The Fascination of the King

Rand, McNally & Company, 1896 - 288 Seiten

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Seite 41 - I STOOD in Venice, on the Bridge of Sighs ; A palace and a prison on each hand : I saw from out the wave her structures rise As from the stroke of the enchanter's wand : A thousand years their cloudy wings expand Around me, and a dying Glory smiles O'er the far times, when many a subject land Look'd to the winged Lion's marble piles, Where Venice sate in state, throned on her hundred isles...
Seite 81 - Agemaki meanwhile felt that there was nothing for it but to make the best of a bad business.
Seite 65 - ... either one way or another, is that both the Rev. Greville Chester and myself have found these discs almost invariably in the little boxes or drawers in which the shopkeeper kept his other weights and scales. The conservatism of Orientals is well known, and it is my belief that these glass coin weights have been handed down from father to son, from generation to generation...
Seite 281 - "Oh, this is too much, too much! First Keith, and now — " She broke off hysterically. "To think that — Oh, Susan, how could you, how could you!" And this time she dropped into a chair and covered her face with her hands. But she was laughing. Very plainly she was laughing. Susan frowned, stared, and frowned again. "Then you ain't in love with — " Suddenly her face cleared, and broke into a broad smile.
Seite 23 - ... mission work is eminently difficult — the business which appears to me to be before the missions is that of making their peace ; and I will say much more — of raising up a brigade of half and half, or if that cannot be, of quarter and quarter lay supporters among the whites. If I had not been asked, I should have been the last man in the world to have interjected my lay opinions into your councils. Having been asked, I willingly lay myself open to your censures, and confidently appeal for...
Seite 89 - ... the rotation of the earth, the air currents in the Northern Hemisphere circulate anti-clockwise, hence the SE trade winds. On crossing the equator, they are caught in the circulation around the low pressure system existing over the NW corner of India and Sind, and move, over the region of the Arabian Sea on one side and the Bay of Bengal on the other, deflected as the SW monsoon, according to Ferret's Law.
Seite 93 - It was clear that she connected me in some way or other with the frustration of her scheme ; and as long as I live I shall never forget the look of hatred, disgust, and threatened vengeance with which she was pleased to favour me.
Seite 238 - If you will come with me, I will take you to them where they cure the sick on the steps of the temple.
Seite 126 - Her voice was clear again, her step elastic, her complexion had recovered some of its brilliancy ; there was a light in her eyes that I had never seen there before, and about her lips a perpetual smile hovered.
Seite 261 - I have loved you ever since I first saw you, and I ask nothing better for the future than the right to protect and care for you. Natalie, say you love me in return and will be my wife.

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