The Works of Francis Bacon: Baron of Verulam, Viscount St. Albans, and Lord High Chancellor of England, Band 4

Baynes and son, 1824

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Seite 536 - charge, descending into my own conscience, and calling my memory to account, so far as I am able, I do plainly and ingenuously confess that I am guilty of corruption, and do renounce all defence, and put myself upon the grace and mercy of your lordships. The particulars I confess and declare to be as
Seite 14 - excuseth him, because the not giving counsel was compulsory, and not voluntary, in regard of the imprisonment. IT were infinite for the law to consider the causes of causes, and their impulsions one of another; therefore it contenteth itself with the immediate cause, and judgeth of acts by that, without looking to any further degree.
Seite 534 - And therefore my humble suit to your lordships " is, That my penitent submission may be my sen" tence, and the loss of the seal my punishment; and " that your lordships will spare any farther sentence, " but recommend me to his majesty's grace and par" don for all that is past. God's holy Spirit be
Seite 532 - It resteth, therefore, that, without fig-leaves, I do " ingenuously confess and acknowledge, that having " understood the particulars of the charge, not formally " from the house, but enough to inform my conscience " and my memory, I find matters sufficient and full, " both to move me to desert my defence, and to move " your lordships to condemn and censure me.
Seite 528 - as, your lordships know, my manner is, " declare what I know or remember. " Thirdly, That according to the course of justice " I may be allowed to except to the witnesses brought " against me, and to move questions to your lordships " for their cross-examinations, and likewise to pro" duce my own witnesses for the discovery of the
Seite 371 - of those statutes, where the case, by alteration of time, is vanished ; as Lombards Jews, Gauls half-pence, etc. Those may nevertheless remain in the libraries for antiquities, but no reprinting of them. The like of statutes long since, expired and clearly repealed ; for if the repeal be doubtful, it must be so propounded to the parliament
Seite 31 - quoad jura privata. THE law chargeth no man with default where the act is compulsory and not voluntary, and where there is not a consent and election; and therefore if either an impossibility be for a man to do otherwise, or so great a perturbation of the judgment and reason as in VOL. IV. D
Seite 365 - one matter, and they so cross and intricate, as the certainty of law is lost in the heap; as your majesty had experience last day upon the point, Whether the incendiary of Newmarket should have the benefit of his clergy. Resp. All purgings and medicines, either in the civil or natural body, are innovations: so
Seite 399 - 2 D you by and by, when I shall shew you the law of England is not alone in this point. But then the seed of this mischief being such, it is nourished by vain discourses, and green and unripe conceits, which nevertheless have so prevailed, as though a man were
Seite 476 - But, my lords, as it is a principle in nature, that the best things are in their corruption the worst, and the sweetest wine makes the sharpest vinegar; so fell it out with them, that this excess, as I may term it, of friendship ended in mortal hatred on my lord of Somerset's part.

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