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The title of this work unluckily expresses something very like the opposite of what it intends and what the book offers. Instead, as might be expected, of presenting its readers with thoughts and reflections, “the results of reading,” it presents them with a large body of very excellent “reading made easy"—that is to say, made accessible, by bringing it together from various and not always ordinary sources. We do not complain of this ; quite the reverse ; but the equivocation, or rather the manifest error of the title, will greatly impair its utility, by placing the book in the hands of those who do not want it, and keeping it from those who do. The work too, is in other respects sadly deficient in plan and arrangement, each chapter of it being neither more nor less than a number of passages put together without form or order of any kind, and having no reference to each other beyond the fact of their general subject being the same. Neither can we congratulate the compiler on the taste and judgment he has exercised in the choice of his extracts. The common-place book from which he has selected them is evidently too literally answerable to its title. The book is well intended; but the age has outgrown this kind of bookmaking.



A GOOD musical periodical has long been much wanted in this country. France and Germany possess several very creditable ones, and other states, having any pretension to musical taste, can boast of some publication representing the state of musical science there. But in England we have nothing, and have had nothing worthy of music, or of its professors. An attempt, however, is now being made to supply this desideratum in a weekly periodical, bearing the imposing title of “ The Maestro." If cheapness will do all that is required, our new cotemporary is secure of success; for the proprietors have issued eight folio sheets of letter-press, a clever song by the celebrated harpist De Witte, and a set of quadrilles from “ Il Fantasma" arranged by Musard (both of which are engraved) at the price of one shilling. This is deserving encouragement.

* Results of Reading. By J. Stanford Caldwell, M.A., Barrister-at-law. I vol.

[blocks in formation]

ABDUL MEHJID, the Sultan of the

Turks, interview with, 409
Aix-les-Bains and its Neighbourhood;

a Week's Ramble, by Mrs. Trollope,

Antwerp, City and Cathedral of, 26
Annecy, romantic and beautiful lake

near, 568
Appo, Jimmy, a Chinese merchant,

311, 369
April Fool's Day all the Year Round,

by Laman Blanchard, 573
Armenian and Greek customs and fu-

nerals, at Constantinople, 405
Asia Minor, shores of, inhabitants, &c.,

Athens and Greece, visited by Lady

Londonderry, 411, 539, 543 The
Parthenon, Propylæa, Temple of
Victory, Apteros, and Acropolis of
Athens, 541— Temples (of Theseus
and Jupiter, 542--Otho I., and his
Queen, ib.

Chamier, Capt. Frederick, R.N., the

Perils of Beauty, by, reviewed, 150
Character, a Lost; by the Author of

“Peter Priggins," 238
Charles X., dethronement of, 183, 188
China :-Capt. Elliott, Sir Henry Pot-

tinger, &c., descriptions of Hong
Kong, Macao, Whampoa, and Can-
ton, 153, 297, 353—Chinese navy, re-

sults of the late contest, 384
Chinese and Tartar soldiers, contrasted,

shields, costume, &c., 377 — Com-
plexion, customs, and costume of the
women, 360
Christmas Carol, a, by Charles Dickens,

noticed, 148
Collard, M. Royer, character of, 8
Colton, the late Rev. C. C., Lines by,

Comedy, the Prohibited, 345–Also the

Suppressed Comedy, 533
Confessions of a Keyhole, 79, 285, 447
Conjuror, the (with an engraving), 325
Cook, Eliza, Songs and Poetry by, 105,

196, 385, 514
Constantinople, the court, the city, the

Bosphorus, &c., visited, 227-Cli-
mate, 236 — Therapia, Buyukdere,
the great Bezenstein, Scutari, &c.,
236–The seraglio, ceremonies, &c.,
403, 410-Surpassing beauty of the
scenery and waters of, 548—— Mosques
of St. Sophia, Sultan Ahmed, Sultan

Bajazet, 402, 405
Cupid, the Court of, with Remarks

upon the Law of Love, 17
Custom-House Frauds, a Modest De-

fence of the, 137

Banished Lord, the ; a Tragedy, re-

viewed, 147
Barak Johnson ; or, the Blind Witness,

by Agnes Strickland, 41
Bazaar, the Arms, Constantinople, 236
Beauharnais, Hortense de, Queen of

Holland, death of her friend the Ba-

ronne de Broc, 566
Behind the Scenes, by Laman Blan-

chard, 285
Blanchard, Laman, Contributions by,

79, 285, 447, 573
Boufflers, Maréchal de, and his son, 257,

Bulwer, Sir Edward Lytton, 152–His

Pompeii, 548
Busaco, battle of, 456
Butt, the, by Mrs. Trollope, 199, 415
Canton, the city, river, islands, &c. &c.,

153, 297, 353
Catalonia, the Frenchmen's Leap, his-

tory of Esteban Lanz, 116, 128
April.-VOL. Lxx, no. CCLSXX.

