
Glastonbury, monastery of 389.
Glazier's vice, 2228.
Glazier's work in specifications, 2289.
Glazier's work, method of estimating, 2378.

Glazing, 2225–2231.
Glazing-knife, 2226.
Gloucester, St. Peter's, 396,397. 421. Foun-
ders and dimensions of 434.
Glover, Moses, an architect employed in
completing Northumberland House, and
probably Sion House, 442.
Godstone House, design for corridor, 440.
Going of stairs, 21.79.
Gondi palace, cornice of 2725.
Gondouin, Jean Jacques, celebrated French
architect, 363.
Gores of boards for covering domes, groins,
&c., 2068–2078.
Gormanbury House, date and founder,446.
Gosfield Hall, Essex, 426.
Gothic arch, in masonry, to draw and find
the joints, 1938—1941.
Gotthard, a German architect, 366.
Gouge, 21 13.
Gouge-bit, 2107.
Gougeon, Jean, the sculptor, 358.
Goutard, a German architect, 366.
Government offices, 2883, et seq. Character
of 2883. Disposition of 2884. Parts of
Bank of England, by Soane, good ex-
amples, 2885. Admiralty and Treasury,
instances of indifference of government
to the arts, 2886, 2887. Fine examples
of, in Paris, 2887.
Gradus of the Roman theatre, 226, 227.
Grafton, Duke of house for, in Piccadilly,
by Taylor, 515.
Granada, church at, 368.
Granite, 1668–1672.
of 1669. Not decomposed by acids,
1670. Grey granite or moorstone, 1671.
Peterhead, ib. Weight of different sorts
of 1672.
Grantham, parochial church at, 408. 421.
Gravity, centre of 1242. See “Centre of
Grecians, early buildings of, were palaces
of princes, 137. Described, ib.
Grecian temple, origin of 139.
Grecian architecture, strict meaning, as
distinguished from Roman, 134. No
arches used in, ib.
Grecian identical with columnar architec-
ture, 133.
Greek churches, distribution of, described,
Greenwich Church, by James, 505.
Greenwich Hospital, 2796.
Greenwich Hospital, interior of chapel, by
Stuart, 516.
Greenwich, palace at, 423.
Greenwich, Queen's House at, by Inigo
Jones, 462.
Gregory III. (Pope), arts under, 281.
Greville, Sir Robert, garden front for, near
Gray's Inn, 440.
Grimani palace, Verona, by San Micheli,
Grimsthorpe, Lincolnshire, palace at, 426.
Grinding stone, bricklayer's, 1890.
Groined arches in brickwork, 1903.

Palace at, ib.
Constituent parts

Groined vaulting, 1444–1456. Ready
method of equilibrating, 1457, 1458.
Applied to churches with naves and
aisles, 1459–1463.
Groins, in masonry, 1945, et seq. Where
they intersect in the plane of the diagonal,
1945. Where the narrow opening is a
semicircle, and the wide one a semi-
ellipse, 1946. With two circular vaults
of different heights, 1947, 1948. When
they are of the same height and of
different species, 1949. When a cylin-
drical and conic vault intersect, 1950.
When the centres are made for the widest
avenue, 1951. For rectangular groins,
1952. When several vaults meet in a
common centre, 1953. When the piers
of support are octangular, 1954. Arches
intersecting a coved cieling, 1955.
Groins in masonry, in inclined vaults, 1957,
Groins, to describe parts where the arches
are of unequal height, 2059. To describe,
where the parts are of equal heights,
Groins, ribs for, 2058–2077.
Groove, what, 2104.
Grounds, 2166,2167.
Grounds, value of labour of 2368.
Grozing irons, plumber's, 2212.
Guarini, employed at Prague, 365.
Guildford Castle, 394. 398.
Guiloches, 2817.
Gundulph, introduced ornament to Nor-
man architecture, 395.
Gutter tiles, 1837.
Guttering, value of labour of 2350. .
Gymnasia of the Greeks, parts of them and
plan, 176.

