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Defcription of a C zumky Apothecary

ib. 533

Prior 533



Apo agy for Vagrants

ib, 523
Anen. 523

Eico School
Gat Cues, and Loado in particular, allowed

their de: Praile

Anon, 539

Decca free-His Reich of the Works of God
wildress to the Creator

ib. 543
ib. 544
ib. 544

Page 1

Ole to Tine; occafioned by seeing the Ruins of

Rural Sounds as well as Sights delightful

20 Cafe

Cowper 527

Ogilvie 576

ib. 5:8 The Weari someness of what is commonly called

Ode lozeceace

a Life of Pleasure

PT.33; !, The Complain. An Americana

Satirical Review of our Trips to France

The F

Gregory 519 The Pulpit the Engine of Reformation

Furtre. An American The Petit Maitre Clergyman

A Description of a Parih Poor House Crabbe 522

ib. 521 Armine and Elvira, a Legendary Tale

Lailwiigbo 528

Definipuon of a Ciclity Cerzyman viáting the

ib. 512 An Italian Song

Rogers 533

Herry and Emma, a Poem upon the Modei of the

Nur Browa diad
'The Reason for deltbing the Vices of the Vil.

An Heroic Epiltle to Sir William Chambers,

Knighi, Comptroller General of His Majeity's

Works, ard Author of the late Differtation on
Epike to a young Gentleman on his leaving

Oriental Gardening. Enriched with Explana-

Dr. Roberts 523

tory Notes, chiefly extracted from that ea-

borate Periormance

Pleatures of Riemory; a Poem

Rogers 542

Turbó azt oi Escipline in the English Vaiverlities

Cowper 524

From the Same


Happt the Freedom of the Man whom Grace

ib. 525 From the Same


From the Same


Verses on a Tear

That Phiotapby which itops at Secondary Causes

ib. 525 A Sketch of the Alps at Day-break

A With

ib. 527 | An Ode on Classic Education






Theodofius and Marcian


Glofter and Hiftings

Rowe 650

Brooke 661

Guitavus and Dalecarlians

Gustavus a:d Critiern

ib. 669


Brutus and Tirus

555 Lady Randolph, Lord Randolph,' and young

Norval, not known at the time to be Lady

Randolph's Son

Home 665

567 Young Norval informs Lord Randolph by what

569 Means he acquired a Knowledge in the Art

of War

ib. 666

Tweth Night, or What You Will

574 Douglas's Soliloquy in the Wood, waiting for


Lady Randolph, after he was known to be

her Son

ib. 666


Addison 666



593 | The Happiness of a free Government S. Jobnfon 685

The second part of Heary IV.

5-7 The Kiliing of a Boar

Or way 685

60: Description of a Populous City Young 685

608 Kural Courtship

Dryden 685

6:6 Description of a Person left on a Derese land



Tbomi on 685


611 The first Feats of a young Eagle

Rowe 685

The Life and Death of King John

613 The true End of Education

616 Final Piety

Mallet 686

619 The fame

Thomson 686

624 Bad Fortune more easily horne than good Rowe 686

628 Despair never to be indulged

Phillips 686

-Tye Life and Death of King Richard II. 636

- Tke life and Death of King Richard Ill. 638 Description of a Hag

632 A Friend to Freedom can never be a Traitor

Tbomson 686

640 Happiness the inseparable Companion of Virtue

Rowe 686

648 Honour superior to Justice

Thomson 686

619 In what Manner Prioces ought to be taught

Mallet 686

DITACHED SCENES, True End of Royalty

ib, 687

Dryden 653 The real Duty of a King

Rowe 687

ib. 655. Character of a good King

Thomson 687


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Lee 687


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Bowles 72

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Milton 691 Description of a Garden--Description of the

Garden of Adonis-Devaftation which Time


makes in this Garden-- Defcription or Jupiter

Virtue, Willom, and Contemplation ; Medita. --Guyou conducted by Mammon through a
tion and Beauty; Chastity