Dane's Island, Canton, described, 361
Danube, scenery of the river, 2194

Steamboat voyage on the, 217, 227
Day, many Happy Returns of the, by

Eliza Cook, 385
Declaration of War between Two of the

Great Powers of Europe, 551
Douglas, Sir Howard, and Lady, 412

2 T

Inquire Within, by Laman Blanchard,

Invisible Foe, the : Anecdote of the

war in Catalonia, 116
Italian Life, a Story of, 386

Jesuit Discipline in the Eighteenth

Century, 257
Joinville, the Prince de, at Constanti-

nople, 409
Jones, Ebenezer, poems by, noticed, 152
Kenney, James, Warnings by, 431
Lap-Dog, the, a nuisance, 511
Laurel, the, verses by J. E. Carpenter,

Lines by the Author of “ Lacon," 215

nuary) :-Whitefriars ; or, the Days
of Charles II., 142–The Robber's
Cave-The Banished Lord - Mar-
telli, 146– A Christmas Carol, by C.
Dickens, 148–Prism of the Imagi-
nation, by the Baroness Calabrella,
149–The Perils of Beauty, by Capt.
Chamier, 150-Life of Sir Francis
Drake, 151-Orion : a Poem, ib. -
Poems, by R. Snow, ib.— The Spirit
of the Nation, ib. -Poems, by E.
Jones, 152—New Sporting Almanac,

(for February)
The Secret Passion, by the Author
of “Shakspeare and his Friends,"
&c., 314–Edward Somers, 317–
Gleanings from the South, East, and
West, 319-Stories from Greek His-
tory, by B. G. Niebuhr, 320

(for March):
Chatsworth; or, the Romance of a
Week, edited by R. Plumer Ward,
Esq., 460—Wild Sports in Europe,
Asia, and Africa, by Lieut.-Colonel
F. Napier, 463

(for April) :-
Arthur O'Leary, 598—General Pol-
lock's Campaign in Affghanistan, 605
-Lord Mahon's Spain under Charles
II., 607 — Fifty Days on board a
Slave-ship, by the Rev. Mr. Hill, 607
--Two Years in France and Switzer-
land, 608-Agathonia, a romance, 610
- Modern Egypt and Thebes, 611-
Results of Reading, 612.-Music: the

Maestro, 612
Londonderry, Marchioness of, Narra-

Drake, Life of Sir Francis, by John

Barrow, Esq., noticed, 151
Drama, the Censorship of the English ;

the Prohibited Comedy, 345
Dramatic Authors, the Rights of ; the

Suppressed Comedy, 533
Duty of Self-Commemoration, the, 529
Edinburgh Ale : a Fragmentary Ode,

Elephant, Natural History of. Part I

Escosquiz, Don Juan d', Canon of To-

ledo, 333, 341
Esterhazy, Prince, his house at Potten-

dorf near Vienna, 37
Esterling, Marianne : a Tale, 494
Fly, Diary of a : a Day of Disasters,

stanzas, 249
Fontaine des Merveilles, an intermittent

spring in Savoy, 561, 565
Forest Ranger, the Old ; his Indian

Diary, No. X., 433
Fox, ill-results of shooting a, 248
Gallant's Song, the, 316
Genoese Mask, the, 386
Gentleman Missing, a, by the Author

of “ Peter Priggins," 106
Georgian and Circassian slaves at Con-

stantinople, 406
Gentility-Vulgarity, by John Poole,

Esq., 130
Gleanings from the South, East, and

West, reviewed, 319
Gore, Mrs., the Verdict of the World,

by, 267 - The Emigrants of San

Tommaso, by, 549
Greek History, B. G. Niebuhr's Stories

from, noticed, 320
Greenwich and Chelsea Pensioners,

Guerilla warfare in Spain, 116, 128
Hallucination, a, by the Medical Stu-

dent, 91
Haymarket Theatre, the, 350
Hearing, on, 254
Hong Kong and Macao, Letters from,

by Archibald R. Ridgway, Esq., 153,
297, 353
Hungary, its capital Pesth, costume,

steam navigation of the Danube, &c.,
217-Estates of Prince Esterhazy in,

tive of a Visit to the Courts of
Vienna, Constantinople, Athens, and
Naples, by, 25, 216, 402, 539

