Library of American Fiction...: The transferred ghost. A martyr to science. Mrs. Knollys. A dinner party. The Mount of sorrow. Sister Silvia

Success Company, 1904

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Seite 144 - He putteth forth his hand upon the rock ; he overturneth the mountains by the roots. He cutteth out rivers among the rocks ; and his eye seeth every precious thing.
Seite 125 - MY thoughts on awful subjects roll, Damnation and the dead ; What horrors seize the guilty soul Upon a dying bed ! 2. Ling'ring about these mortal shores, She makes a long delay ; Till, like a flood, with rapid force, Death sweeps the wretch away.
Seite 74 - ... cannily upward from below. Finally it grew dark ; then there was less talking. It was full night when they went in, she leaning on his arm and looking up ; and the moonbeam on the snowy shoulder of the Glockner, twenty leagues away, came over, straightway, from the mountain to her face. Three days later, Charles Knollys, crossing with her the lower portion of the Pasterzen glacier, slipped into a crevasse, and vanished utterly from the earth.
Seite 86 - This was all she would have inscribed ; he was but lost ; no one knew that he was dead. "Was he not yet to be found ? There was no grassy mound beside it; the earth was smooth. Not even the date was there. But Mrs. Knollys never went to read it. She waited until he should come ; until that last journey, repeating the travels of their wedding-days, when she should go to Germany to bring him home. So the woman's life went on in England, and the glacier in the Alps moved on slowly ; and the woman waited...
Seite 73 - This is a little height, threecornered, between three lakes ; a natural Belvedere for Central Europe. Mr. and Mrs. Knollys were seated on a couch of Alpine roses behind a rhododendron bush watching the sunset; but as Charles was desirous of kissing Mrs. Knollys, and the rhododendron bush was not thick enough, they were waiting for the sun to go down. He was very slow in doing this, and by way of consolation Knollys was keeping his wife's hand hidden in the folds of her dress. Undoubtedly a modern...
Seite 160 - Raynier place, led by a blaze of maple boughs that started out like torches to show the way, and stopped to rest. I looked up at an enormous shelf of rock, half clad with reddened vines that fluttered like pestilence flags — a shelf that, although some hundred feet or so away from it, yet overhung the place and cast a perpetual shadow there. I wondered then why Nature had no secret springs of feeling to thrill her and cause her to rend the rocks and cover such a den of iniquity as we all held the...
Seite 91 - ... a boy, a boy of one and twenty lying asleep, a ghost from another world coming to confront her from the distant past, immortal in the immortality of the glacier. There was his quaint coat, of the fashion of half a century before; his blue eyes open; his young, clear brow; all the form of the past she had forgotten ; and she his bride stood there to welcome him, with her wrinkles, her bent figure, and thin white hairs. She was living, he was dead ; and she was two and forty years older than he....
Seite 146 - Montresor had adopted me for child and companion, subject to her kind whims and tyrannies. But if she took me here and took me there, and clad me like a princess, I was none the less aware of the fact that I was without a penny — morbidly aware of it without doubt. But it disposed me to look with favor on no rich man's suit, and the lover as penniless as I and as fine as my ideal lover had not yet appeared. It made me almost hate the face and form, the color, the hair, that they dared to call Titianesque,...
Seite 163 - And his feet tottered, and he leaned against the casement for support — he who an hour or so ago had seemed so full of repressed strength that he could have pulled his house down about his ears. Well, had he not done so ? I moved to his side, and held the thing that he might see where the pieces matched, the line of the cheek flowing into the lovely curve of the chin, the flickering sweetness of the lovely mouth, the lambent glance of the lovely eye. " It is my mother, you see," I said. " And...

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