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Flugel's German Dictionary, 2 vols. 21.
Jacotot's System of Instrnction, 2s.
Dublin University Examinations, 8vo, 8s.
Croker's Latin Subjunctive, 4s.
Miss Venning's Mineralogy, 4s. 6d.



Keller's Panorama of the Lakes, Moun

tains, and Picturesque Scenery of Switzerland, as viewed from the summit of

Mont Righi, plain 12s., col. 11. 4s. Optics (Library of Useful Knowledge),

8yo, 4s. 6d. Strutt's Sylva Britannica, Imr. 8vo, 31. 3s. De la Beche's Geological Phenomena,

4to, 21. 2s. Francour's Hydrostatics translated, 8vo,

5s, 6d. Maycock’s Flora Barbadensis, 8vo, 18s. Murray's Researches in Natural History,

2d edition, 6s. Murray's Aerial Electricity, 2d edition, 6s.

Engraving3 illustrative of Italy, Imp.

21. 12s. 6d. Laurent's Antient Geography, 8vo, 14s. A Guide to Jersey and Guernsey, with

brief Notices of Alderney, Sark, &c. by B. H. Draper, 12mo, price 3s.



Ewart's Biographical Sketches, 8vo. 10s. 6d.
Marshall's Naval Biography Supplement,

part 4th, 15s.
Life of Romney, 21. 2s.

Dissection of the Saxon Chronicle, 12mo,

10s. 6d. Mc Neil on the Jews, 7s. Mackintosh's History of England(Lardner's

Cyclopædia) vol. 1.



Parke's American Law, 8vo, 12s. The Ingrate's Gift, a Dramatic Poem in 5 Pocket Lawyer, 6s. acts, 12mo.

Burke's Law and Government of Rome, The Fifth of November, supposed to be 2d edition, 10s. 60. written by Shakespeare, 3s. 6d.

Petersdorf's Law Student's Common-place

Book, 4to, 18s.

Lee on Points, Appeals, 12mo, 8s.

Pocket Dictionary of the Law of Elections, Glenrock's Sunday School, 12mo, 5s.

12mo, 5s. VOL. XIV.

2 s

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Johnson's Essays, with Remarks on Com

position, 12mo, 5s. 6d. Burridge's Budget of Truth, 7s. 6d. Journal of a Tour by Juan De Vega, 2

vols. 8vo, 11. 6s.
Juvenile Rambler, 18mo, 2s.
Ingram's Matilda, 8vo, 12s.
Annual Register, 1829, 8vo, 16s.
Light on the Poor, 6s.

Protestant Rector, 18mo, 2s. 6d.
Borker's Tributes to the Dead, 12mo, 3s.
Berthwick on the Second Advent, 12mo,

3, 6d.
Jenour's Isaiah, ad vol. 12s.
Russell on the Millennium, 12mo, 7s. 6d.
Pulpit, vol. 14, 7s. 6d.
Douglas's Errors in Religion, 8vo, 8s.
Baxter's Works, 23 vols. 8vo, 121. 12s.
Baxter's Life and Times, 2 vols. 8vo, 11. ls.
Vincent's Sermons, 12mo, 6s.
Grant's Lectures on the Prodigal Son.
Berrington and Kirk's Faith of the Catho-

lics, 8vo, 12s. bds.


Dependants, by the author of Little Sophy,

8vo, 7s.

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Aorta, that of a whale, 601
Apocalypse, Lectures on the, by Mr. Jones,

245—difficulty of expounding the, 246_

a key to suggested, 251
Arabs, the, of the Desert, 213-laws re-

specting robbery, 216—-character of, 220

--faculty of tracing footsteps, 221
Arabian Nights, 570
Argostoli, Lord Byron's arrival at, 477
Armenians, The, by C. Mac Farlane, 274
Asmer, an Arab amusement, 218
Assurances, Life, Rankin on, 464
Astronomy, a poem, 467
Atlas, Family Cabinet, 306
Auldjo, (J.) his ascent to the top of Mont

Blanc, 286
Autobiography of Sir W. Scott, 347


Academy of Science at Paris, 471

Royal, sixty-second exhibition
of, 232
Adams, the American sailor, 26
Administrators, plain instructions to, 309
Adra, a poem, by G. P. R. James, 131
Adventure, a perilous one, 336
Advocate, the legal, 14
Affairs of the Nation, represented to the
Duke of Wellington, 307

of Greece, 375
Africa, Cailliès Travels to Central, 26
Air, effect of the rarity of, 294
Album Verses, 529
Alfred, beautiful reflections on his charac-

ter, 552
Alexander, Emperor of Russia, account of

his illness and death, 446—-post mortem

examination of, 448
Algiers, narrative of a residence in, 614–

Dey of, 615
Allies, generous conduct of to Greece, 376

-treaty between, 379
Alpine Scenery, 292—298
Amusements in the West Indies, 373

of the Chinese, 345

of the Arabs, 218
Animals susceptible of rabies, 492
Anstey, (C.) his New Bath Guide, 469
Antiquaries, Society of, 154

