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become the forest better than the town, yukes do not : they are in place in streets and roads. A compositor's putting a space on the wrong side of a y has made all this trouble.

“ Ignorance itself is a plummet over me": That is, points out my deviations from rectitude :' in allusion to the censures of him “who makes fritters of English.” Explanation would be superfluous, had not Johnson proposed . plume,' and Farmer planet,' and others expounded the passage as meaning • Ignorance weighs me down, oppresses


me.' p. 302.

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to repay that money will be a biting affliction":Here the quarto adds,

* Mrs. Ford. Nay, husband, let that go to make amends; Forgiue that sum, and so weele all be friends.

Ford. Well, here is my hand, all's forgiuen at last.

Fal. It hath cost me well,
I haue bene well pinched and washed.”

“ I went to her in white:- The folic has a green,” and in Mrs. Page's two following speeches, “white.Pope made the necessary change. The colors named in the quarto for Anne's dress are red and white : the change and the confusion in the folio add to the evidence that the play was revised and in part rewritten.

it was not Anne, but a post-master's boy." Here the quarto adds,

Eva. Jeshu, M. Slender, cannot you see but marrie boys i Page. O, I am vext at hart : What shal I do?”

or unduteous guile":– The original has " title." Mr. Collier's folio of 1632 gives the word in the text.

must be embraced”: - The quarto adds, Eva. I will also dance and eat plums at your welldings.” l'hese passages, and others from the quarto, rejected by the Poet, are given in these Notes only because they had for a long time a place in the received text.

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