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Hacking knife, glazier's, 2226.
Haddon Hall, Derbyshire, 426.
Hadrian's Villa, walls at, 1535.
Half paces, in stone stairs, 1929.
Hallmann, architect of Hanover, 377.
Halls: at Westminster; Chester; Bristol;
Woodstock ; Beaumont, in Oxford;
Windsor; Eltham; Kenilworth ; Dart-
ington; Crosby, in London; Durham;
Conway; Raby ; Lumley; Swansea ;
Castle Hall, Leicester; Spofforth; Caer-
philly; Warwick; second one, at Swan-
sea; Berkeley, 414.
Halnacre, in Suffolk, 428.
Hamelin's cement, 1863. 1865.
Hammer, bricklayer's, 1890. Plumber's,
2212. Slater's, 221 O.
Hampton Court, Herefordshire, 423.
Hampton Court, gateway at, 427.
Hampton Court, Middlesex, palace at, 426.
Handlinch House, Wilts, portico at, 516.
Handpick, slater's, 3210.
Handrails and curtail step, 21.87–21.92.
Handrail, value of labour of 2368.
Hardwick Hall, date and founder, 446.

Harewood, Lord, his house, by Carr, 514.
Harlaxton Hall, Lincolnshire, 426.
Harlech Castle, 402.
Harmony in architecture, 2509.
Hart, Sir Percival, Lullingstone, Kent,
Haslerigg, Sir William, elevation designed
for, by Thorpe, 440.
Hatched ornament, 397.
Hatchet, 2117.
Hatfield House, 445. 451, 452.
Hatfield Lodge, a plan for, by Thorpe, 440.
Hawarden Castle, 398.
Hawk, plasterer's, 2234.
Hawksmoor, Nicholas, pupil of Wren, ac-
count of, and his works, 499.
Headers, what, 1894.
Heckington, parochial church of 421.
Hedingham Castle, 394. 398.
Height of columns, 2543, et seq.
Hempstead Marshall, finished by Winde,
Hengreave Hall, Suffolk, 426.
Henry III., many religious buildings
founded in his reign, 401.
Herbert, Henry, earl of Pembroke, an
amateur of talent, 508. His works, ib.
Hereford Cathedral, 398. 421. Founders
and dimensions of, 434.
Herodes Atticus, his munificence in archi-
tectural expenditure, 193. Temple of
Neptune in the Isthmus, ib. Theatre at
Corinth, ib. A stadium at Delphi, ib.
A bath at Thermopylae, ib. An aque-
duct at Camusium, ib.
Hever Castle, Kent, 426.
Hexastyle temples, 2528, et seq.
Hexham, cathedral at, 385.
Hieroglyphics in Egyptian architecture,86.
Higham Ferrars, parochial church of 408.
High Church, Edinburgh, alluded to,485.
Hill Hall, Essex, 426.
Hingeing, 2149—2163.
Hinges, different sorts, 2258.
Hiorne, an architect, temp. George III.,
his works, 514.
Hip rafter, what, 2009.
Hip rafters, 2035.
Hip tiles, 1836.
Hips, to find back of 2054.
Hod and board, slater's, 2210.
Hod, bricklayer's, 1890.
Holbein, Hans, and his design of White-
hall Palace, 427,
Holdenby, designed by Thorpe, for Sir
Christopher Hatton, 440.
Holkham, 2997.
Holkham, excellent distribution of plan,
Holkham, in Norfolk, by Kent, 511.
Holland, architect, temp. George III., 521.
Holland House, Kensington, built by
Thorpe for Sir Walter Cooper, 440.452.
Hollow, 2532.
Hollow bricks, 1829.
Holte, Sir Thomas, ground plan for, 440