-, errors of both Whig and Tory,
Anti. Draco, 612
Anti-Slavery Reporter, Mr. Mackenzie's
attack on,

Antichrist means the Church of England, 248

Bacov, the sculptor, anecdotes of, 414
Ballads, ancient Celtic, 561
Banks, the sculptor, anecdote of, 411
Baptism, Brazilian ceremony of, 99
Barker, (E. H.) his American Class Book,

Barony, The, by Miss A. M. Porter, 285
Battaue, account of one in Sweden, 45
Bayley, (F. W. N.) his Four Years' Resi-

dence in the West Indies, 360
Bear, account of the Scandinavian, 41-
hunt of, 45-anecdotes of, 47

-s, their usefulness, 340
Bedouins, (see Arabs).
Beechey, (Sir Wm.) his picture of Psyche,

Benedictines, the, their liberality to Bent-

ley, 332


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Bentley, (Richard) Life of, 317–birth and Byron, anecdotes of, 501

parentage, 319-his Phalaris, 323–his -, (Lord) Kennedy's conversations
conduct as Master of Trinity College at with on Religion, 475—his arrival at
Cambridge, 325—his emendations of Argostoli, 477—his religious principles,
Horace, 326—his scheme for republish 480—his Cain, 483.-remarks concern-
ing the Greek Testament, 329_impar ing his wife and daughter, 487
tial summary of his character, 332
Bible, Guide to the practical reading of,
Birds, mode of killing, in Scandinavia, 40

398-seasons indicated by, 401–
petty chaps, 405 — nightingale, 406 Cain, the Wanderer, 129
(see Lloyd)

-account of some Brazilian Cairo, the slave market of, 4
ones, 99—their ingenuity in building Caius, 601
nests, 195-wild in Kamtchatka, 340 Cambridge, disgusting history of one of its
Bishop of London on the Neglect of the colleges, 325
Lord's Day, 300

Camel, traits in the natural history of, 219
Blakiston, (Mr.) 470

Cameleopard, 155
Bleeding, practice of, in the plague, 603 Canine madness, 449
Blood, circulation of the, 601

Canning, (Mr.) his favourite authors, 570
Blunt, (Elijah) his History of the Jews, Capercali, account of, 49

Capital punishment, abolition of, in Russia,
(Rev. J. J.) his Veracity of the 340
Five Books of Moses, 150

Capo d'Istrias, (Count) 391
Book of the Priesthool, 467

Capuchin, a sermon of one, 581
Bonpland, (M. Aimè) 154

Caravan, description of an Arab, 11-ano-
Botany, Medical, 102

ther, 34
-, patronage of, by the East lodia

Carpenter, (w.) his guide to the practical
Company, 202

reading of the Bible, 305
Borde, (Andrew) 601

Casket, The story of, 417
Bourke, (Miss) her Prince of Killarney, 613 Casuistry, knotty point in, 254
Boyd, (W.C.) his Guide to Italy, 613 Cathedral, account of that of Bristol, 140
Boyle's Examination, 324

Cattle, the, of Sweden, 42
Boyle, 536

Cayes, account of, 168
Brady, (J. H.) his Instructions to Execu Cayley, (E. S.) on Commercial Economy,
tors and Administrators, 309

Braganza, House of, law of the succession Cedars, of Lebanon, 9
of, to the throne of Portugal, 146

Chancellor, description of the possible
Bray, (Mrs.) her Fitz of Fitzford, 285

embarrassments of one, 22
Brazil, Notices of, by Dr. Walsh, 83 Chantrey, the sculptor, 414
Breaking the enemy's line, 494

Chapman, his version of Homer, 223
Bridges, ice, account of, 293

China, account of its moral and social con-
Briggs, (Mr.) his picture of Inez de Castro dition, 344-dinner customs in, 346
parted from her children, 238

wine of, 347
Brighton, climate of, 58

Chivalry, account of, by Sir James Mack-
Bristol, account of the cathedral of, 140 intosh, 562

(Earl of) Bishop of Derry, 494 Christchurch, corporation of, 180
British Naturalist, second volume, 391 Christian Expositor, 468
Sculptors, 408

Christianity, conversations on, 479
Britton, (John) his Anstey's Bath Guide, Christian church, establishment of, 553

469 his account of the Cathedral of Christmas, customs at, in Dalecarlia, 51
Bristol, 140

