Travels and Researches in Asia Minor: More Particularly in the Province of Lycia

Murray, 1852 - 510 Seiten

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Seite 25 - I testify that there is no deity but God;" " I testify that Mahomet is God's apostle! Come to prayer ; come to security !. God is most great: there is no deity but God!
Seite 35 - Immediately around me were the ruins, extending for miles, undisturbed by any living creature except the goats and kids. On every side lay columns, triglyphs, and friezes of beautiful sculpture, every object speaking of the grandeur of this ancient city. In one place I saw thirty Doric capitals placed up in a line for a fence. I descended towards the sea, and found the whole front of the hill a wilderness of ruined temples, baths, and theatres, all of the best workmanship.
Seite 387 - ... calves that were too young to follow their watchful mothers. Then came the flocks of sheep and the camels each with their young; two or three fine-grown camels bearing piled loads of ploughs, tent-poles, kettles, pans, presses, and all the utensils for the dairy; and amidst this rustic load was always seen the rich Turkey carpet and damask cushions, the pride even of the tented Turk.
Seite 143 - The first object," says Sir C. Fellows, " that strikes the traveller on arriving here is the extreme beauty of the situation of the ancient town, lying between and upon the sides of two hills, with an extensive valley in front, watered by the river Cestrus and backed by the mountains of the Taurus.
Seite 222 - Koran, and my judgment of the religion is therefore formed from its professors, who appear indeed not to be mere professors. That the religion regulates all civil relations and duties, I have been constantly made aware by the replies to my questions, why this thing, or that thing was done ; the invariable answer being that their religion commanded it. The law and the religion being one, are taught together to the children from their infancy ; and on any breach of the duties thus inculcated, the Sultan's...
Seite 222 - It was my constant habit to leave on the outside of my tent the saddles, bridles, cooking apparatus, and everything not required within, where I and my servant slept without the least fear of losing anything, although persons were passing by and gratifying their curiosity by examining my property. I never lost even a piece of string. On noticing this to my servant, a Greek, he excused the honesty of the Turks by saying that their religion did not allow them to steal. There is sufficient temptation...
Seite 25 - Fellows, proclaim their builders, and their situation told who selected it. The site of the theatre is truly Greek. It embraces in its view the city, and the plains of Pergamus with its chain of mountains, and is lit by the rising sun. In the middle of the city, there is a ruin of such extent that it can have been nothing less than the palace of a Roman emperor, and that worthy of an Adrian. The walls of the Turkish houses are full of relics of marble, with ornaments of the richest Grecian art. All...
Seite 459 - When Harpagus led his army towards Xanthus, the Lycians boldly advanced to meet him, and, though inferior in number, behaved with the greatest bravery. Being defeated, and pursued into their city, they collected their wives, children, and valuable effects, into the citadel, and there consumed the whole, in one immense fire.
Seite 446 - F. expressed a wish to recompense the proprietor, and a deputation of Turks proceeded to examine the ground. They reported 'that the seed was uninjured — that if God sent rain it would spring up again, and that no damage was done.
Seite 223 - The national custom, which makes it the privilege of the son to do the offices of an attendant to his father, instils into the character of the people the duty of honouring parents. In every relation and circumstance in which I saw them, in their families and among strangers, love and kindness to one another seemed to prevail : sincerity banishes suspicion, and honesty and candour beget openness in all their dealings.

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