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been placed over the door of the infernal regions than that which Dante reports :

“All hope abandon, ye who enter here.” Singularly enough, however, Francis Bacon, during the greater part of his life and to within a short time of his death, condemned the sentiment of hope. He sought for himself and for mankind absolute veracity, or freedom from every kind of delusion. He said:

“In hope there seems to be no use. For what avails the anticipation of good ? If the good turn out less than you hoped for, good though it be, yet because it is not so good, it seems to you more like a loss than a gain, by reason of the over-hope. If the event be equal to the hope, then the flower of it, having been by that hope already gathered, you find it stale and almost distasteful. If the good be beyond the hope, then no doubt there is a sense of gain ; but had it not been better to gain the whole by hoping not at all than the difference by hoping too little? And such is the effect of hope in prosperity. But in adversity it enervates the true strength of the mind. For matter of hope cannot always be forthcoming; and if it fail, though but for a moment, the whole strength and support of the mind goes with it. Moreover the mind suffers in dignity, when we endure evil only by self-deception and looking another way, and not by fortitude and judgment. And therefore it was an idle fiction of the poets to make Hope the antidote of human diseases, because it mitigates the pain of them; whereas it is in fact an inflammation and exasperation of them rather, multiplying and making them break out afresh.” — Meditationes Sacræ (1597).

The same peculiar and exceptional repugnance to hope is several times expressed in Shake-speare. In Measure for Measure, for example, the Duke enjoins Claudio, who lies in prison under prospect of immediate death, “Be absolute for death,” that is, be certain of death, entertain no hope ; for then

“either death or life Shall thereby be the sweeter.”

To show at a glance the great variety and scope of the
foregoing parallelisms, as well as for ease of reference, we
now recapitulate them by their headings :


[Numerals denote number of parallelism. )

Angels, Fall of the, 99.
Anger, a temporary Madness, 203.
Anger, affecting the Heart, 159.
Anger, gaining Time in, by Count-

ing, 127.
Anger, Refrainings of, to gain Time,


Abstemiousness, 597.
Accents of Words, 561.
Accidents of Life, 580.
Accusation, Silence under, 126.
Actæon and his Hounds, 700.
Actæon turned into a Stag, 538.
Action and Imagination, 508.
Action is Eloquence, 452.
Actium, Battle of, 620.
Actor forgetting his Part, 224.
Acts not to be judged by Effects,

Adam, Penalty of, 353.
Adamant, 322.
Address in Court, 154.
Adonis' Gardens, 480.
Advantage of Time, 334.
Æolus, Kingdom of, 628.
Ætna burning, 679.
Affection and Reason, 449.
Africa breeding Monsters, 723.
Age and Youth, 380.
Age, deforming Mind, 129.
Age, old, Bodies wrinkled in, 111.
Age, old, Premature, 496.
Agents, Repudiation of, by Princes,

Aims in Life, 606.
Air for Homes, 473.
Air in the Earth, 629.
Air poisoned by foul Breaths, 445.
All's well that ends well, 834.
Altars, no Consultation before, 806.
Anathema from Christ, 351.
Anaxarchus, 12.
Ands and Ifs, 301.

Anger, Suppressions of, 385.
Animation suspended by Drugs,

Anthony and Love, 381.
Anticipations of Mind, 450.
Antipodes, 557.
Antiquity, Youth of the World,

Anvils, Truth forged on, 288.
Apothecary Shop, 302.
Apparitions, 166.
Appetite, growing by what it feeds

on, 853.
Applause of Rabble, 567.
Archery, 660.
Archery, White in, 669.
Ariadne and Theseus, 702.
Ariel, a Spirit, 456.
Arion among Dolphins, 231.
Aristotle, Misquotation from, 69.
Arm-pits, under the, 844.
Arms of Kings long, 343.
Army commanded from a Litter,

Arrows, Parthian, 290.
Art and Nature, Relations between,

Art progressive, 469.
Art, subject to Nature, 294.

Ashes of Fortune, 319.
Astrology, 241.
Atalanta's Speed, 541.
Atom, Dimensions of an, 645.
Axletree of the Earth, 560.

