Diary and Correspondence of Samuel Pepys, Esq., F. R. S.: From His Ms. Cypher in the Pepysian Library, with a Life and Notes by Richard Lord Braybrooke. Deciphered, with Additional Notes, by Rev. Mynors Bright ...

Bickers and son, 1876

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Seite 238 - Of these the false Achitophel * was first, A name to all succeeding ages curst : For close designs and crooked counsels fit, Sagacious, bold, and turbulent of wit, Restless, unfixed in principles and place, In power unpleased, impatient of disgrace ; A fiery soul which, working out its way, Fretted the pigmy body to decay And o'er-informed the tenement of clay.
Seite 98 - Mr. Moore to see me, and he and I to my Lord of Oxford's, but not finding him within Mr. Moore and I to "Love in a Tubb,"1 which is very merry, but only so by gesture, not wit at all, which methinks is beneath the House.
Seite 428 - To Mr. Lilly's, the painter's; and there saw the heads, some finished, and all begun, of the Flaggmen in the late great fight with the Duke of York against the Dutch. The Duke of York hath them done to hang in his chamber, and very finely they are done indeed.
Seite 218 - The people die so, that now it seems they are fain to carry the dead to be buried by daylight, the nights not sufficing to do it in. And my Lord Mayor commands people to be within at nine at night all, as they say, that the sick may have liberty to go abroad for air.
Seite 203 - Sad news of the death of so many in the parish of the plague, forty last night. The bell always going.
Seite 175 - down Holborne, the coachman I found to drive easily and easily, at last stood still, and came down hardly able to stand, and told me that he was suddenly struck very...
Seite 37 - Up and to the office, where sat long, and at noon to dinner at home ; after dinner comes Mr. Pen to visit me, and staid an houre talking with me. I perceive something of learning he hath got, but a great deale, if not too much, of the vanity of the French garbe and affected manner of speech and gait. I fear all real profit he hath made of his travel will signify little.
Seite 232 - Up; and put on my coloured silk suit very fine, and my new periwigg, bought a good while since, but durst not wear, because the plague was in Westminster when I bought it; and it is a wonder what will be the fashion after the plague is done, as to periwiggs, for nobody will dare to buy any haire, for fear of the infection, that it had been cut off the heads of people dead of the plague.
Seite 408 - God knows when they will begin to act again ; but my business here was to see the inside of the stage and all the tiring-rooms and machines ; and, indeed, it was a sight worth seeing. But to see their clothes, and the various sorts, and what a mixture of things there was ; here a wooden leg, there a ruff, here a...
Seite 236 - Essex on one side, and Fairfax on the other; and upon the other side of the screene, the parson of the parish, and the lord of the Manor and his sisters. The window-cases, door-cases, and chimneys of all the house are marble.

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