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To Mr URBAN, on compleating VOLUME XXXIV,



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VRIEND URBAN, hail !--the rifing Year
Now calls thee to a new

Calls thee, with equal Pace, to run
Another Circle with the Sun,

How happy! WILKES and KIDGEL Aed,
And LLOYD, and mighty CHURCHILL dead,
ww-Chat you remain for ENGLAND's Weal,

Nor Time's dread Hand of Iron feel;
That you indulge the Muse's Strain,
In feriods or in folemn Vein;
That you, while BRITONs bold, debate
Their Rights with Ministers of State;
-To whom, as Bugbears of the free,
Kings their long Arms to lend, agree,
That you ftill neuter hold the Scale,
And few how these or thoje prevaily
Still fift the Matter to the Bran,
And thew, us what they can't and can i
That you record Historic Truth,
And blefs with Age's Wisdom, Youth.....
Regions and Times remote display,
And pour on dark Opinions, Day,

Go on, my Friend, and fill produce
New Profit and new Praise from Use
Be thou our Pacriot, Bard, and Sage,
From Year to Year-from Age to Age ;
Alike thy Pow'rs, whate'er thy Name,
A Phænix ; other, yet the fame icons
But e'er thy spicy Nest aspire,
Touch'd with the fatal genial Fire,
Long may thy present Self remain
New good to give, new good to gain ;
Thy, Age at once to please and mend, 20614
At once a Fav'RITE and a FRIEND.

NR The Direction


HE Literary Productions of the Year past are no less Interesting than

those of any preceding Year since the Commencement of this Ma-

GAZINE. A thort recapitulation of their Contents, will at once ferve
for a PREFACE, and a Proof of what we have here advanced.

JANUARY. Contains among a variety of other Articles, an Hikorical
count of the Canary Islands, from their first discovery by the Spaniards, to the
present time, defcribing the Bultoms of their Antient inhabitants, their pers
Ional prowess and dexterity, and the blameless Simplicity of their Manners and
Life, in contralt with the Luxury, Effeminacy, Pride and Oppredion, that
were introduced by their Conquerors; the Religious Opinions of the cele -
brated Rousseau of Geneva exhibited as a Savoyard's Creed, in his Emilius, a
Treatise on Education ; an Account of the Life of Mr William Collins, the
Author of Oriental Eclogues, and other poetical Pieces universally admired;
a Genealogical Account of the families of Brunswick Wolfenbutrie, and Brunf-
wick Lunenburgb; Directions for improving Agriculture, &c.

FEBRUARY. An Epitome of the first Political Production on behalf of the

Minority worth notice, and of the Controversy which it produced, carried on

by Persons of Rank and Abilities, who had a much higher Intereft in the

Dispute than the Sale of a Pamphlet, a Letter containing some very judicious

Oblervations on Briefs for rebuilding Churches; important Remarks on the

Laws relative to the Employment and Maintenance of the Poor; a minute and

impartial Account of the Revolution brought about by the Servants of the

Eall India Company at Bengal, in favour of Colim Ally Cawn, and of the Murder

of many English Gentlemen, and the Distrets of the Governinent which it pro-

duced ; a Letter from Mr Wilkes to the Speaker of the House of Commons; and

an Account of the Murder of Monaldescbi, by the Order of Chrifina Queen of


MARC#. An Account of a Pamphlet, intitled, “the Adminitration of the

Colonies," written to prevent the passing an Act for a new Tax on their In-
habitants, against which there have fince been Remonttrances from every Go-
vernment that is affected by it; an Account of the astonishing etfects of an
Electrical Kite; an ingenious Institution for the Improvement of Conversa.
tion; a Univerfal Prayer, by Voltaire; la History of the Excise, in England ;
a Propofal for the improvement of a Metal called Platina, or White Gold; a
Scheme for civilizing the Indians of America ; a new System ot Geography
a Letter from Ireland on the Success of Inoculation; and á Discussion of leverad
Questions in the present Political Dispute.

APRIL. An Account of the astonishing Effect of Fear, in a Pruffian soldier ;
and of an uncommon Sympathy between two Game Cocks; Heads of the
Bill to reftrain Fraaking; an Account of the Life and Writings of William
Sbenfione of the Leflowes; an Examination of the Principles assumed with re-
spect to Moving Powers, by the present System of Philofophy; an affecting
Narrative of the Murder of some harmleis Indians ; the story of Clelia,
a cloystered Nun; and an authentic Account of the Proceedings at the Eleca
tion at Cambridge, of a Steward for that University.