Christophe, Emperor of Haiti, account of
Browne, (M. A ) Poems by, 134

his death, 170-bis citadel, 171
(Sir T.) 602

Church, (Gen:) his Observations on the
Brooke, (Miss) her fragments of Irish Frontier of Greece, 375–389
poetry, 561

of England, hostility to, 247—
Bucke, (Charles) his Julio Romano, 66 supposed prophecy of the fall of, 248
Bulgarry, (Count) his account of Greece,

establishment of the Christian,

Burckhardt, (J. L.) his Notes on the Be Cibber, a sculptor, 409
douins and Wahabys, 213

Citadel, the, of Christophe the 1st, 171

Circulation, the, of the blood, 601
Butter, consumption of, in Siberia, 343

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Clark, (Dr. James) on the influence of cli Damer, (Mrs.) 415
mate in Disease, 55

Dalton, (Mr.) his experiments on evapora -
Class Book, the American New First, 306 tion, 541
Classics, introduction to the study of the Dandy, a Chinese, 345
Greek, 468

Daru, (P.) his Poem of Astronomy, 467
Clergy, account of those of Brazil, 93 Dawlish, danger of its neighbourhood, 60
Clergyman, duties of, 524

Deakin, (N. C.) Poenis by, 136
Climate, influence of, in disease, 55

Death, Hindoo ceremonies at, 201
of the West Indies, 363—of Eng Denman, (Dr.) letter of, 608
land, 57—of France, 62—Italy, 64 De Montfort, (Sir) the institutor of Parlia-
estimate of the effects of, 65

ment, 566
Clouds, thunder, 546

De Rigny, (Adm.) his Report on the State
Coals, supply of, 312

of Greece, 378
Cockney school, the, 529

Derry, (Bishop of) 494
Codrington, (Sir E.) defence of, 383 De Saussure, his ascent of Mont Blanc,
Coke, (Mr.) his agricultural management,


Desert, account of the Arabs of the, 213
Colchicum, 106

Devonshire, climate of, 59
Cold mixtures, receipt for making, 539 Dew, account of the formation of, 538
Coleridge, (H. N.) his introduction to the Dick, (Mr.) his suspension rail-way, 615
study of the Greek classics, 468

Dictionary, Topographical, 305
-, (Mr.) 355

Diet, opening of the Swiss, 615
Colombia, constitution of, 154

Dinner, a Chinese, 346
Colonization, proposal for, 151

Disease, the influence of climate upon, 55
Columbus, Life of, 142

Divorces, facility of, amongst the Arabs, 215
Commercial Economy, Cayley on, 466 Dobell, (Peter) his Travels in Kamtchatka
Conspiracy, the late Russian, 445

and Siberia, 335
Constantine of Russia, 592

Dobson, (Dr.) his experiments on evapora-
Constantinople, beautiful approach to, 439 tion, 541
Constellation, description of one, 86 Doddridge, (P.) 3d vol. of Diary of, 203
Constitution, British, early stages of, 554 -love making, 205—love letters, 209–
Consumption, (see Climate)

rules for spending his time, 211
Controversy, curious mode of conducting, Dog, fine for killing one, 216

the sheep, in France, 618
Controversies, mode of conducting, in for Dogs, (see Hydrophobia)-symptoms of
mer times, 322

madness in, 461
Convent of Mount Horeb, 442

the chief animals of draught in
a lay, 527

Kamtchatka, 338
Conversations on Religion with Lord Don Juan, defence of, 483
Byron, 475

Donoghue, a Poem, 613
Cookery in China, 344

Doom of Devorgoil, by Sir W. Scott, 125
Correspondence and Diary of P. Doddridge, Doyle, (Martin) his Irish Cottagers, 505
3d vol., 203

Drama, publication of New Series of Old,
Cottagers, Irish, some account of, 508

Cotton cloth of India, 199

(see Bucke)
Courtship in Scotland, 282

the Chinese, 345
Courts, Ecclesiastical, of England, 528 Dread of water in hydrophobia, 456_463
Cowper, (Wm.) his translation of Homer, Dream, a singular one, 611
224—and dogma concerning, ib.

Dress in the West Indies, 372
Creole ladies, 368

of the Hindoo females, 199
Crimea, Webster's Travels to the, 434

of the Jews, 254
Criminal code of the Bedouins, 216

Drugs, adulteration of, 615
Criticism, modern, 233

Dufay, (Mr.) his experiments ou dew, 538
Cross of the South, description of, 86
Cullen, (Dr.) 606—his theory, 607
Cumberland, the Princess of, 156

Cunningham, (Allan) his Lives of British
Sculptors, 408

EAGLF, fondness of for fish, 48
Curses, terrible Jewish ones, 255

East India Company, their patronage of

botany, 202

Ecclesiastical Polity, the, of Hooker, 149

Elders, Jewish, of Poland, their exactions;

DAMASCU3, the gate of Mecca, 10

Elective franchise, 612

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