Songs of the Cavaliers and Roundheads, Jacobite Ballads, &c. &c

Hurst and Blackett, 1857 - 328 Seiten

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Seite 2 - The suggestions for the benefit of the two services are distinguished by vigour of sense, acute and practical observation, an ardent love of discipline, tempered by a high sense of justice, honour, and a tender regard for the welfare and comfort of our soldiers and seamen.
Seite 2 - ... deeds of arms in all parts of the world. Every information of value and interest to both the Services is culled with the greatest diligence from every available source, and the correspondence of various distinguished officers which enrich Its pages is a feature of great attraction. In short, the
Seite 319 - Ngami was reached by a route that had been deemed impracticable, but which proves to be the shortest and the best. The work contains much scientific and accurate information...
Seite 318 - In one large volume, royal 8vo., Price £2. 2s., elegantly bound. Embellished with upwards of 50 Illustrations, including numerous beautifully coloured plates, from drawings by the Author, and a map.
Seite 165 - The grooms beat on their metal cans, and roared till they turned red, But still the Jester shut his eyes, and rolled his witty head; And when they grew a little still, read half a yard of text, And waving hand, struck on the desk, then frowned like one perplexed. 3.
Seite 326 - THE ROMANCE OF THE FORUM; OR, NARRATIVES, SCENES, AND ANECDOTES FROM COURTS OF JUSTICE. SECOND SERIES. BY PETER BURKE, Esa., of the Inner Temple, Barrister-at-Law. 2 vols. post 8vo. 21s.
Seite 15 - Clapped the old trumpeter twice on the back, Leaped on his bay with a dash and a swing, Bade all the bells in the city to ring, And when the red flag from the steeple went down, Open they flung every gate in the town. To boot ! and to horse ! and away like a flood, A fire in their eyes, and a sting in their blood ; Hurrying out with a flash and a flare, A roar of hot guns, a loud trumpeter's blare, And first, sitting proud as a king on his throne, At the head of them all dashed Sir Richard Tyrone....
Seite 254 - Tis forty years from then till now — The grave gapes at my feet — Yet when I think of such a boy, I feel my old heart beat. And from my sleep I sometimes wake Hearing a feeble cry, And a voice that says, " Now, Forty-third Teach me the way to die !" HEAVEN'S SUNRISE TO EARTH'S, BLINDNESS.
Seite 318 - Starting from Bremen for California, the author of this Narrative proceeded to Rio, and thence to Buenos Ayres, where he exchanged the .wild seas for the yet wilder Pampas, and made his way on horseback to Valparaiso across the Cordilleras...

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