A hand-book for cement users

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Charles Carroll Brown
Municipal Engineering Company, 1905 - Technology & Engineering - 369 pages

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Page 51 - A moist closet consists of a soapstone or slate box, or a metallined wooden box— the metal lining being covered with felt and this felt kept wet. The bottom of the box is so constructed as to hold water, and the sides are provided with cleats for holding glass shelves on which to place the briquettes. Care should be taken to keep the air in the closet uniformly moist.
Page 263 - Dyckerhoff brand, and capable of withstanding a tensile strength of 400 pounds to the square inch after having been three hours in .air and seven days in water, and shall be mixed in the proportion of one part of cement to three parts of crushed granite. The crushed granite shall consist of irregular, sharp-edged pieces, so broken that each piece will pass through a threefourths (%) of an inch ring in all its diameters, and which shall be entirely free from dust or dirt.
Page 76 - This term is applied to the finely pulverized product resulting from the calcination to incipient fusion of an intimate mixture of properly proportioned argillaceous and calcareous materials, and to which no addition greater than 3 per cent has been made subsequent to calcination.
Page 47 - The thoroughly dried and coarsely screened sample is weighed and placed on the No. 200 sieve, which, with pan and cover attached, is held in one hand in a slightly inclined position, and moved forward and backward, at the same time striking the side gently with the palm of the other hand, at the rate of about 200 strokes per minute. The operation is continued until not more than one-tenth of I per cent.
Page 51 - F.) and upward. The test pieces should be allowed to remain 24 hours in moist air before immersion in water or steam, or preservation in air.
Page 48 - The setting is said to have commenced when the needle ceases to pass a point 5 mm. (0.20 in.) above the upper surface of the glass plate, and is said to have terminated the moment the needle does not sink visibly into the mass.
Page 53 - The paste is of normal consistency when the cylinder penetrates to a point in the mass 10 mm. (0.39 in.) below the top of the ring. Great care must be taken to fill the ring exactly to the top.
Page 57 - ... solution of barium chloride shall be added slowly, drop by drop, from a pipette and the boiling continued until the precipitate is well formed. The solution shall be digested on the steam bath until the precipitate has settled.
Page 75 - The cement shall be stored in such a manner as to permit easy access for proper inspection and identification of each shipment, and in a suitable weather-tight building which will protect the cement from dampness.
Page 77 - ... or artificial, of argillaceous with calcareous substances, the calcined product to contain at least 1.7 times as much of lime, by weight, as of the materials which give the lime its hydraulic properties, and to be finely pulverized after said calcination, and thereafter additions or substitutions for the purpose only of regulating certain properties of technical importance to be allowable to not exceeding 2 per cent of the calcined product.

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