Cave under Ground, to see his Treasure--De-
Philosophy-True Liberty-.Prowess of Body fcription of Detpair and her Speech


aid MindOn Shahipeare-song on May

Morning-Virtue and Evil

ib. 696


Parjence-Sonnet on his deceafed Wife Spirits Description of the V fion conjured up by Alecto

-Pain--Hypocrify- The Latyre, roving Co-

Image of Arinida ard attendants, enraged at Ri-

mus--Sonnet to the Nighurgele

ib. 697

naldo's hewing down ti, Myrtle to diffolve the

"Echo: A Song


Description of Armida's wonicrful Parrot



Adonis's Garden--Affections-Ambition

698Leonidas's Address to his Countrymen--Answer


to the Persian Anballador-Pachetic Farewell

Another--Beauty-Boar---Bower of Buifs

700 of Leonidas to his wife and Faintay

Bower of Proteus


Bull --Calumny-Cannon--Charity-Concord--

701 Characters of Ter:bazus and Ariina-Ariana and


Polydorus come by Night into the Peilian





Defamation-Defire- Detraction--Discord

703 Hattory of Parfern, king of Pruffia


Discord's House-Dolphin


Doubt-Dungeon-Eagle Ease-Envy 706 (To the Moon
Error: -Excels-Faith-- Falcon-Fancy 707 On the Departure of the Nightingale-Written
Fear-Ship-Feeling-Fire-First Age- Flood at the Clofe of Siring. Shouid the lone Wan-

derer-To Nighi-To Tranquillity-Written
Gluttony Greediness-Grief-Griffon-Grove

in the Church-yard at Middleton in Suflex



Written at Penshurst, in Autumn 1788


Hermitage-Hippolitus-Honour-Hope-Hydra Elegy- Elegy to Pity

- Hypocrite

710 Extract from a Poem on his own approaching

Idleness-Ignorance-inconftancy-Incontinence Death

Michael Bruce 73€

711 Sonnet to Twilight

Miss Williams 73

Life-- Lion-Love- Madness--M fift-Sledio-

Sonnet to Expression



712 Sonnet to Hope



Mercy-Minerva-- Morning

713 Sonnet to the Moon

Mountain-- Mutability.-Night


The Bastard

Occafion-Palace of Sicep-Tyger--Winds-Sun On the Recovery of a Lady of Quality from the



Small Pox


Sight--Slander -Storm-- Superstition

716 Ode to Pity

Sufpicion-- Venus-Temple of Veous

717 Ode to Fear


718 Ode to Simplicity

Ode on the Poetical Character


Oje, written in the Year 1746-0.jeto Mercy-

Duesla weeping over her Enemy, compared to a Ode to Liberty

Crocodile; and a Defcription of Night 718 Ode to a Lady, on the Death of Colonel Charles

Description of Lucilera's Palace Lucifera Rols, in the Action at Fontenoy. Written in

afcending her Coach- Description of Prince

May 1745

Arthur in his Habiliments of War-Defcrip. Ode to Evening-ode to Peace-The Manners,
rion of Diana with her Nymphs, returned frona

an de

the Chacs, and preparing to bathe

719 The Paffions. An Ode to Music

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An Epifte addrefled to Sir Thomas Hanmer, \Vhiefuntida. Written at Winchester College, on

nasa Etsies of Snakspeare's Works Collins 745

the immediate Approach of the Holidays 771

Dope Crabe ice, sung by Gaiderus and Arvi- Christmas


Fidele, teppoled to be dead ib. 746 An Elegy on the Death of a mad Dog Goldsmith 778

Os me the Dexb of Mr. Thomson—Verses L'Allegro; or Fun, a Parody


man Paper which contained a Piece The Picture

Cunningham 773


The Modern Fine Centleman. Written in the

To: Mae, ac turaing her up ia ber Neft with

Year 1746

Soume Fenyns 774

to Peregt, in November 1985. Burns 748 An Epiftie, written in the Country, to the Right

