Forest Conditions in the Cascade Range, Washington, Between the Washington and Mount Rainier Forest Reserves, Ausgabe 6

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1902 - 42 Seiten

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Seite 45 - LIBRARY CATALOGUE SLIPS. [Take this leaf out and paste the separated titles upon three of your catalogue cards. The first and second titles need no addition: over the third write that subject under which you would place the book in your library.] United States.
Seite 43 - Gannett, 1902. 38 pp., 1 pi. 6. Forest conditions in the Cascade Range, Washington, between the Washington and Mount Rainier forest reserves, by FG Plummer.
Seite 1 - ... serious consideration. The Northern Pacific and Great Northern railways cross the Cascade Mountains in the area under consideration in this report. For the protection of their roads from forest fires and from falling trees, the rights of way have been cut from 50 to 400 feet in width, according to the condition and size of the timber and the topography. The desire is to remove ever}1 tree or snag which threatens the roadbed, sparing nothing which in falling would reach the tracks.
Seite 37 - ... much harder than that gained from the soft watery grasses of the swamps. About the head of Mad River and the Entiat, grazing is mostly done at the altitudes above the yellow-pine zone, where a scrubby growth of subalpine fir, white-bark pine, and lodgepole pine forms a scattered forest which has been greatly reduced by fire. Willow, huckleberry, pea vine, lupine, and various grasses and juncus have covered the hillsides, but the trampling and cutting of thousands of hoofs has in many places denuded...
Seite 6 - ... prepared by me for the Mount Rainier Forest Reserve, it shows a general lowering in altitude. The diagram made for the. Mount Rainier Forest Reserve, with its average latitude of about 46° 30', shows an intermediary condition between the assignment just given for latitude 45° 30' and that which will now be given for latitude 47° 30'.
Seite 14 - This includes the materials for the construction of irrigation flumes and fences and for the manufacture, of fruit boxes and crates to supply the demands of the enormous fruit-growing industries of the Yakima, VVenache, Entiat, and Chelan valleys.
Seite 26 - spotted," and any of the species represented may predominate over a small area, and the general forest is very mixed as to species. Several of the small burns mentioned occurred in July. 1865, and about the same time fire spread over considerable areas of Goat Mountain, south of the town of Easton.
Seite 25 - ... well as to the right-of-way clearing of the Northern Pacific Railway. At and near Naches Pass, which is one day's travel from the mouth of Greenwater and a camping place, are several smaller burns in light timber. The heavy timber of the bottom lands is red fir, red cedar, hemlock, and Engelmann spruce; on the hillsides there is noble fir, lovely fir, white fir, white pine, and Alaska cedar.
Seite 14 - ... forest of desirable trees is beyond the possibility of attack. Aside from a very small local consumption, all the timber of the western slope...

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