Annual Report of the Board of Agriculture of the State of Ohio, Band 5,Teil 1850


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Seite 429 - In order to facilitate these objects, and to collect and diffuse a knowledge of researches and discoveries in the science of Pomology, Members and Delegates are requested to contribute specimens of the Fruits of their respective districts; also papers descriptive of their art of cultivation; of diseases and insects injurious to vegetation; of remedies for the same, and whatever may add to the interest and utility of the Association. The Massachusetts Horticultural Society has generously offered to...
Seite 117 - It is impossible to estimate with any degree of accuracy, the number of horses raised or exported.
Seite 562 - At Enfield, hardly out of sight of the smoke of the capital, was a region of five and twenty miles in circumference, which contained only three houses and scarcely any enclosed fields. Deer, as free as in an American forest, wandered there by thousands.
Seite 73 - On motion, it was ordered that the proceedings of this meeting be signed by its officers and printed in our town p'apers.
Seite 305 - Society consist of a President, Three Vice Presidents, a Recording Secretary, a Corresponding Secretary, a Librarian, and an Agricultural Committee of five members.
Seite 43 - State; and it shall also be their duty so to regulate the amount of premiums and the different grades of the same...
Seite 44 - Agriculture, for the purpose of deliberation and consultation as to the wants, prospects and condition of the agricultural interest throughout the State; and at such annual meeting, the several reports from the county societies shall be delivered to the president of the Ohio State Board of Agriculture; and the said president and delegates shall, at this meeting, elect suitable persons to...
Seite 45 - The officers o( the society, shall consist of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and five managers ; who, together, shall constitute a Board of Directors, for the general management of the affairs of the society ; they shall be elected annually by the members of the society, and hold their offices until their successors are appointed. 2. Members of the society must be residents of the county or district, and pay the sum of one dollar annually to the Treasurer.
Seite 44 - ... as that it shall be competent for small as well as large farmers to have an opportunity to compete therefor; and in making their awards, special reference shall be had to the profits which may accrue, or be likely to accrue, from the improved mode of...
Seite 27 - It shall be the duty of the Recording Secretary to keep the records of all meetings of the Council of Representatives and of the Board of Directors in due form as prescribed by law; to have charge of the seal and corporate books; to file and hold subject to call and to direct the publication of such records, reports and proceedings as are authorized by these...

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