Holte, Thomas, architect of public schools
at Oxford, 443.
Holy Apostles, church of, at Constan-
tinople, 271.
Holyrood Chapel, finished by James II. of
Scotland, 431.
Hou, of the Chinese, 106.
Hontanon, an architect of Spain, 15th
century, 367.
Horse Guards, designed by Kent, 511.
Horseheath House, Cambridgeshire, by
Webb, 465.
Hospitals, 2973, et seq. What, 2973. Not
known to the ancients, 2974. Ex-
amples of, in Durand's Parallèle des
Edifices, particularly that at Milan,
2795. Of Greenwich and Chelsea,
Hospitium of a Roman house, 251.
Hotel des Invalides at Paris, 359.
Houghton Hall, water-house at, by Earl
of Pembroke, 508.
House of the Forest of Lebanon, 53.
Houses, first, according to Vitruvius, 5.
Houses, first, of the Egyptians, Peruvians,
Houses, present, of the Abyssinians, 5.
Houses in the East, consisting of more
than a single story, 140. Terrace on
the tops of them, ib.
Housing, principal rafters, 2033.
Howard, Earl of Northampton, present
Northumberland House built for, 442.
Howden, conventual church of, 407. 421.
Hull, brick used early as a material at,
Hültz, John, of Cologne, engaged on ca.
thedral at Strasburg, 305.
Human figure, proportions of 2394.
Actions of 2396, et seq. Centre of
gravity of, ib. Motion of 2397. In
running, 2398. In preparing to strike,
2399. In bearing a weight, 2400. In
leaping, 2401. In leaning, 2402. In
flying and falling, 2403.
Hundred of lime, how much, 2303.
Hunsdon House, date and founder, 446.
Hunsdon, palace at, 426.
Hurlers, the, circle of stones in Cornwall,
Hurstmonceaux in Sussex, 423.
Hyperbola, 1083–1094.

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politan, 55. Sir William Jones's opinion
on, ib.
Indra Subba, column of, ib. Apartment of,

Indra, temple of at Ellora, ib.
Infinite decimal fractions, 783–796.
Ingelramme, employed on cathedral of
Notre Dame at Rouen, 516.
Inigo Jones, 425.
Inigo Jones, door by, 2743.
Inigo Jones, window by, 2770.
Inside bead of sash frames, 2147.
Inside linings of sash frames, 21.47.
Insula in Roman domestic architecture,
what, 253.
Integers, properties of, as respects their
divisors, 540–548.
Interaxal divisions in a design, 2842. Pre-
vent false bearings, 2843. Applied to
the Villa Capra, ib. Great use in, 2844.
Used by Gothic architects, 2845. Ob-
ligations to Durand for introduction of,
2846. Number of, in different apart-
ments, 2848. Columns of, how arranged
in apartments, 2849. Applied in de-
signing churches, 2875.
Intercolumniation, 2605, et seq. Dif.
ferent species of, ib. Of the Doric order,
ib. Of the Tuscan order, 2606. Of
the Ionic order, 2607. Of the Co-
rinthian order, 2608. Vignola's prac-
tice, 2610. Cases of wide, 2613. Araeo-
style, 2613. To be of equal width, 2614
Interest, calculation of 797–810. Solution
of problems in, 81 1–815.
Interiors of buildings, beauty of 2504,
Intertie of a partition, 2025.
Invalids, hospital of, at Paris, points of
support of 1581.
Inverted arches in foundations, 1885.
Ionic arcade, 2624. With pedestal, 2630.
Ionic order, intercolumniations of 26O7.
Ionic order, origin of, according to Wi-
truvius, 140.
Ionic order, 2573, et seq. Vignola's pro-
file of 2574. Table of parts of ib.
Parts of, to a larger scale, 2575. Volutes
of, described, 2576. Profile of, by Vi-
truvius, 2577. By Palladio, 2578. By
Serlio, 2579. By Scamozzi, 2580.
Grecian, principal examples of 2581.
In the temple on the Ilyssus, ib.
Table of the parts in the temple on the
Ilyssus, ib.
Ionic order of the Greeks, height of its

columns, 154. Entablature, ib. Bases
of, 156. Volute of, 157.
Ionic order of the Romans, 260. Table of

[blocks in formation]
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