The Laws and Customs, Rights, Liberties, and Privileges, of the City of London: Containing. The Several Charters Granted to the Said City, from William the Conqueror to the Present Time; the Magistrates and Officers Thereof, and Their Respective Creations, Elections, Rights, Duties, and Authorities, the Laws and Customs of the City, as the Same Relate to the Persons Or Estates of the Citizens; the Nature, Jurisdiction, Practice and Proceedings of the Several Courts in London; and the Acts of Parliament Concerning the Cities of London and Westminster, Alphabetically Digested

R. Withy, 1765 - 315 Seiten

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Seite 259 - ... oath of one or more credible witness or witnesses) to the house of correction, there to be kept to hard labour for any time not exceeding one calendar month.
Seite 47 - Nine of the foregoing officers have liveries of the lord mayor, viz. the sword bearer and his man ; the three carvers ; and the four yeomen of the water side. All the rest have liveries from the chamber of London. , The following officers are likewise belonging to the city; farmer of the markets ; auditor ; clerk of the...
Seite 216 - ... the bank, in the name and with the privity of the accountant-general of the Court of Chancery in England...
Seite 194 - AND, that no manner of Person buy nor sell, but with true weights and measures, sealed according to the Statute, in that behalf made, upon pain that will fall thereof.
Seite 204 - Inhabitants making Oath before such Justice that they do believe the Contents of such Notice to be true, and entering into a Recognizance in the penal Sum of...
Seite 245 - Act, shall be vacated or quashed for Want of Form only, or be removed or removable by Certiorari, or any other Writ or Process whatsoever, into any of His Majesty's Courts of Record at Westminster, any Law or Statute to the contrary notwithstanding.
Seite 212 - Do sincerely Promise and Swear, That I will truly and faithfully Execute and Perform the Office and Employment of a Broker between Party and Party in all things appertaining to the Duty of the said Office and Employment, without Fraud or Collusion, to the best of my Skill and Knowledge, and according to the Tenour and Purport of the Act, Entitled, An Act to Restrain the Number and 111 Practice of Brokers and Stock-jobbers: So help me God.
Seite 170 - ... absent witness, in writing, is allowed to be good evidence. To each of these courts belong four attornies, who, upon their being admitted by the court of aldermen, have an oath administered to them.
Seite 91 - London accepts of a legacy of ten thoudnd pounds, left her by her father, who recommended it to her to releafe her right to her orphanage part, which...
Seite 206 - Westminster, in which it shall be sufficient to declare that the defendant is indebted to the plaintiff in the Sum of (being...

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