Backgrounds dark, 337.
Bacon and Hog, 251.
Bacon's Knowledge, Extent of, 240.
Bacon's Portfolio, 636.
Bail, Death an Arrest without, 105.
Banishment of Women from Court,

Bashfulness and Stage-playing,

Basilisk, 273.
Bastinado, 141.
Beasts knowing Friends, 823.
Beating Bush for Bird, 794.
Beauty is Virtue, 583.
Beauty, personal, and Virtue, 156.
Bees, Kings of, 3.
Beggars, no Choosers, 314.
Behavior, a Garment, 75.
Beings, Human, Sport for the Gods,

Bell, funeral, 860.
Bellerophon's Letters, 185.
Belly, Rebellion against, 191.
Benefit of Clergy, 459.
Benefits, Caution in conferring,

Benevolence Tax, 748.
Bermoothes, 481.
Bestriding the Sea, 275.
Better seldom comes, 625.
Bird, beating Bush for, 794.
Birtb, crying at, 197.
Blabbing, 71.
Black, 870.
Bladders, swimming on, 609.
Blessing of God and warm Sun,

Blood, Circulation of the, 85.
Blood, swooning at Sight of, 752
Bodies, Conservation of, 262.

Bodies, spirits in Inanimate, 589.
Bodies wrinkled in old Age, 111.
Body and Soul, League of, 209.
Body of Man, a musical Instru-

ment, 418.
Body with King, and King with

Body, 43.
Bolt, Fool's, 395.
Bombastic Words, 810.
Books, more durable than Monu-

ments, 266.
Bosphorus, Current through, 94.
Boys' Love, 819.
Branding Hands, 623.
Breaths poisoning Air, 445.
Brewer's Horse, 354.
Bridle, biting the, 836.
Broken Music, 388.
Brokerage, Royal, 362.
Brothels, 664.
Brownists, 95.
Brutes, Sympathy with, 516.
Brutus, Marcus, bastard Son of

Cæsar, 413.
Burning Glasses, destructive Uses

of, 389.
Burning Glasses, Heat from, 680.
Bull-bearing Milo, 804.
Butterflies, chasing, 9.
Buyer's Price, 564.

Cade, Jack, 867.
Cæsar, Augustus, and Marc An.

thony, 16.
Cæsar, Julius, and his Fortune,

Cæsar, Julius, affected by Flattery,

Cæsar, Julins, Ambition of, 772.
Cæsar, Julius, Assassination of,

Cæsar, Julius, a Tyrant, 617.
Cæsar, Julius, Darkness at Death

of, 652.
Cæsar, Julius, declining the Crown,


Cæsar, Julius, desiring Title of

King, 639.
Cæsar, Julius, Downfall of, due to

Envy, 11.
Cæsar, Julius, Father of Marcus

Brutus, 413.
Cæsar, Julius, Nobility of, 412.
Cæsar, Julius, self-centred Char.

acter of, 10.
Cæsar, Julius, Self-confidence of,

Cæsar, Julius, Star of, 383.
Cæsar, Julius, Virtues and Vices

balanced in, 773.
Cæsar, Julius, warned by Augu-

rers, 451.

Cade, Jack, 867.
Cambridge University, 397.
Cannibals, 696.
Carduus Benedictus, 295.
Care, Limitation of, 872.
Carrion, Honey in, 107.
Casks, empty, Sounds from, 366.
Castor and Pollux, 91.
Cat in Adage, 795.
Centaurs, 670.
Chalking the Way, 2.
Chameleon changing Colors, 327.
Chameleon, feeding on Air, 326.
Chance, Divinity in, 67.
Chaos, 647.
Chaos and Love, 553.
Character in Eves and Faces, 513.
Character, small Defects in, 110.
Charge to Constables, 236.
Charybdis and Scylla, 543.
Chasing a Butterfly, 9.
Cheapening One's Self, 128.
Cheapside, Question in, 797.
Cherry, double, 329.
Cherubim, 546.
Children, governing Parents, 89.
Children, humane Influences of,

Children of good Parents, disap-

pointing, 23.

