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Freedom, religious, 211
Friars, account of those of Terra Santa, 7
Frost, (Mr.) Director of the Medico-Bo.

tanical Society, 102
Fugitives, The, by Edward Lane, 285
Fuller, (J.) Travels in the Turkish Empire,

by, 1

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Electricity, science of, 535--atmospheric,

Elements of Natural History, 144
Employment Fund Societies, suggestions

for, 616
England, Mackintosh's History of, 546

climate of, 57
Ensyrians, 11
Escalier, the, account of, 169
Eton School, number of boys at, 314
Eton, observations on, 614
Etty, (Mr.) account of one of his pictures,

Evaporation, account of the process of, 540
Evergreens, natural history of, 400
Ewing, (T.) his system of geography, 151
Execution, account of, at Haiti, 174
Executors, plain instructions to, 309
Exhibition at the Royal Academy for 1830,

Exiles in Siberia, 340
Eyston, (Chas.) his reasons for a parlia-

mentary reform, 147

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FAHRENHEIT, account of, 537
Falk, (Mr.) his account of Swedish bat-

tues, 47
Familiar Treatise on Life Assurances and

Annuities, 464
Family Cabinet Atlas, 306
Family Library, 142
Fecundity, human, 98
Felton, (S.) his portraits of authors on gar-

dening, 469
Females, dress of the Hindbo, 199-partu-

rition of the Arab, 215
Fever, the West Indian, 364
Field Sports of the North of Europe, 39
Fine for killing a dog, 216
Fishing in Sweden, 48-account of the fly-

ing fish, 85
Fitz of Fitzford, by Mrs. Bray, 285
Flame, nature of, 543
Flaxman, the sculptor, Life of, 415—

attachment to his wife, 417_his lec-
tures, 418--his personal character and

habits, 419
Flora, the, of India, 202
Florence, climate of, 64
Flower boats of China, 345
Flowers, perfumes of, 397
Food, staple, of the Hindoos, 200
Footsteps, faculty of tracing, 221
Forgery, capital punishment in cases of,

Forster, (Dr.) his Letters of Locke, Sid-

ney, and Shaftesbury, 422
Fothergill, (Dr.) 605
Four Years Residence in the West Indies,

France, climate of, 62

GAME OF Life, The, by L. Ritchie, 284

scarcity of, in Norway and Sweden,
Ganges, waters of, used in Hindoo cere.

monies, 201
Gardening, English authors in, 469
Genoa, climate of, 64,
Gentleman, first use of the word, 569
Geographical Institution, new one in Lon-

don, 313
Geography, Ewing's System of, 151-
Stewart's Compendium of, ib.

--, the Natural, of Europe, 145
George the Fourth, death of, 470
Gibbons, first English sculptor, 408
Gilpin Horner, 354
Glacier, description of one, 289
Goderich Ministry, its weakness, 380
Gooch, (Dr.) anecdote of, 609—letter of

on the death of his son, 610
Gordon, (Pryse) his Personal Memoirs,

Gorton, (J.) his Topographical Dictionary,

Government, British, weak policy of, 384

Gower, (Lord F.) his poetry, 570
Greece, affairs of, 375–her revolution,

377-protocol of the 3d February, 1830,

386—frontier of, 389
Greek Classics, introduction to the study
of, 468

Question, considerations on, 439
Grossbeak, its nest, 195
Guaco, a plant, 154
Guide to the practical reading of the Bible,



HAITI, Notes on, by C. Mackenzie, 159
Hamel, (Dr.) his ascent of Mont Blanc,

Hamilton, (Lady) anecdotes of, 495
Hanbury, (B.) his Ecclesiastical Pulity of

Hooker, 149
Harámy, account of, 216
Hare, custom respecting, in Sweden, 52
Harvey the physician, 6014602
Hastings, climate of, 58

-> (Warren) scene of the trial of,


to, 445

Hawking in Syria, 11
Hay-field, description of, 407
Healths, drinking, in China, 347
Heat, science of, 535
Heber, (Bishop) Life of, by his Widow,

