Oil Possibilities in and Around Baxter Basin, in the Rock Springs Uplift, Sweetwater County, Wyoming, Issues 702-706

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1920 - Geology - 107 pages

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Page 71 - Basin as defined in Article 48 of the said Treaty, become the complete and absolute property of the French State. The French State will have the right of working or not working the said mines, or of transferring to a third party the right of working them, without having to obtain any previous authorisation or to fulfil any formalities.
Page 71 - The value of the property thus ceded to the French State will be determined by the Reparation Commission referred to in Article 233 of Part VIII (Reparation) of the present Treaty. This value shall be credited to Germany in part payment of the amount due for reparation. It will be for Germany to indemnify the proprietors or parties concerned, whoever they may be. 6. No tariff shall be established on the German railways and canals which may directly or indirectly discriminate to the prejudice of the...
Page 71 - November 11, 1918, excepting provisions adopted exclusively in view of the state of war, with a view to the acquisition of such land as it may judge necessary for the exploitation of the mines and their accessories and subsidiaries. The payment for damage caused to immovable property by the working of the said mines and their accessories and subsidiaries shall be made in accordance with the German mining laws and regulations above referred to.
Page 71 - Basin will be effected, as well as the measures intended to ensure respect for the rights and well-being of the population and the government of the territory, and the conditions in which the inhabitants will be called upon to indicate the sovereignty under which they may wish to be placed, have been laid down as follows: CHAPTER I CESSION AND EXPLOITATION OF MINING PROPERTY 1.
Page 71 - The French State will acquire the property free and clear of all debts and charges. Nevertheless, the rights acquired, or in course of being acquired, by the employees of the mines and their accessories and subsidiaries at the date of the coming into force of the present Treaty, in connection with pensions for old age or disability, will not be affected.
Page 70 - ... the boundary of the Kreis of Kusel, then the boundary of the Kreis of Homburg towards the southsouth-east to a point situated about...
Page 69 - ... and white bands. The shale that yields the most oil when subjected to distillation is that which weathers into massive benches of grayish-blue color but which is dark brown to black on a freshly broken surface. After this tough rich shale, which appears to be without bedding planes or laminations, is heated and the oil driven off it crumbles easily and exhibits true shale structure. Where thin benches of rich shale are interbedded with lean or barren shale, the former being resistant, weathers...
Page 89 - Sec- ment ot this enormous reserve supply retary of the simply awaits the time when the price of gasoline or the demand for other distillation products warrants the utilization of this substitute source. This may happen in the future. At all events these shales are likely to be drawn upon long before the exhaustion of the petroleum fields.
Page 71 - ... and workmen's dwellings, schools, hospitals and dispensaries, their stocks and supplies of every description, their archives and plans, and in general everything which those who own or exploit the mines possess or enjoy for the purpose of exploiting the mines and their accessories and subsidiaries. The transfer will apply also to the debts owing for products delivered before the entry into possession by the French State, and after the signature of the present Treaty, and to deposits of money...
Page 70 - The boundaries of the territory of the Saar Basin, as dealt with in the present stipulations, will be fixed as follows : On the south and south-west: by the frontier of France as fixed by the present Treaty. On the north-west and north: by a line following the northern administrative boundary of the Kreis...

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