Contributions to Economic Geology, 1906: Metals and nonmetals, except fuels

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1907

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Seite 213 - 24. List of Marine Mollusca, comprising the Quaternary fossils and recent forms from American Localities between Cape Hatteras and Cape Roque.
Seite 510 - B 312. The interaction between minerals and water solutions, with special reference to geologic phenomena, by EC Sullivan.
Seite 509 - B 303. Preliminary account of Goldfield, Bullfrog, and other mining districts in southern Nevada, by FL Ransome, with notes on the Manhattan district, by GH Garrey and WH Emmons.
Seite 213 - HAYES, CW Geological relations of the iron ores in the Cartersville district, Georgia. In Trans. Am. Inst. Min. Eng., vol. 30, pp. 403-419. 1901. - Manganese ores of the Cartersville district, Georgia. In Bulletin No. 213, p. 232. 1903.
Seite 131 - They are developed mainly on the softest and most soluble rocks, along the axes of anticlines, the most enduring strata on the limbs of the folds forming the rims of the valleys. At distances of 2 to 5 miles apart openings or
Seite 355 - SHALER, NS, WOODWORTH, JB, and MARBUT, CF The glacial brick clays of Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts. In Seventeenth Ann. Rept., pt. 1, pp. 957-1004. 1896.
Seite 140 - Its soft ore, now nearly all mined out either by surface trenches or drifts, is the best in the district. Its hard ore is also of high grade and hitherto has been for the most part held in reserve, since ore could be produced from the thicker Big seam at a lower cost per unit of iron. The structure and composition of the Big and Irondale seams...
Seite 360 - The geology of the road-building stones of Massachusetts, with some consideration of similar materials from other parts of the United States.
Seite 71 - INTRODUCTION. The present paper comprises a brief preliminary statement of some of the results obtained from surveys made by EE Smith, BA Iverson, HC Schleuter, and the writer during the summer of 1906 in Tps. 23 to 39 N., Rs. 113 to 117 W., inclusive, Uinta County, Wyo. The examination of this region was made primarily for the purpose of determining the locality of the various coal and oil beds that occur in Uinta County and to trace northward the coal formations mapped by AC Veatch and the writer...
Seite 90 - The gold-quartz veins of Nevada City and Grass Valley districts, California. In Seventeenth Ann. Rept., pt. 2., pp. 1-262. 1896. The mining districts of the Idaho basin and the Boise Ridge, Idaho.

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