Children of same Parents, Differ-

ences among, 439.
Children, Possession of, the highest

Felicity, 512.
Choice second, 63.
Chopine, 708.
Cicero's ‘De Oratore,' 626.
Ciphers, a Figure among, 257.
Circe, 577.
Circe's Drugs, 683.
Circumlocution, 46.
Civet, 671.
Civil War, a Fever, 378.
Civil Wars, Money in, 761.
Clergy, Benefit of, 459.
Cloud, not every one a Storm, 183.
Cockatrice, 429.
Coffer of Darius, 222.
Coloquintida, 764.
Combat, Law of, 869.
Comedy of Errors, 596.
Common and several, 769.
Common Lands, Enclosure of, 417.
Common People, beastly, 14.
Commonplace Books, 264.
Compass, Points of, 613.
Complexions, 235.
Composite Beings, 250.
Concord and Discord, 130.
Concord musical, 743.
Condemned for Virtues, 144.
Confidences, inviting, 73.
Conflagration of the World, 655.
Conjectures at Home, 331.
Conjunction of Planets, 165.
Conscience, 364.
Consent, 115.
Conservation of Bodies, 262.
Constables, Charge to, 236.
Constancy, Foundation of Virtues,

Constancy in Vice, 211.
Consultation, no, before Altars,

Contemplative Studies, 594.
Corn-flowers, 13.

Corpses, human, Repugnance to

Corruptions in Peace, 339.
Coughing, not to be hid, 150.
Council and Counsel, 390.
Counsellors, the Dead are the best,

Countenance, reflecting Mind, 501.
Counties Palatine, 866.
Country Fruits, 118.
Courage, Excess of, 515.
Court, Address in, 154.
Court, Women banished from, 143.
Courts, Equity, 122.
Cowards and Death, 368.
Creeds, Fashion in, 271.
Crime, suggested by Opportunity,

Cripple and Hare, 421.
Crocodiles shedding Tears, 20.
Crusades, 868.
Cuckold's Horns, 774.
Cunning Device, 192.
Cupid as Indian Prince, 411.
Cupid, as Infant, blind, naked,

winged, and an Archer, 559,
Cupid, Parentage of, 648.
Cushions, 430.
Custom, subduing Nature, 506.
Custom, the Ape of Nature, 306.
Custom, Tyranny of, 579.
Cyclops, forging Thunderbolts,

Cyclops, gigantic Size of, 685.

Death and Envy, 576.
Death, a Redeemer, 574.
Death-bed Utterances, 65.
Death, being inevitable, must be

endured, 453.
Death, fear of, more terrible than

Death, 369.
Death, Fear of, strange, 77.
Death of Henry V., premature,

Death, living in Fear of, 624.
Death, loved after, 791.
Death, Melting of the Body at,

Death painless, 40.
Death, Presages of, 1.
Death, Self-torture in Prospect of,

Deaths, suffering many, 775.
Deceit, Sinon Prototype of, 376.
Defects, small, in Character, 110.
Deformity of Mind in Age, 129.
Deformity of Richard III., 59.
Degrees in Citizenship, 379.
Delays, Importance of, 335.
Deliberation, 587.
Depopulation of Towns, 483.
Deucalion, 878.
Development in Periods, 705.
Device, a cunning, 192.
Dew, 682.
Diagnosis, a medical, 394.
Diluculo surgere, 831.
Disappointed Life, 113.
Discord and Concord, 130.
Discourse of Reason, 407.
Discovery, South Sea of, 659.
Disease, mental, Remedies for, 311.
Disembowelling, Punishment for

Treason, 643.
Dissection of Minds, 437.
Divide and define, 491.
Divination, 38.
Divination induced by Fasting and

Prayer, 358.
Divinity hedging a King, 188.

Dædalus, 207.
Daffodils, 535.
Dancing with heavy Shoes, 609.
Darius, Coffer of, 222.
Dark Period in both Lives, 112.
Darkness, Egyptian, 212.
Dawning, good, 268.
Dead Bodies, Repugnance to, 228.
Deafness, hard to cure, 4.
Death, an Arrest without Bail, 105.
Death and Cowards, 368.

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