Elegiac Sonnets

J. Dodsley, H. Garner, and J. Bew, 1786 - 44 Seiten

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Seite 6 - For one poor moment soothe the sense of pain, And teach a breaking heart to throb no more? And you, Aruna! — in the vale below, As to the sea your limpid waves you bear Can you one kind Lethean cup bestow, To drink a long oblivion to my care? Ah! no! — when all, e'en Hope's last ray is gone, There's no oblivion — but in death alone!
Seite 5 - QUEEN of the silver bow ! — by thy pale beam, Alone and pensive, I delight to stray, And watch thy shadow trembling in the stream, Or mark the floating clouds that cross thy way. And while I gaze, thy mild and placid light Sheds a soft calm upon my troubled breast; And oft I think — fair planet of the night, That in thy orb, the wretched may have rest: The sufferers of the earth perhaps may go, Released by death — to thy benignant sphere, And the sad children of despair and woe Forget in thee,...
Seite 1 - Who never learn'd her dear delusive art; Which, while it decks the head with many a rose, Reserves the thorn to fester in the heart. For still she bids soft Pity's melting eye Stream o'er the ills...
Seite 3 - Ah, poor humanity ! so frail, so fair, Are the fond visions of thy early day, Till tyrant passion, and corrosive care, Bid all thy fairy colours fade away ! Another May new buds and flowers shall bring ; Ah ! why has happiness — no second Spring?
Seite 6 - Ah, hills belov'd! your turf, your flowers remain; But can they peace to this sad breast restore, For one poor moment soothe the sense of pain, And teach a breaking heart to throb no more ? And you, Aruna! in the vale below, As to the...
Seite 14 - Forbids the withered flower to blow; Or place me in the frigid zone On mountains of eternal snow; Let me pursue the steps of fame, Or poverty's more tranquil road; Let youth's warm tide my veins inflame, Or sixty winters chill my blood...
Seite 19 - Tis not all these the Muse delights to praise: In birth, and wealth, and honors, great thou art ! But nobler in thy independent mind; And in that liberal hand and feeling heart Given thee by Heaven — a blessing to mankind! Unworthy oft may titled fortune be ; A soul like thine — is true Nobility.**" The "amiable and exalted
Seite 13 - Already shipwreck'd by the storms of Fate, Like the poor mariner methinks I stand, Cast on a rock; who sees the distant land From whence no succour comes — or comes too late. Faint and more faint are heard his feeble cries, Till in the rising tide the exhausted sufferer dies.** Specific details of a number of scenes in her novels furnish background and atmosphere for Mrs.
Seite 25 - MAKE there my tomb, beneath the lime-tree's shade, Where grass and flowers in wild luxuriance wave; Let no memorial mark where I am laid, Or point to common eyes the lover's grave! But oft at twilight morn, or closing day, The faithful friend with fault'ring step shall glide, Tributes of fond regret by stealth to pay, And sigh o'er the unhappy suicide.
Seite 27 - N thy wild banks, by frequent torrents worn, No glittering fanes, or marble domes appear, Yet shall the mournful Muse thy course adorn. And still to her thy rustic waves be dear : — For with the infant Otway...

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