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Seite 16 - Svapnia has been in steadily increasing use for over twenty years and whenever used has given great satisfaction. To Physicians Of repute, not already acquainted with its merits, samples will be mailed on application. Svapnia is made to conform to a uniform standard of Opium of Ten per cent. Morphia strength. JOHN FARR, Manufacturing Chemist, New York.
Seite 15 - Hygienic Dermal Powder " for Infants and Adults. Originally investigated and its therapeutic properties discovered in the year 1868 by Dr. Fehr, and introduced to the Medical and the Pharmaceutical Professions in the year 1873.
Seite 20 - Weakness, and maladies requiring a Tonic and Nutrient. It is quickly absorbed by the Stomach and upper portion of the Alimentary Canal, and therefore finds its way into the circulation quite rapidly. COUJEN'S LIQUID BEEF TONIC appeals to the judgment of intelligent Physicians in the treatment of ^ All Cases of General Debility...
Seite 18 - Lambert's Lithiated Hydrangea has been found to possess great therapeutic value, it is of the highest importance that suitable diet be employed, we have tad prepared for the convenience of physicians Dietetic Notes, suggesting the articles of food to be allowed or prohibited in several of these diseases. A...
Seite 18 - LITHIATED HYDRANGEA" represents thirty grains FRESH HYDRANGEA and three grains of CHEMICALLY PURE Benzo-Salicylate of Lithia. Prepared by our improved process of osmosis, it is INVARIABLY of DEFINITE and UNIFORM therapeutic strength, and hence can be depended upon in clinical practice. DOSE.— One or two teaspoonfuls four times a day (preferably between meals...
Seite 16 - September 23, 1891, and continues for twentysix weeks. During this session, in addition to the regular didactic lectures, two or three hours are daily allotted to clinical instruction. Attendance upon three regular courses of lectures is required for graduation. The SPRING SESSION consists of recitations, clinical lectures and exercises, and didactic lectures on special subjects. This session begins about the middle of March and continues until the middle of June.
Seite 45 - The merits of our Cocaine, as a first-class, thoroughly reliable preparation, have long since been fully recognized by the majority of physicians, surgeons and chemists, and more especially has it been distinguished by the approbation of : Dr.
Seite 16 - The CARNEGIE LABORATORY is open during the collegiate year, for instruction in microscopical examinations of urine, practical demonstrations in medical and surgical pathology, and lessons in normal histology and pathology, including bacteriology. For the annual Circular and Catalogue, giving requirements for graduation and other information, address Prof.
Seite 37 - Is sold only In 4-oz., 8-oz., and 16-oz. bottles, bearing a blue label, white letters, red and gold border, with his signature. Never sold in bulk. PHYSICIANS WILLING TO PAY EXPRESS CHARGES WILL RECEIVE FREE SAMPLES ON APPLICATION. PREPARED ONLY BY GLTCOZONE CURES DISEASES OF THE STOMACH. ' Mention this publication. Chemist and Graduate of the " Ecote Cmtralt da Art« el Manufacture* til Parii " (France), SOLD BY LEADING DRUGGISTS.
Seite 20 - TONIC may become familiar with it, we will upon application send a sample bottle free (express charges paid), to any Physician in the United States. Please ask your Dispensing Druggist (if he has not already a supply) to order it. In prescribing this preparation physicians should be particular to mention <4 COLDEN'S," viz.. " Ext. Carnls Fl. Comp. (Colden).

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