517—Last Days of, by Mr. Robinson,
ib.-- his parentage, 518-bis conduct as
a rector, 521-524—his departure from

Hedge-schools in Ireland, 121
Hetherington, (w.) Dramatic Sketches,

by, 127
Himalaya, account of the mountains of,

Hindoos, obstacles to the improvement of,

197—personal appearance of, 198–dress
of the female, 199-food, 200---ceremo-

nies at death, 201
History, Irish, 561
Holden, (George) his Christian Expositor,

Homer, Sotheby's version of the Iliad of,

Hong merchants, custom of, 346
Hook, (Dr.) his discoveries, 537
Horace, Bentley's emendations of, 326
Horeb, Mount of 442
Houses, the, of Odessa, 597
Howard, (John) bis Systematic Zoology,

Hoyle, (Mr.) his experiments on evapora-

tion, 541
Humphreys, (J. D.) his Correspondence

and Diary of Dr. Doddridge, 203
Hunter, (Dr. W.) 607
Hydrophobia, Murray on, 449-origin of,

450—how propagated, 451-laws of the
agency of, 452-454—-supposed seat of,
455-proposal to prevent, 459_mode of
treating the disease, 460-472-case of,

JAGO, (R. H.) his Letter on a Commuta-

tion of Tythes, 304
James, (G. P. R.) his Poem of Adra, 131
Jefferys, (Mrs.) of Bath, 187
Jenné, account of, 30
Jennings, (Miss) 205
Jerusalem, curious reasons for a journey
Jews, account of their state in Poland, 252

-marriages of, 253-costume of, 254
curses of, 255—causes of the blindness
of, 257-necessity of an inquiry into the
principles of British, 258

Disabilities of, 106

Fact relating to, 471.
Jones, (w.) his lectures on the Apocalypse,

245-bis abhorrence of the Church of
England, 246-his view of the prophe-

cies of St. John, 250
Jugglers, Indian, anecdote of, 184-the

swing of, 201
Julio Romano, an epic drama, 61
Juvenile prodigy, 320


KAMTCHATKA, Travels in, 335
Kennedy, (Dr.) Conversations of, with

Lord Byron on religion, 475-notions of
on the subject, 476_his exclusive doc-

trines, 485--ludicrous story of, 487
Kenny, (W.S.) his Why and Because, 309
Kidd, (Mr.) account of a picture, by, 243
King's Own, a Novel, 263
King, (Lady Isabella) her Convent, 527
Kings, Saxon, 556m-derivation of the word,




ICE, bad for wine, 540
India, Picture of, 191-eastern coast, 193

-natural history of, 194--population of,

Inez de Castro, tragical history of, 238
Insane persons, 616
Invalids, directions for those about to tra-

vel, 65
Ireland, national pastimes of, 117-hedge.
schools of, 121

Hints for the Improvement of,
Irish Cottagers, The, 505
Isle of Wight, climate of, 59
Italy, Guide to, 613

LADIES, West Indian, 365-368
Ladies' Association, 527
Lady of the Lake, account of, 356
Laing, (Major) his death, 29

(Mr.) his exposure of the deception
of Ossian's poems, 560
Lakes, Leigh's Guide to, 306
Lamb, (Charles) his Album Verses, 529
Lane, (Edw.) his Fugitives, 285
Language, the, of the Anglo-Saxons, 558
Lansdowne, (Marquis of) strange anecdote

concerning his family, 188
Lardner, (Dr.) his Cabinet Cyclopædia,

Lark, account of, 398
Lawrence, (Sir T.) account of some of his

portraits, 243



Law Library, the Tradesman's, 149
Laws, curious, of the Arabs, 217
Lawyer, Life of, 13
Lay of the Last Minstrel, 355
Leake, (Col. W. M.) his Travels in the

