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LITERATURE. 1. Life in Poetry: Poetical Expression. By Prof. COURTHOPE, C.B. Nineteenth

Century, February, 1897. 2. The New Realism. By H. D. TRAILL. Forinightly Review, January, 1897. 3. Gibbon's Life and Letters. By Herbert Paul. Nineteenth century, February,

1897. 4. Coventry Patmore: A Portrait. By EDMUND Gosse. Contemporary Review,

February, 1897. 5. Coventry Patmore : The Praise of the Odes. By Louis GARVIN. Fortnightly

Review, February, 1897. 6. The Child in Recent English Literature. By Prof. Sully. Fortnightly Reo

view, February, 1897. %. The Blight on the Drama. By WILLIAM ARCHER. Fortnightly Review, January,

1897. 8. The Individual Always the Unit. By HORACE SEAL. Westminster Review,

January, 1897. 9. On the Selling of Books. By J. SHAYLOR. Nineteenth Century, December, 1896.

RELIGION. 1. The Elizabethan Religion (in correction of Mr. George Russell). By J. HORACE

Round. Nineteenth Century, February, 1897. 2. Irenaeus on the Fourth Gospel. By Prof. Gwatkin. Contemporary Review,

February, 1897. 3. The Mussulmans of India and the Sultan. By. CANON MacColl. Con

temporary Review, February, 1897. 4. The Papal Bull. By Sydney F. SMITH, S.J. Contemporary Review, January, 1897. 5. The Burial Service. By Prof. St. George Mivart. Nineteenth Century, January, 1897.

SCIENCE. 1. Timber Creeping in the Carpathians. By E. N. Buxton, Nineteenth Century,

February, 1897. 2. Bacteria and Butter. By G, CLARKE Nuttall. Contemporary Review, January,

1897. 3. Spencer and Darwin. By Grant Allen. Fortnightly Review, February, 1897. 4. The World Beneath the Ocean. By ARTHUR P. Crouch. Nineteenth Century, December, 1896.

ECONOMICS. 1. Morals and Civilisation. By H. G. Wells. Fortnightly l'eview, February, 1897. 2. Poor Law and Children. By E. S. Lidgett. Contemporary Review, February,

1897. 3. Elementary Education and Taxation. By FRANCIS Peek. Contemporary

Review, February, 1897. 4. The Commercial Expunsion of Japan. By H. TENNANT. Contemporary

Review, January, 1897. 5. Law and the Laundry. (1) Commercial Laundries. By Mrs. BERNARD Bo

SANQUET, Mrs. CREIGHTON, and Mrs. SIDNEY WEBB. (2) Laundries in Religious

Houses. By Lady CAVENDISH. Nineteenth Century, February, 1897. 6. Individualists and Socialists. By the Hon. and Very Rev. the Dean of Ripon.

Nineteenth Century, February, 1897. 7. The Depopulation of France. Wesminster Review, December, 1896.



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On the Crest of the Alleghanies, 3,000 Feet Above Tide-Water.

Season Opens June 21st, 1897.

This famous mountain hotel, situated at the summit of the Alleghanies, and directly upon the main line of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, has the advantage of its splendid vestibuled express train service both east and west, and is therefore readily accessible from all parts of the country. All Baltimore & Ohio trains stop at Deer Park during the season. There are also a number of furnished cottages with facilities for housekeeping.

The houses and grounds are supplied with absolutely pure water, piped from the celebrated “Boiling Spring," and are lighted by electricity. Turkish and Russian baths and large swimming pools are provided for ladies and gentlemen, and suitable grounds for lawn tennis; there are bowling alleys and bill. jard rooms; fine riding and driving horses, carriages, mountain wagons, tally-ho coaches, etc., are kept for hire; in short, all the necessary adjuncts for the comfort, health or pleasure of patrons.

FOR TERMS APPLY TO D. C. JONES, B. & 0. Central Building,

Baltimore, Md. Titu This is the Original Edition printed in Edinburgh and issued in Amer


by authority of the Publishers. $3.00 a-Year.

Single No. 30

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