Marquis of, Tour of the, 31,
35, 541
Louis XIV., Court of; interesting anec-

dotes, 257-266
Love on; verses by Eliza Cook, 514
Louis Philippe, King of France, his po-

Ingoldsby, Thomas, Esq., the Lord of

Thoulouse, poetry, by, 321 - The
Wedding-Day; or, the Buccaneer's

Curse, by, 465
India, anecdotes of the Mahratta and

Pindaree war in, 442
Indian Diary, Extracts from the Old

Forest Ranger's. No. X., 433

licy alluded to, 187-His elevation

to the throne, 189
Lyons, Sir Edmund; Athens, &c., 540,

Lytton, the late Mrs. Bulwer, 141
Macao, Letters from, 153, 297, 353–

The City; the Pearl river; islands
of Lantao and Heanshan; shipping,

&c., 160
Malta and Valetta, the harbours, and

quarantine, 544
March Winds; verses, by Agnes Strick-

land, 442
Martelli, a Tragedy, reviewed, 148
Mathew, Father, an Address in Verse

to, 173
Medical Student, Reminiscences of a.

No. XVI. A Hallucination, 91-No.

XVII. Marianne Esterling, 494
Mediterranean, islands of the; scenery

of the coasts of Greece, Sicily, and
Naples, &c., 412–414, 539-548
Memory, by the late L. E. L., 62
Metternich, Prince and Princess, inter-

views of Lord and Lady London-

derry with, 34, 40
Moral Alchemy, stanzas, by Horace

Smith, 571
Moore, Sir John; allusion to the battle

of Corunna, 455, 456
Monster Meeting, the, 250
Napier, Commodore Sir Charles, and

Major Napier; their services in Spain
and Portugal alluded to, 455-458
Naples and its Bay, the Court, Pompeii,

&c., described by Lady Londonderry,

Napoleon's interference in the affairs of

Charles of Spain and the Prince of
Asturias, 333–He inveigles them to
Bayonne, 341
Napoleon and his soldiery, anecdote,543
New York, adventure at, 14
Nicholas, the Emperor, Nobles, Serfs,

and Servants of Russia, 477–493--
The Muscovite population, 478
Nobleman, Receipt for a; verses, 136
Opium, the trade in, 307, 309
Orion: an Epic Poem, by R. H. Horne,

noticed, 151
Otho I., King of Greece, 414

Poetry:-Memory, by the late L. E. L.,

62—Moral Ruins, by Horace Smith,
76-Song of the Winter Tree, by
Eliza Cook, 76—The Sailor's Lament
for the Sea, by Barry Cornwall, 129
-Edinburgh Ale : fa Fragmentary
Ode, 134_Receipt for a Nobleman,
136–An Address to Father Mathew,
173–Evening, 181-Lines by the au-
thor of “ Lacon,” 215—Diary of a Fly,
249—The Gallant's Song, from the
Shakspeare Novels, 316--The Lord of
Thoulouse, by T.Ingoldsby,321-Song,
344-Many Happy Returns of the
Day, by Eliza Cook, 385—Song, 394
-Sonnet, by C., 401–Warnings, by
James Kenney, 431-March Winds,
by Agnes Strickland, 445 – The
Wedding-day; or, the Buccaneer's
Curse, by T. Ingoldsby, 465–Love
on; verses, by Eliza Cook, 514-
Translation from Du Bartas, by Jo-
suah Sylvester, Gent., 515 The
Emigrants of San Tommaso, by Mrs.
Gore, 549— Moral Alchemy, by Ho-
race Smith, 571—The Laurel, by J.
E. Carpenter, 582—To a Mutton

Chop, by James Kenney, 597
Poole, John, Esq., Contribution by, 130
Pottinger, Sir Henry, and the Chinese

anthorities, 172
Poverty, Song of the Spirit of, by

Eliza Cook, 196
Prism of the Imagination, the; by the

Baroness Calabrella, 149
Ratisbon ; the palace of the Prince of

Tour'and Taxis, &c., described, 32
Recreations in Natural History, No.