Morea, 1
Le Brock, (Rev. Mr.) anecdote of, 185
Lectures on the Apocalypse, 245

Flaxman's, on sculpture, 418
Leigh's Guide to the Lakes, 306--Picture

of London, 310
Lempriere, (W.) Lectures on Natural His-

tory, by, 152
Leopold, (Prince) application of the Greek

government to, 387—impolitic conduct
of, after having been appointed King of
Greece, 388-cause of his declining the

government, 391
Letter on the present neglect of the Lord's
Day, 300

-s of Locke, Sidncy, and Shaftesbury,
Lewis, (Monk) some account of, 350
Levi and Sarah, a Tale, 251
Liegemen, their attendance on the Wite-

nagemote, 557
Licenser, Dramatic, follies of, 154-313
Life Assurances, Rankin on, 464
Life of a Lawyer, 13
Lightning and thunder, 544
Linacre, 601
Lingard, (Dr.) his History of England,

Literary Recollections, by R. Warner, 177

-Fuud Charity, 313
Literature of the West Indies, 373
Lives of British Sculptors, 408

of British Physicians, 600
Lloyd, (L.) his Field Sports of the North

of Europe, 39
Locke, Original Letters of, 422-light

thrown on his religious opinions, 425–

letter of condolence from, 427
London, corporation of, 603

Picture of, 310
Lord of the Isles, account of, 358
Lous, (African savages) account of, 33
Love-making, specimen of art in, 205

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Macpherson, the publisher of Ossian, 560
Madden, (R. R.) his Mussulman, 267

(Mr.) his experiment on a ser.
pent's poison, 453
Madness, canine, (see Hydrophobia)
Magna Charta, eulogy of, by Sir J. Mack-

intosh, 564
Mainwaring, (Mrs.) her Suttee, 613
Mamlouks, account of, in Egypt, 5
Man, important principle relating to, 5
Manchester, salubrity of, 57
Manners, Brazilian, 971

--, Traits of Irish, 117
Manufactures, British, amount of, exported

to India, 198
Marmion, account of, 355
Marriage, advice to a Turkish girl on, 273

-, amongst the Jews, 253

necessity of encouraging it in
the West Indies, 367
Matthias, (Mrs.) her Natural Geography

of Europe, 145
Maude, (T.) the Traveller's Lay, by, 138
May-day, carol for, 526
Maynwaring, his translation of Homer,

Meadow saffron, 106
Measures, poetic, in English, 353
Mecca, gate of, 10
Medicines, effects of particular ones, 455
Medico-Botanical Society, 192
Midwifery, practice of, 607
Miguel, (Don) rights of, 145
Miller, ( Edmund) the opponent of Bentley,

Mill, Schiller's Tale of the, 587
Mineralogy, rudiments of, 614
Minister of religion, 204
Mohammedan religion, 438
Monk, (Dr.) his Life of Bentley, 317
Monks, the Benedictine, their readiness to

assist Bentley, 330
Mont Blanc, narrative of an ascent to the

summit of, 286
Montagu, (H. W.) a poem by, 139
Montgomery, (Robert) 311
Montmorenci, a poem, 139
Moore, (T.) misrepresentation by, 311
Morea, Leake's Travels in, 1
Mortality, principal tables of, 464-hints

for the formation of, 465
Morton, (Dr.) his Travels in Russia, 590
Mountains, the descent from high ones

more fatiguing than the ascent of, 300
Moses, veracity of the Five Books of, 150
Moxon, (Mr.) plan for setting up, 529
Mullah, the Mohammedan, 438
Mulready, the artist, anecdote of, 411
Mummy, account of a false one, 444
Munchausen, a modern, 181
Murray, (John) his remarks on hydropho.

bia, 449

Mac DIARMID, (J.) his Sketches from

Nature, 303
Mac Farlane, bis Armenians, 274
Mac Kenzie, (C.) his Notes on Haiti, 152

-his feelings on slavery, 167
Mackintosh, (Sir J.) his History of Eng-

land, 546—faults of, 548—beauties of,
552—his reflections on the character of
Alfred, 552_on the establishment of the
Christian church, 553