May. An Account of the Sheep Walks in Spain, printed from an Original

Letter, written by an English Gentleman, who has long resided there, being

the most Curious Paper or its kind ever published, and containing many Part

ticulars equally Interesting and Entertaining of that almost unknown Country

an Epitome ot the Pamphlet called the Budget; Reasons for the Difmiffion of

General Conway; Historical Account of the Disquisition on the great Question

concerning the Legality of General Warrants to seize Persons and Papers; an

Account of the Salutary Waters of Bareges, by Sir Christopher Meighan, an infalli

ble Recipe to destroy Bugs; a Proposal to supply the Poor with Coals; and

a curious Paper tending to prove that in some Earths Shells are fpontaneoully


JUNE. , A Layman's thoughts on his Daty to God, his Neighbour and Him.

felf, proving by a short, fimple, yet irrefragable Deduction, the great Prin.
ciples of Virtue and Religion; an Attempt to extenuate the Massacre of the
Indian Men, Women, and Children, related in April; an Account of the Origin
of the Hugonets; the Life of the late celebrated Doctor Stephen Hales; an Ac.

com umjn, the Poetical Shoemaker; of D'Orville's journey to

Mount Ætna, and Volcanello; rigus, Enquiry into the Origin of the Small.

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of the Inhabitants, their Manners and Opinions, different in many Particulars from those of all other People upon Earth'; an historical but compendious Act count of the Discoveries of Columbus ; a Description of Syracuse, Palermo, and Enna ; a Dissertation on Giants ; an interesting Question on the Subject of Inoculation, with respect to a Particular hitherto overlooked ; an Account of a new discovered Island. Reasons assigned for the Dearness of Provisions. Fable of Gefner's new Poem on the Origin of Navigation ; an Account of the Life of the celebrated Doctor Ifaac Watts, by Dr Jennings. Of the Wallet, in Answer to the Budget ; and some critical and inftructive Remarks on Fairfax's Translation of Tallo's JERUSALEM, with respect to the Mutations of our Language.

August. An authentic Narrative of Mr Harrison's Progress in his At. tempt to discover the Longitude, by a Machine called a Time Piece, which he invented, and has been many years improving: A Defence of the Minority, with respect to General Warrants, faid to be the Production of a Right Honourable Pen. An Account of a Farce, lately written by Mr Foote, called the Lyar : And a Description of several Marine Animals, not generally known.

SEPTEMBER. A Dissertation on the Amputation of Limbs tewing, that the Operation is not necessary so often as it is practised; and giving particular Directions for the Cure of such Hurts as have generally been thought to require Amputation, without it. The Trial of Lord Grey for Seduction. An Account of the inedical Virtues of the Meadow Satiron, especially in dropsical Cases, hy the celebrated Dr Storck. A brief Account of the Travels of his Royal Highness the Duke of York, and of the Honours paid to him in Italy. The Trial of Major Campbell for Murder. A Letter to the Peace. Maker, on the supposed Infraction of the Peace by France and Spain.

OCTOBER. A Letter to a Married Lady, proving, that after Conception, no Change can be made in the Child, by any Object seen or desired by the Mother. An Account of the Seduction of the Palatines to come to England, by one Stumpel, who obtained Grants of Lands in America, which he wanted to people. Observations on the Navigation of the Thames. A curious Account of lubterraneous Apartments, with Etruscan Inscriptions and Paintings discovered at Civita Turchino, in Italy, by Joseph Wilcocks, Erq; the History of the Sugar. Cane, and the Culture of it in the West Indian Illands described.

NOVEMBER. An Account of the Life of a person who went by the Name of George Pfalmanazar, compiled from his own Papers : He was by Birth a Frenchman, but pretended to be a Native of Formosa, subject to the Japanese ; and wrote a fabulous Account of that Country: An Epitome of the Volume of Philofophical Transactions for the Year. Easy Rules for speaking and writing English with Propriety. An Account of the Life of Mr Jethro Tull, and his Progress in what is called the New Husbandry. An impartial Account of a Controversy concerning the Nature and Cure of Cancers, between Mr Gataker and Mr Guy. A curious Table of ancient Coins, exhibiting their comparative Value, from 1006 to 1760.

