Bulletin of the United States Geological Survey, Ausgaben 1-6

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1907

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Seite 34 - Martin. 1906. 36 pp., 5 pis. WS 164. Underground waters of Tennessee and Kentucky west of Tennessee River and of an adjacent area in Illinois, by LC Glenn.
Seite 6 - ... should not be disappointed in our anticipations, if its progress is found, greatly to exceed the prevalent expectation. To aid in the determination, the Island of Iris, which extends from the brink of the Fall, up the river, and which is now connected with the shore, by a wooden bridge, appears to present great facilities. A simple measurement of its length, with a monument for recording it at its head, would convert it into a graduated scale, and the point of the indentation of the Horse Shoe...
Seite 35 - Goode. 1900. 67 pp., 14 pis. 171. Boundaries of United States and of the several States and Territories, with outline of history of all important changes of territory (second edition), by Henry Gannett. 1900. 142 pp., 53 pis.
Seite 33 - PP 45. The geography and geology of Alaska, a summary of existing knowledge, by AH Brooks, with a section on climate, by Cleveland Abbe, jr., and a topographic map and description thereof, by RM Goode. 1905. 327 pp., 31 pis. B 273. The drumlins of southeastern Wisconsin (preliminary paper), by WC Alden.
Seite 34 - Lee. 1906. 28 pp., 6 pis. B 297. The Yampa coal field, Routt County, Colo., by NM Fenneman, Hoyt S. Gale, and MR Campbell. 1906.
Seite 34 - Jersey, by Henry Gannett. 1894. 131 pp. 122. Results of primary triangulation, by Henry Gannett. 1894. 412 pp., 17 pis. (Out of stock.) 123. Dictionary of geographic positions, by Henry Gannett. 1895.
Seite 31 - The classes numbered 2, 7, and 8 are sold at cost of publication; the others are distributed free. A circular giving complete lists can be had on application. Most of the above publications can be obtained or consulted in the following ways: 1. A limited number are delivered to the Director of the Survey, from whom they can be obtained, free of charge (except classes 2, 7, and 8), on application. 2. A certain number are delivered to Senators and Representatives in Congress for distribution. 3. Other...
Seite 34 - PP 55. Ore deposits of the Silver Peak quadrangle, Nevada, by JE Spurr. 1906. 174 pp., 24 pis. B 289. A reconnaissance of the Matanuska coal field, Alaska, in 1905, by GC Martin. 1906.
Seite 4 - Niagara, very few pieces of the rock have fallen down which were large enough to make any sensible alteration in the brink ; and in the space of two years I could not perceive, by a pretty accurate measurement, that the North-East brink had in the least receded. If we adopt the opinion of the Falls having retired six miles, and if we suppose the world to be...
Seite 6 - The sudden descent of huge rocky fragments of the undermined limestone at the Horseshoe Fall, in 1828, and another at the American Fall, in 1818, are said to have shaken the adjacent country like an earthquake. According to the statement of our guide in 1841, Samuel Hooker, an indentation of about forty feet has been produced in the middle of the ledge of limestone at the lesser fall since the year 1815, so that it has begun to assume the shape of a crescent, while within the same period the Horseshoe...

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