Tuman Dafy, on turning one down with Honourable the Lord Lovelace, then in Town,

Az Pleegh, in Apel 1786

ib. 748

Suptember 1735

A lirepan unnatural Flights in Poetry Horace. Book 11. Odeio

Cowper 776

Lansdown 748 A Reflection on the foregoing Ode

Telo Spect, prefiend to the Effay on Pope's The Shrubbery. Written in a Time of Amiction


--Mutual Forbearance neceffary to thre Happi-

The Logary. Written in the laft Century


nels of the Married State-The Winter Nosegay

List.ruang H.Hory of Joho Gilpın; thewing

hen be ser farther than he intended, and Boadicea, an Odc-Heroism

02e zais

Cowper 730) Art above Nature

A B Cuatemplation in a College ; in The Crooke: Sixperice

Bramson 719

ku.codGray's Elegy in a Country Church- The Copper Farthing

Pennington 781

Duncombe 752 The School-Boy. By the Rev. Mr. Maurice,

* Three Warzings

. A Tale

Mrs. Thrale 753

Author of the Indian Antiquities. Written by

TelsiCairy Box

Lloyd 75+

him at a very early Age

3.pd an ad udged Case, not to be found in Written in a Lady's Ivory Table-book, 1699

& é: Bosks

Cowper 755

Swift 784

3 the Bra Day of Shakspeare. A Canto Mrs. Harris's Petition. 1699


Berenger 756) A Description of the Morning. 1709

she boa of Letters The Answer-On A Description of a City Shower. In Imitation

of Virgil's Georgics. 1710

The latest of Cookery

sbenfione 756 on the little House by the Church-yard of Cattle-

Serge Ga

nock. 1710

Her"Seuquy imitated

Jago 757 The Fable of Midas, 1712


To be lezery of George Lexis Langton, Elq. A Dialogue between a Member of Parliainent

na desa ko Travels to Rome Sbipley 757

and his Servant, in Imitation of Horace, Sat.

Taiwan's Coachman

Taylor 757

II. vii. First printed in 1752

Obe Dath of Matzel, a favourite Bulifinch. The Intruder. lu'Imitation of Horace, Sat. 1. ix.

Adried to Philip Stanhope, Esq. (natural First printed in 1754

beste Late Chetterfie.d) to whom the Horace, Book I. Ep. VII. Addrefled to the Earl

Larut kad men ibe Reversion of it when he

of Oxford. 1713


Williams 758 Horace, Book 11. Sat. VI.

To-cau-Og Lor: Cobham's Gardens—To A True and Faithful Inventory of the Goods be-

1 Cod Ex Yan 0d

Colton 758

jonging 10 Dr. Swift, Vicar ot Laracor ; upon

T. Mas Ley ferabue

lending his House to the Bishop of Meath, till

his Palace was sebuilt


The Tease the blases. To the Countess Temple 759 An Elegy on the Death of Demar the Ufurer,

itt Livrha bang ia too low a Voice


who died the 6th of July 1720

To Wa hds, on her Birth-Day, Aug. 16th, Epitaph on a Mifer-To Mrs. Houghton of Bor.

mit Praten in France

Wilkes 760

mount, upon praising her Husband to Dr. Swift

Tues Wikes, os ter Birth-Day, Aug. 16th,

--Dr. Delany's Villa-Mary the Cook-Maid's

Writes in Prison

Letter to Dr.Sheridan, 1723


bezala ton of Alcæus

Sir W. Jones 759 Riddles, by Dr. Swift and his Friends, written

The lasz ata Wife by Cheese Capt. Thompson 760

in or about the Year 1724-On Gold-On a



Peter Pindar 961 On a Circle-On ink-On the Five senfes

Pred togruber with a knife by the Rev.