Music, the, of the winds, 394
Mussulman, The, by R. R. Madden, 267


NAPLES, climate of, 65
Narrative of a Residence in Algiers, 614
National Debt, proposal to the ladies to

cause it to be paid, 310
Natural history, (see Lloyd, Walsh, Lem-

priere, Howard, India, Mac Diarmid,

Rhind, British Naturalist)
Naturalist, the British, 393
Navarino, battle of, justified, 383
Negro character, 87
Nelson, Life of, 142

(Lord) anecdote of, 495
Nerves of respiration, 456
Nervous disorders, peculiar to Roman la-

dies, 65
Netherlands, language of, 469
Neutrality, new species of one, proposed

by England, 380
New Bath Guide, 469
Newmarket meetings occasiou breaches of

the Sabbath, 302
Newnham, (Mr.) his account of Mr. Web-

ster's death, 435
Newspapers, 471

of the West Indies, 368
Newton, (Mr.) account of some of his

paintings, 244
Nice, climate of, 64
Niemcewicz, (J. U.) his Polish tale, 251
Nightingale, À06
Nile, scenery on the banks of, 3
Nilsson, (Professor) his account of the

Scandinavian bear, 41
Nollekens, the sculptor, account of, 412
Northern field sports, 39
Notes on Haiti, by C. Mackenzie, 159

on the Bedouins and Wahabys,
Novels, recent, 259
Nuevus Maternus, (see Hare)

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PACCARD, (Dr.) the first to ascend Mont

Blanc, 286
Palestine, a Poem, by Bishop Heber, 519
Parliament, institutor of, 565—changes in

the constitution of, traced, 566
Parry, (Dr.) 608
Parturition amongst the Arab women, 214
Paul Clifford, a novel, 260
Pauline Buonaparte, anecdote of, 416
Peasantry, Irish, traits and stories of, 110
Peasantry, the Irish, 505
Pedro, (Don, Emperor of Brazil) some ac.

count of his family, 90—his person and

habits, 101
Peerage, the Scottish, 152
Penzance, climate of, 61
Perfumes of nature, 397
Personal Memoirs, by P. Gordon, 489
Pettychaps, 405
Phalaris, Bentley's essay on,

Pharmacopoeias, 104
Physicians, Lives of British, 600
Pictures, warning to purchasers of, 498
Picture of India, 191

of London, 310

-s, puffing of, 232-account of the
62d annual exhibition of at Somerset

House, 233
Pilgrim of the Hebrides, a poem, 138

s to Mecca, 10
Piso, curious fact relating to, 64
Plague, the, of 1665, 603
Plain Instructions to Executors and Admi.

nistrators, 309
Plants, their medical efficacy, 104
Plays, account of some national ones in

Ireland, 117
Poem, by J. C. Smith, 362
Poetry, Minor, 123
Poets, their injustice to each other, 303
Poison, the, of Hydrophobia, 452—of the

horned serpent, 453—of the rattlesnake,

Pope, his translation of Homer, 225
Population, connexion of tables of mor-
tality with, 465

of India, 196
Porson, (Professor) anecdotes of, 496—his

marriage, 497
Port-au-Prince, social intercourse of 163

commerce of, 165
Portfolio of the Martyr Student, 137
Porter, (Miss A. M.) her Barony, 285
Portraits of English authors on gardening,

Portugal, law of the succession to the

throne of, 145
Pringle, (Dr.) 605
Priesthood, Book of the, 467

Obean in the West Indies, 373
Observations on the Frontier of Greece, by

Gen. Church, 375
O'Connor, (Dr. C.) his Chronicles of Ire-

Octosyllabic verse, 353
Odessa, description of, 595_houses of, 597
O'Leary, (Father) anecdote of, 492
Oliver Cromwell, a poem, 132
Ordeal, account of that used in Africa, 38
Ossian, Poems of, a deception, 560

Proctor, (Mr.) 529
Prodigy, juvenile, 320
Prognostication, perfection of the Kam-

tchatdales in, 338
Protocols relating to Greece, 375–386
Puffing pictures as well as hooks, 232
lPulse, effect of great elevations upon,




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RAB'AT, account of, 216
Rabies, (see Hydrophobia)
Radcliffe, (Dr.) his principle, 605
Radiation of Heat, 538
Rail-way, suspension, 616
Rain, indications of, in spring, 395_Dr.

