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Seite 18 - The history of the boundary dispute between the Baltimores and Penns, resulting in the original Mason and Dixon line, is an exhaustive account by Edward Bennett Mathews of the events which preceded the marking of the original line.
Seite 270 - Quarter of a mile South of the Latitude of the most Southern Part of the City of Philadelphia...
Seite 118 - Lordships humbly offered their opinion, that for avoiding further differences, the tract of land lying between the river and the eastern sea, on the one side, and Chesapeake Bay on the other, be divided into equal parts, by a line from the latitude of Cape Henlopen to the 40th degree of northern latitude...
Seite 150 - Cape Henlopen ought to be deemed and taken to be situated at the place where the same is laid down and described in the map or plan annexed to the said articles to be situated, and therefore his lordship doth further order and decree that the said articles be carried into execution accordingly,
Seite 270 - To the Right Honorable the Lords of the Committee of His Majesty's Most Honorable Privy Council for Plantation Affairs. My Lords, Your Lordships having been pleased by your Order of the...
Seite 194 - Addressed to the High and Mighty Lords States General of the United Netherlands on the 28th July, 1649, with Secretary Van Tienhoven's Answer.
Seite 204 - ... a tract of land in America lying north of Maryland, on the east bounded with Delaware River, on the west limited as Maryland, and northward to extend as far as plantable.
Seite 101 - ... in his own right. He asked that in consideration of debts due to him, or his father, the Crown grant him letters patent for a tract of land in America lying north of Maryland. The petition was immediately referred, on the first of June, 1680, to the Committee of Trade and Plantations...
Seite 61 - Chlef of the Indians which joyn'd us the 16th of July, inform'd us that the above mention'd War Path, was the extent of his commission from the Chlefs of the Six Nations that he should go with us with the Line, and that he would not proceed one step farther.
Seite 118 - that the whole Peninsula or tract of land called Delaware from East to West as far as Cape Henlopen Southward ... be divided into two equal parts between His Majesty and my Lord Baltimore.

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