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An Answer to COTTON MATHER'S Abuses of the said People, in his late His-
tory of New England, Printed Anno 1702.

The Whole being at this time Published in the said Peoples' Vindication, as a
Reply to all his Slanderous Calumnies.

And they overcame by the Blood of the Lamb, and by the Word of their Testi-
mony; and they loved not their Lives unto the Death.-Rev. xii. 11.

LONDON, Printed and Sold by T. SowLE, in White-Hart-
Court, in Gracious-Street, 1703.

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N presenting a new edition of New England Judged by the Spirit of the Lord, by GEORGE BISHOP, it seems appropriate to prefix a short account of the author, gathered from brief notices found in the Journal of George Fox and Sewel's History of the Christian People called Quakers.

He appears to have been a resident of Bristol, (England,) and was a captain in the army of the Parliament. In 1654, John Camm and John Audland visited Bristol, and through their ministry GEORGE BISHOP was convinced of the principles of Friends, laid aside his sword, and became a zealous member of that despised and persecuted society. In 1661, while the persecution of Friends in New England was at its height, GEORGE BISHOP published the work by which he is best known, now re-printed in the present volume. A copy of this book was presented to King Charles II., who-after reading Major-General Dennison's sneering reply to some persons that complained of the cruelties which were practiced upon them, "This year ye will go to complain to the Parliament, and the next year they will send to see how it is, and the next year the government is changed,"--said to some who stood by, "Lo, these are my good subjects of New England; but I will put a stop to them.". A mandamus was soon after issued by the King, and a Friend, who had been banished on pain of death, was deputized to convey the same to New England. The persecution of Friends was checked

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