Thomson on, 542
Rankia, (R.) ou Life Assurances, 464
Reform, Parliamentary, reasons for, 147
Reis Effendi, conduct of, during the nego-

tiation about Greece, 381
Religion, conversations on, with Lord
Byron, 475

Mohammedan, 438

state of, in England, 203
Remarks on hydrophobia, 449
Representative principle, early history of,

,' S.

566min different countries, 567—its

operation on society, 568
Respiration, nerves of, 456
Revelations, (see Apocalypse)
Rhind, (w.) his studies in natural his-

Rhyme, English, capability of, 224
Rio de Janeiro, description of, 87-bishop

of, 92-population, 95
Ritchie, (L.) his Game of Lifo, 284
Roads of Odessa, 598
Robber, curious policy of the Arabs to-

wards, 216
Robinson, (Rev. T.) his Last Days of

Bishop Heber, 517
Rodney, (Admiral) anecdote of, 494
Rokeby, account of, 358
Romances, The, of Chivalry, fate of,

Romantic Stanza, 353
Rome, climate of, 65--peculiar affection of

the ladies of, ib.
Rouge et Noir, a poem, 150
Roubiliac, account of, 409
Russia, Travels in, by Dr. Morton, 590

-, (Emperor of) account of the last
moments of, 446

legislative policy of, 341

policy of, explained in the war
with Turkey, 384

SABBATH Day, neglect of, 300
Sanctorio, inventor of the thermometer, 536
Saxons, Anglo-Kings of, 556—their Wite-

nagemote, 557—their language, 558
St. Domingo, some account of, 172
St. Gothard, Mount, 616
St. John, Revelations of, attempt to ex.

pound, 245
Scandinavia, account of the bears of, 41
Schiller, his Wallenstein's Camp, 570
Schools, Irish hedge, 121
Scotch Grocer in London, 490
Scotland, courtship in, 282
Scott, (Sir Walter) his autobiography, 347

-his first poetical essay, 350—his reso-
lution, 351–his early poetry, 354—not
a partizan of his own poetry, 357_result
of his labours questioned, 359—his visit

to Waterloo, 503
Sculptors, Lives of Eminent British, 408
Sculpture, 408—Flaxman's Lectures on,

Sea, cannot be seen from the top of Mont

Blanc, 297
Seasons described, 393—401–404
Sects, variety of, 203
Senate, The, a Poem, 614
Sermon, singular one, 581
Serpent, horned, poison of, 453
Shaftesbury, (Lord) Original Letters of,

422—428 -- admonitions of, 429—his

prescription, 433
Shee, (Mr.) his picture of Lavinia, 241

-, (Mr. jun.) his picture of the disco-
very of Canıilla by Gil Blas, 240
Sheep, the mountain, account of, 338
Shepherd, (Rev. W.) Poems by, 132
Shepherd and his dog in France, 618
Shiregemotes, account of, 557
Siberia, Travels in, 335-exiles in, 340

account vf, 343
Sidney, original letters of, 422
Sillery, (C. D.) bis Vallery, a poem,

Simos, account of, 36
Sirocco, account of the Egyptian,
Skall, a northern sport, 44
Sketches from Nature, by J. Mc Diarmid,

Slavery in Haiti, 167

in Turkey, 4
Slaves, West India, 361
Small pox, singular case of, 153
Smellie, (Dr.) 607
Smith, (J. C.) a poem by, 362
Society, Medico-Botanical, 102_ of the

West Indies, distinctions in, 365-de-
cessity of reform of, 367

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