XXI.-—Elephants, Part I., 515
Reschid Paclia, and his harem, &c., 230,

233, 235, 402, 408
Rhine, river: Cologne, Bonn, Coblentz,

&c., 27, &c.—Biberich; residence of

the Duke of Nassau, 29
Ridgway, Archibald, R., Esq., Contri-

butions by, 153, 297, 353
Robber's Cave; or, the Four-horned

Moon, a Drama, reviewed, 146
Rousscau, Jean-Jacques, his residence
of Les Charmettes, 64-His writings

alluded to, 75
Russia, political condition and social

economy of this empire, 477– The
people, agricultural resources, navy

and army, civilization, &c., 478—493
Sailor's Lament for the Sea, the, by

Barry Cornwall, 129
Saint-Cerest, the Duchesse de, 257 —

San Tommaso, the Emigrants of, by

Mrs. Gore, 549
Savoy, and its romantic scenery, 561,

Secret Passion, the, by the Author of

Peace Societies, Hints to, 455
Peace, Prince of the; career of Godoy

in Spain, 333
Peninsular War, incident in the, 116–

Further allusions and anecdotes, 455

People when at Home; a Private View,

by Laman Blanchard, 79
Plan, the Good Old; or, Jesuit Disci-

pline in the Eighteenth Century, 257
Poems, Notices of New, 151

415 - Aix-les-Bains, described by,

Turkey, female costume, manners, the

harem, &c., 229-233
Typhoon, or hurricane of the Chinese

seas, 302

Valençay, Château of, Prince Talley-

rand's residence, 4, 182
Vienna, Constantinople, Athens, and

Naples, Narrative of a Visit to, in
1840, 25, 216, 402, 539

the Prater, and environs de-
scribed, 37

“Shakspeare and his Friends," re-

viewed, 314
Self-Commemoration, the Duty of, 529
Shakspeare at Hampton Court, 315
Sicily: a Visit to Palermo, 545-Monte

Pellegrino, 545
Smith, Horace, Esq., Moral Ruins, by,

76—Moral Alchemy, by, 571
Snow, Robert, Poems by, noticed, 151
Social Nuisances; the Lap-Dog, 511
Somers, Edward: a Domestic Story, re-

viewed, 317
Song for the New Year, 140

of the Spirit of Poverty, 196

the Gallant's, from the “Shak.
speare Novels,” 316
Songs, 105, 129, 140, 344, 394
Sonnet, a, by C., 401
Spanish Princes, the; Ferdinand VII. ;

state intrigues, &c., 333—The capti-

vity at Valençay, 192
Spirit of the Nation, the (poetry), no-

ticed, 151
Sporting Almanack, the New, noticed,

Steam-boats of war, paintings by Chi-

nese of our, 396
Strickland, Agnes, poetry by, 445
Sylvester, Josuah, Gent., his translation
of Du Bartas: the Sixth Day of the
First Weeke, 515

Walker, Turkish admiral, and Mrs.

Walker, 407, 409
Warens, Madame de, and J. J. Rous-

seau, 74
Warnings, stanzas, by J. Kenney, 431
Wedding Day, the, or, the Buccaneer's

Curse: a Family Legend, by Thomas
Ingoldsby, 466
Whampoa, anchorage of, batteries of

the Bogue, &c., 306-310- Personal
description of the Chinese dealers,
311-Cognomens, 311, 312-Customs
of the people, visit to Canton, &c.,

Whitefriars; or, the Days of Charles

II., reviewed, 142.
World, the Verdict of the, by Mrs.

Gore, 267
Würzburg, Nuremburg, Fürth, &c., 30
Young England; 01, the Peril of the

Crisis (with an Engraving), 174
Young, Robert, his Address of " The

Printer to the Reader,” 515

Talleyrand, Prince, interviews with

Zingarelli's journey to Paris, 551

and interesting anecdotes of, 1, 182,

Thoulouse, the Lord of; a Legend of

Languedoc, by Thomas Ingoldsby,

Trollope, Mrs., a Visit to Rousseau's

Favourite Residence of Les Char-
mettes, by, 64-The Butt, by, 199,



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