Pantologia. A new (cabinet) cyclopædia, by J.M. Good, O. Gregory, and N. Bosworth assisted by other gentlemen of eminence, Band 6


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Seite 125 - because he not only had broken the sabbath, but said also that God was his father, making himself equal with God,
Seite 11 - by the principal members of this community in England, entitled, A Declaration of the Faith and Order owned and practised in the congregational Churches in England, agreed upon and consented unto by their Elders and Messengers, in their
Seite 137 - Special juries were originally introduced in trials at bar, when the causes were of too great nicety for the discussion of ordinary freeholders. To obtain a special jury, a motion is made in court, and a rule is* granted thereupon, for the sheriff to attend the master, prothonotary, or other proper officer, with

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