On an Echo-Ona Shadow in a Glass

lan Bang, Head Master of Merchant On Time-On the Vowels-On Slow-On a

im to his Wife on her Wedding Cannon--Tu Quilca, a Country-Huule of Dr.

nopened to be her Birth-Day Sheridan, in no very good Repair. 1725:-

762 The giuud Question debated, Whether Hainil-

762 ton's Bawn ihould be turned into a Barrack or

a Mali-It we 1729

ib. 763 On the Death vt Dr. Swift, occasioned by reading

Post Lasy, with i Copy of Moore's

the following Maxim in Ruheloucauli, "Dans

'" l'adverte de nos meneurs amis, nous troue

vons toujours que que chos: qui ne

“ deplaist pas"


Churchill 834

ib. 706 The Author

Pied 4 Do 1.4. Infcribed in the Re. Hen.

A paor Woinan's lamentation on her Sou being

lain in a Field of Battle


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Littleton 759

Te Wr Wet, at W-dham, 1740


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ib. 863 Sir Cauline



Lines on a Ball given to promote the Silk Manu. Sonnets. Written at Wyndlade in Hampshire


808 On Bathing-Written in a Blank Leaf of

On the late Queen of France

808 Dugdale's Monafticon-Written at Stone-

Verses by Dr. Glynn


henge-Written after seeing Wilton-House

Hohenlinden, the Scene of an Engagement be. -To Mr. Gray-Sonnet

tween the French and Imperialists, in which On King Arthur's Round Table at Winchester
the former were conquered Campbell 809 --To the River Lodon


A British War Song

809 The Old Cheese

The Lotos of Egypt

Maurice 809 The Pilgrim and the Peas Peter Pindar

Alonzo the Brave and the fair Imogenc. M. G. A Country Bumpkin and the Razor-seller ib.


810 The Bald-pated Welchman and the Fly Somerville

Four Sonnets
Bowles 811 The Incurious Bencher


Lioes fpoken by Mr. Knox at the annual Vifica- The Officious Mefsenger. A Tale ib.

tion at Tunbridge School

812 The Devil out-witted--The Frogs' Choice ib.

Epigrams, Epitaphs, and other little Pieces 814–862 The Oyster


Epitaph on Mifs Basnet, in Pancras Chuch-yard





On Time


Verses supposed to be written by Alexander Sel.

Various from

kirk, during his folitary Abode in the Illand

The Spanish Lady's Love

of Juan Fernandez

Cowper 862

The Children in the Wood

Ode to Peace

ib. 863) The Hunting in Chevy-Chace

Human Frailty

On observing Tome Names of little Note recorded

in the Biographia Britannica

16. 863 Adam Bell, Clym of the Clough, &c.

Robin Hood and Guy of Gisborne

The Nightingale and the Glow-Worm
On a Goldfinch farved to Death in his Cage ib. 864 Barbara Allen's 'Cruelty

ib. 863 Willow, Willow, Willow

The Pine-apple and the Bee

P. 864 The Frolicfome Duke, or Tinker's Good Fortune

The Poet, the Oyster, and Sensitive Plant

A Fable

The Love of the World detected

Thef Jack daw

ib. 865

Bryan and Pereene, a West-Indian Ballad, founded

The Country Parson's Blessings


on a real Fact that happened in the Inand of St.

On hearing of a Geatleman's Pocket being



Gentle River, gentle River




Alcatzor and Zaida, a Moorish Tale it.

The Happy Fireside


The Retrospect of Life


King Edwad IV. and the Tanner of Tamworth

An Invitation to the Country


Lady Ann Bothwell's Lament

Invitation to the feathered Race

Graves 867

Corydon's doleful Knell

Address to a Nightingale

Thomson 867

Old and young Courtier

Retaliation. A Poem

Goldsmith 867

Loyalty confined

Lines from Dr. Barnard, Dean of Derry, to Dr.

To Althea, from Prison

Goldsmith and Mr. Cumberland


The Braes of Yarrow, an Imitation of the ancient

On Dr. Goldsmith's Characteristical Cookery.

