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Aneurism, 1804; and his Treatise on Hernia, Milan, 1809. Scarpa was also a great lover of the Fine Arts, and had formed a valuable collection of paintings by the first Italian Masters.

Barnaba Oriani was the disciple of Lagrange, whom he succeeded in the direction of the Milan Observatory, and in the compilation of the Ephemerides. He contributed, by his observations, to the great map of the kingdom of Italy, drawn under Napoleon, by whom he was made Senator, and Knight of the Iron Crown. Oriani died at Milan in November last. He was the oldest of the living Italian astronomers.

The publication of the Great Italian Dictionary, compiled at Bologna, is now completed in seven large 4to. volumes. It is considered the most perfect Italian Dictionary in existence. The early volumes of it were briefly noticed in this Journal, vol. ii. p. 710.

Bazzoni, a novelist of some talent, author of Il Castello di Trezzo, has published Racconti Storici, illustrative of the middle ages in Italy.

The Italian presses, especially those of Milan, continue to bring forth numerous works of light entertaining prose, novels, tales, sketches of life and manners, and tours. The two friends, David Bertolotti and Defendente Sacch, are among the most active of those who find them occupation. Bertolotti has lately published Racconti e Pitture di Costumi, in his usual easy, flowing strain. Sacchi, of whose skill in the lore of the middle ages we had a proof in his Antichita Romantiche d' Ilalie,* and who unites facility of style with purity of language, has now published two little volumes of Vurieta Litterarie, or Essays on the Manners and Arts of the Present Age in Italy, with Sketches of Distinguished Characters. We observe, with pleasure, in most of these popular works, a manly moral tone; without the least taint of cant, servility, or bigotry, but also without any of that licentious, sceptical, and sneering spirit which disfigures many productions of the light literature of some other countries.

ORIENTAL LITERATURE. The benefits conferred on Oriental Literature by the English Society of Translations from the Eastern languages, are highly appreciated by the learned world; but there appears to be a very general wish on the part of Continental Orientalists, that the society should publish the original text along with the translations, that the means might hereafter be afforded of a more critical examination of both.

M. Eliacin Carmoly, Grand Rabbi of Belgium, and Member of the Asiatic Society of Paris, intends publishing, shortly, a new edition of the Travels of Benjamin of Tudela, in Hebrew, from a MS. of the 15th century, and accompanied with notes and a French translation. The whole will be comprised in one volume 8vo.

A translation of Von Hamer's History of the Assassins (Geschichte der Assassinen) into French, is announced for speedy publication.

Mr. Klaproth has published an account of the great Chinese Encyclopædia, which may be considered as a view of the civilization of China from the commencement of the Empire down to 1224. It was first printed in 1322, again in 1524, and again in 1747, and has had several supplements added to it.

* See No. 12, of this Review.





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