DECEMBER. The Letters from and to the late Rt Hon. Hen. Bilson Legge, Esq; that were published in consequence of Directions given for that Purpole in his Will; with his Character by a Friend and an Enemy. A new Remedy and Regimen proposed for the Cure of the Scurvy at Sea. An Account of Mrs Anna Louisa Durbach, a literary Prodigy in Germany. A Dialogue, with an Ar. gument, and a Story, intended to expose the barbarous Phrases and ridiculous Circumlocution of common Conversation. An Original Letter from Mr Pope to the late Dutchess of Hamilton. A Description of Poole's Hole in Derbyshire, by a young Traveller. His Majelty's Letter to the K. of Poland, on his Election. An Account of the Cure of a scorbutic Cancer by green Hemlock.

The whole is illuttrated and adorned with Cuts; and besides the Articles that have been particularly mentior.ed, contains many Explanations of doubt. ful and difficult Passages in Scripture, and the Greek and Roman Classics ; the History and Antiquities of many parts of England, by Inhabitants, upon the Plan of QUERIE's published Vol. xxv. p. 157. An History of the Year, with respect to public and private Events, Foreign and Domestic; with the usuad Miscellany of POETRY, in which are many Original Pieces.

The SuPPŁEMENT contains, as usual, an Index to the Volume. An original Letter from Sir Amyes Poulet to Lord Treasurer Burleigh, relating his Conver'ition with Mary Queen of Scots. then Prisoner at Terbaru Some curion

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N historical account of the Canary


--Crueity of the first discoverers ib

-Ancient inbabitants of Lancerola and



Remarks on the author's inconfilten-



Of the ancient inhabitants of Gome-


Of Canaria and its inhabitants


-Their' uels and diversions


Of the appearances of the urine in pu.

trescent difeares


- Dr. Huxam's observations on this



--De Haen's in the case of an aneu-


A zd letter on good and bad luck ib

Natural history of Hereford

Irs cathedral described

-Its churches, gates, public buildings,



An' abstract of the Savoyard curate's

creed, from Rouleau


The Savoyard's account of his birth

and education


- Manner of acquiring the knowledge

of his own exiitence


-And of the existence of a deity ib

--Nature and properties of the human



-Moral & physical evil considered ib

-God's obligation to his creatures 16

Of rewards and punishments ib

The diseases of prilons conlidered ib

-City improvements, order of them



-Goal of Newgate an annoyance


-Proceedings of the magístracy for

removing it


Pallage in the New Teft. explained 19

He who are alive, &c. Jball not pre-
vent them who are asleep, low gene-

rally interpreted

How to be more particularly under-


Some observations on the new come-

dy, No one's Enemy but his own

-And of the comedy, Wbat we full

ll come to


Li'e of William Collins


-Egrain while at Winchest. school is

midis peculiar turn for imagery 24

-His farther dejection and means for



Advice to gardeners for destroying ca.


Account of the military actions of the

hereditary prince


-Genealog, account of his family 26

Confiderations on the high price of



-Means proposed for moderating the



Anecdote of the young pretender ib

Proceedings of the committee for ex-

amining Mr. Dingley's project for

building a new street, &c. 29

-His scheme disadvantageous to the



Story of a retired citizen


-Danger of buying eftates in settle-



Melancholy catastrophe of an old rol-



Surprizing fall of mercury in the ba.



Directions for the preservation of the

teeth and gums


General Itate of the Land. Carriage


Descript. of the sperma exti whale ib

Hints forimproving agriculture, &0.33

1. For preserving new-lown grals, 1

2. For raising madder. 3. For plant.

ing liquorice


–4. For feeding horses. $. For ma.

naging horse beans. 6. For fowing

burnet gra's and lucern, &c. 34

A moft altonishing vegetable phæno-



--Method of planting vines and marsh



A law care relative to the late marri.


-Identity of persons insufficient to e-

Itablish the validity of marriage 36

An experienced remedy for a scaid



POETRY. A Fable. Pastorals on the

royal wedding

-Dcicription of midnight of the

antient Britons--Apostrophe to Li-



- Prologue and Epilogue to the new
comedies, Epigram


Foreign Hiftory


Historical Chronicle. Damage done by the

late itorms, city's address, &c.42-47

Litts of births, deaths, &c. 46,7

I be Plan that completes London and Wifiminsiter will be published in March next,
and being joined 10 that already published in the last Supplement will be more extensive
than any of the kind yet published, ibo' fold at four times the price. The Plates that
complete the Map of Jixteen miles round the Metropolis of which there are four, the
firill of which is bere exhibiled!, are already engraved, and will be published in the course
of the present year. Our readers, when thejë are completed, may traverse every fireet
and lave of the great Metropolis, and see at one View ibe exaadifance of every Town,

herde.but beroror folie

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