Mineral Resources of the United States, Teil 2

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1912

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Seite 29 - No. 185, which may be obtained on application to the Director of the United States Geological Survey, Washington, DC...
Seite 504 - Significance. — The object of this test is to determine the time which elapses from the moment water is added until the paste ceases to be fluid and plastic (called the "initial set"), and also the time required for it to acquire a certain degree of hardness (called the "final
Seite 501 - The specific gravity of cement shall not be less than 3.10. Should the test of cement as received fall below this requirement, a second test may be made upon a sample ignited at a low red heat. The loss in weight of the ignited cement shall not exceed 4 per cent.
Seite 72 - Exports are also made oy sea to the West Indies, to Central and South America, and elsewhere The imports are principally from Australia and British Columbia to San Francisco, from Great Britain to the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, and from Nova Scotia to Atlantic coast points. The...
Seite 145 - The statistics of production during the last five years, with the distribution of the product for consumption, are shown in the following table: Distribution of the coal product of Maryland, 1907-1911, in short tons.
Seite 478 - Martin. 1908. 141 pp., 10 pis. o 340. Contributions to economic geology, 1907, Part I: Metals and nonmetals except fuels. CW Hayes, Waldemar Lindgren, geologists in charge. 1908. 482 pp., 6 pis. 30c. Petroleum and natural gas — California: Contra Costa County, Miner ranch field, by Ralph Arnold. Utah: Southern Utah oil field, by GB Richardson. Wyoming: Bighorn basin gas fields, by CW Washburne; Uinta County, Labarge oil field, by AR Schultz, pp. 339-;374.
Seite 498 - IN CANADA. According to the preliminary report on the mineral production of Canada during the calendar year 1911...
Seite 157 - Into coke. Total quantity. Total value. Average price per ton. Average number of days active. Average number of employees.
Seite 479 - Harris, GD Oil and gas in Louisiana, with a brief summary of their occurrence in adjacent states.
Seite 111 - Loaded at mines for shipment Sold to local trade and used by employees Used at mines for steam and heat...

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