Structure of the Berea Oil Sand in the Flushing Quadrangle, Harrison, Belmont, and Guernsey Counties, Ohio

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1908 - 30 Seiten

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Seite 206 - Portland cement. — Portland cement is produced by burning a finely ground artificial mixture containing essentially lime, silica, alumina, and iron oxide in certain definite proportions. Usually this combination is made by mixing limestone or marl with clay or shale, in which case the mixture should contain about three parts of the lime carbonate to one part of the clayey materials.
Seite 21 - The two latter lie without the region under discussion, and will not be further considered. The so-called Coast range extends from near the boundary of Washington northward through British Columbia into southeastern Alaska.
Seite 223 - No. 259. 1905, pp. 172-185. Geology and coal resources of Cape Lisburne region, Alaska, by AJ Collier. Bulletin No. 278, 1906, 54 pp. Topographic maps. Fort Yukon to Kotzebue Sound, reconnaissance map of; scale, 1:1200000: by DL Reaburn.
Seite 222 - Reconnaissances in the Cape Nome and Norton Bay regions, Alaska, in 1900,
Seite 223 - The gold placers of parts of Seward Peninsula, Alaska, including the Nome, Council, Kougarok, Port Clarence, and Goodhope precincts, by AJ Collier, FL Hess, PS Smith, and AH Brooks. Bulletin 328, 1908, 343 pp.
Seite 103 - Little Fork, Brush Fork, and Critches Creek, and in this district the acreage of cannel coal is not large, owing to its position very near the hilltops. It is, however, a valuable cannel coal, which will be worked in the future when cheaper transportation facilities are obtainable. CAT CREEK COAL (NO. 5). Extent and development. — The next lower coal is the most important coal in this district. It reaches its greatest thickness along Dry and Caney forks and Cherokee Creek and in the hilltops northwest...
Seite 19 - Conemaugh beds and it foots up 593 feet 2 inches from the base of the Pittsburg coal to the top of the Upper Freeport seam, which in this hole was found in 641 3 642 9 Depth.
Seite 91 - Losmalmgow cnnnel coal, represented by 100 (calculated on the basis of production of 13.000 cubic feet of pas and 1,535.5 pounds of sperm per ton. and having regard also to the value of secondary products and the cost of purification of the gas), the coal is equal to 111.23.
Seite 223 - TG Gerdine. Seward Peninsula, northwestern portion of, topographic reconnaissance of; scale, 1:250000; by TG Gerdine. Seward Peninsula, southern portion of, topographic reconnaissance of; scale, 1:250000; by TG Gerdine. In preparation. Water-supply investigations in Alaska, 1906 and 1907, by FF Henshaw and CC Covert.
Seite 221 - ... Alaska, by S. Paige and A. Knopf. Bulletin No. 327, 1907, 71 pp. Topographic maps. Kenai Peninsula, northern portion; scale, 1:250000; by EG Hamilton. Contained in Bulletin No. 277. Not published separately. Reconnaissance map of Matanuska and Talkeetna region; scale, 1:250000; by TG Gerdine and KH Sargent.

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