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RH Cromek se. Richard. Iwasted Time and now doth Time wasti me,

For now hath Time made me his numbring clock.

Publishid by F.&C. Hiving ton. London. Aug. 16.1803.




the proceeding against Merick, which is printed in the Statc Trials, Vol. VII. p. 60, the matter is stated thus: “ The story of Henry IV. being set forth in a play, and in that play, there being set forth the killing of the king upon the stage; the Friday before, Sir Gilly Merick and some others of the earl's train having an humour to see a play, they must needs have The Play of Henry IV. The players told them that was stale; they should get nothing by playing that; but no play else would serve: and Sir Gilly Merick gives forty shillings to Philips the player to play this, besides whatsoever he could get.”

Augustine Philippes was one of the patentees of the Globe playhouse with Shakspeare, in 1603; but the play here described was certainly not Shakspeare's HENRY IV. as that commences above a year after the death of Richard. TYRWHITT.

This play of Shakspeare was first entered at Stationers' Hall by Andrew Wise, Aug. 29, 1597. Steevens.

It was written, I imagine, in the same year. MALONE.

King Richard the Second.
Edmund of Langley, Duke of York; Uncles to the
John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster; S King.
Henry, surnamed Bolingbroke, Duke of Hereford, Son

to John of Gaunt; afterwards King Henry IV.
Duke of Aumerle, Son to the Duke of York.
Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk.
Duke of Surrey.
Earl of Salisbury. Earl Berkley."


Bagot, } Creatures to King Richard.
Earl of Northumberland: Henry Percy, his Son.
Lord Ross.3 Lord Willoughby. Lord Fitzwater.
Bishop of Carlisle. Abbot of Westminster.
Lord Marshal; and another Lord.
Sir Pierce of Exton. Sir Stephen Scroop.
Captain of a Band of Welchmen.

Queen to King Richard.
Duchess of Gloster.
Duchess of York.
Lady attending on the Queen.
Lords, Heralds, Officers, Soldiers, Two Gardeners,
Keeper, Messenger, Groom, and other Altendants.

SCENE, dispersedly in England and Wales.

· Duke of Aumerle,] Aumerle, or Aumale, is the French for what we now call Albemarle,which is a town in Normandy. The old historians generally use the French title. STEEVENS.

° Earl Berkley.] It ought to be Lord Berkley. There was no Earl Berkley till some ages after. STEEVENS.

3 Lord Ross.] Now spelt Roos, one of the Duke of Rutland's titles. STEEVENS.

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