Scotch Manner

A Jeu d'Esprit

Garrick 869

Childe Waters

Jupiter and Mercury. A Fable

The King and Miller of Mansfield

The Lamentation of Glumdalclitch for the Loss

The Fairies' Farewell

of Grildrig

Goy 870

A Receipt for ftewing Veal

ib. 890) Unfading Beauty
Dr. Johnson 872

The Hermit

Spring. An Ode


The Midlum mer's Wish. Anode

The Sky-lark


A Pastoral Ballad. in Pour Parts

Autumn. An Ode

ib. 871


Wirter. An Ode

ib. 872

A Pastoral Ballad


A Pastoral Ballad


An Evening Ode. To Stella

The Natural Beauty. To Stella

A Fairy Tale


The Vanity of Wealth

ib. 873 The Barber's Nuptials


To Mifs -,on her giving the Author

a Gold and Silk Net-work Purse of her own

William and Margaret


ib. 873

Lucy and Colin

To Lyce, an elderly Lady

ib. 873 Songs. By Dibdir

Epitaph on Sir Thomas Hanmer


ib. 865 Gilderoy

ib. 865


ib. 869 The Witches Song

ib. 871

ib. 872
ib. 872






1. Az Address to ibe Deity. Thomson. And ye five other wand'ring fires that move FAT "ATHER of light and life! Thou Good His praise, who out of darkness called up light.

In mystic dance, not without song, resound SUPREME Oreach me what is good. Teach me THYSELF! Air, and ye elements, the eldest birth Save me from foly, vanity, and vice,

Of Nature's womb, that in quaternion run From every low pursuit! and feed my soul

Perpetual circle, multiform; and mix
With knowietge, conscious peace, and virtue And nourish all things; let your ceaseless change
Sacred, iubitantial, never-fading bliss ! (pure;

Vary to our great Maker still new praise.
Ye Mifts and Exhalations that now rise

From hill or Itreaming lake, dusky or * 2. Adam and Eve

, in a Morning Hymn, call upon Till the fun paint your fleecy skirts with gold, call ite Parts of the Creation to join with them in In honour to the world's great Author rile! Exteling idear camiazz Maker.


Whether to deck with clouds th’uncolour'd lky,

Or wet the thirity earth with falling showers, Tuese are Thy glorious works, Parent of good, Rising or falling itill advance his praile. Alrighty, thine this universal frame, Thus wondrous fair, thyself how wondrous then! Breathe foftor loud; and wave your tops, ye Pines,

His praise,yeWinds,that from fourquarters blow, Liz peakable, who litt'it above these Heavens To us invitble, or dimly seen

With every plant in lign of worihip wave.

Fountains, and ye that warble as ye How In these thy losest works; yet these declare

Melodious murmurs, warbling tune his praise. Tarzoudne's beyond thought, and pow'r divine. Join voices, all ye living Souls; ye Birds, Speak ye who best can tell, ye fons of light, Angel; for ye behold him, and with songs

That finging up to Heaven's gate afcend,

Bear on your wings and in your notes his praise. And everal lymphonies, day without night, Ye that in waters glide, and ye that walk Cock bis throne rejoicing; ye in Heaven, The earth, and stately tread, or lowly creep; On Earth, join all ye creatures to extol Witness if I be filent, morn or even, Hast him lait, hum midit, and without end. To hill or valley, fountain, or fresh fhade Faint of stars, lait in the train of night, Made vocal by my fong, and taught his praise. If beter thou belong not to the dawn, Hail universal Lord ! be bounteous stiil Strepade of day, that crown'st the finiling morn To give us only good; and if the night Was bright circlet, praise him in thy iphere, Have gather daught of evil

, or conceald, Wada; anes, that lueet hour of prime.

Disperse it, as now light dispels the dark. Thast., of this great world both eye and soul, Accor.edge him thy greater, found his praise In thy sternal course, both when thou climb'st, § 3. On the Deity. Mrs. Barbauld. And when high noon haft gain’d, and when thou I READ God's awful name emblazon'd high,

With golden letters on th' illumin'd sky; Moon, that now meet'it the orient sun, now fly'st Nor leis the mystic characters I see, With the fx'd stars, fix'd in their orb that flies, Wrought in each flower, inscribid on ev'ry tree;

All A.

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